Sold II

By: 4Everwet

Chapter 1, Would you rather I take you back and let someone else buy you who will probably use you then kill if they saw fit? Understand this little one, I am your owner now. Without me you would be used and discarded. I have chosen you for a special task and if you cannot even listen to simple instruction I will replace you. Understand?\"

Taken And Given Away I shivered on the stage cowering in fear. I had been on my way home when I was attacked, thrown into a car and stripped naked. I was brought here warned any rebellious behavior would earn me a bullet in the face. A bright light shined in our faces making it impossible to see anything but the stage floor we stood on. "Calling Yani Rogers!" My eyes bulged as my name echoed in the room from the loudspeaker. A man behind me nudged me roughly in my back pushing me to the center of the stage. I moved carefully trying to avoid falling with the handcuffs that were bound to my ankles. I reached the middle trying to shield my breast and hairy pussy but the handcuffs on them restricted that so I chose my breast and squeezed my thighs tightly together. "Ms. Rogers is 19 years old, 130 pounds and a virgin." There was a small amount of chatter but at the word virgin it became deathly silent. I could even hear my frightened shuttered breath. "Good, now that I have your full attention. The asking price is 5000 dollars." Tears began to pour from my eyes. Is that all my innocence was worth. Is this how I would lose it and what would happen when it was taken from me. Would I be disposed after I was used. "6,000!" "6,500!" "8,000!" "9,000!" The bids were flying through the room at a dizzying pace. Higher and higher it went. As it went into the hundred thousands it began dwindled down to a few, then two people. A woman and a man. The auctioner voice was a blubbering mess at the mass amount of money. I assumed it never came this high. "855,900!" "100,000!" "Sold!" The auctioner yelled happily. "Hurry give the tramp to Misstress Olivia before she changes her mind." I was pulled from the stage to the back. I fell and tripped many times because of the cuffs on my ankles. When we finally reached the back exit, the door was swung open to reveal a limo parked outside with the passenger door open. He grabbed my hair roughly pulling me to the car and shoving me in. I fell on the carpeted floor at black stelleto covered feet. The door was slammed behind me and the car was started. I looked up following the creamy white blemish free legs to thighs covered with a black skirt. A blouse covered her flat stomach and giant breast. Her lean neck connected to a slender heart shaped face. Red covered lips, strong nose and piercing blue eyes watched me. Her black hair was held in a tight bun. A smirk came to her lips as she watched me. "Enjoying the view little one." I didn't answer. Her face quickly became irritated and she leaned down quickly gripping one of my nipple between her fingers. I gasped in pain begging to be released. She only laughed at me. "Listen whore, I've paid a lot of fucking money for you and you will respect me. When I speak you will respond! Understand?" She gripped harder pulling my nipple till I thought she'd rip it off. "Yes, yes please. I'm sorry." "I'm sorry Misstress!" "I'm sorry Mistress." She gripped it a few moments longer then finally the smirk returned and she released it sitting back comfortably in her seat. "Now, I have bought you for a purpose and you will fulfill it!" "Ye..yes Mistress." I sniffled. I wanted to ask what my purpose was but I'm sure the answer was obvious. I was to be a sex slave. But why would she care if I was a virgin then. "Now little one, I have had a stressful day and need to be relaxed. Nothing relaxes me more then a nice foot bath. Remove my shoes!" My lip trembled horribly. I couldn't believe what was happening. I grabbed her feet softly so I wouldn't anger her and began to remove her shoes. Her toes were painted a deep red. She lifted her foot and placed her big toe on my trembling bottom lip. "Suck it!" I took a deep breath surprised her feet wasn't at all smelly. They smelled of lavender oil and felt very soft as I held her foot. I opened my mouth and placed her toe in my mouth. Then began to suck. She moaned lightly. I sucked her toe with hesitation not liking that I had to do this. I was so focused on keeping as much of my tongue off her toe as possible I didn't notice when her moaning stopped. She yanked her foot from my mouth and hands and leaned forward slapping me. Then pulled the nipple from before and pinched. "Does my feet disgust you? Are they not good enough for you? Would you rather I take you back and let someone else buy you who will probably use you then kill if they saw fit? Understand this little one, I am your owner now. Without me you would be used and discarded. I have chosen you for a special task and if you cannot even listen to simple instruction I will replace you. Understand?" I yelled all throughout her speech in pain as she yanked and pinched my nipple. "Yes Mistress, I am sorry. I will listen." She rolled her eyes then released me. My pink nipple was sore, red and puffy. A small purple and blue hue was forming and I knew it would become a ugly bruise later. I picked up her foot and began to suck her toe again with more enthusiasm. "Good girl, now lick between my toes and ohhh that's it." I sucked her toe, then began putting my tongue between her toes tasting her. Then began tasting each toe one by one until I reached her pinky toe. I then lifted her foot and began licking the underside slowly tasting all of her foot. She had stopped moaning so I looked up quickly prepared for pain. She was looking at me eyebrow raised. "You know ill be sad to see you go. You seem to be born to serve. I would love to have you lick my pussy and feet everynight. I hadn't taken that as a compilment. I saw it as if I please her I could avoid pain. Though I realized I was into it more then I should have. I backed up as she began putting her shoes back on as the car came to a stop. My body was shaking in fear. What did she mean she‘ll be sad to see me go? Where was I going? The doer opened behind me and she smiled nodding at whoever opened it. I turned and gasped passing out. Comment please._.

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