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Mr. Moore's Pet

Novel By: 4Everwet

Sequal To MR.Moore

"Put your fingers in your pussy" he had told me. I licked my fingers making them wet with my saliva then pushed them into myself moaning my eyes fluttering closed. "Open your eyes, watch me Megan" View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 15, 2013    Reads: 2,809    Comments: 11    Likes: 7   

Chapter 4 - A Date With The Devil Brian's P.O.V Idiot, how could I touch her like that. She'll probably want to leave. She might even call the cops on me. But dammit she felt so fucken good. She smelled so delicious, I would have thought my wolf's growls would have scared her off but it had seemed to excite her. My dick hardened painfully when she had said my name. I hadn't heard my name in years since I had moved so frequently but hearing it come from her plump lips was to much for me to bear. I couldn't explain how much I wanted to taste her pussy after feeling her wetness but I was able to resist. Even my wolf was surprisingly cooperating. I didn't need to restrain him like I usually did, he was there with me enjoying her scent, the taste of her lips, her pussy juice. My dick hardened thinking about it. I stood stretching, I hadn't slept all night trying to figure out the best way to approach the situation and was still unsure. I went going about my morning activities showering, dressing and eating a small breakfast. I grabbed my suitcase and was on my way out when I heard it. A whimper, was that moaning as well? I walked to my room placing my ear to the door. "Oh, yes... please..." My curiosity taking over I slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door the smallest amount so I could see inside. My eyes widened, my dick hardened. She was laying on the bed naked. Her big tits heaving back and forth as she panted. Her nipples were hard and puffy. Her lips parted, sweat shimmering on her body. Her hair stuck to her forehead. Her legs were parted and her fingers were moving in frantic circles on her clit. I could see her juices sliding out of her cunt. "Yes, yes oh fuck yes Brain make me cum. Ahhhh!" She...she said my name, she was thinking of me! Her hand fell away from her pussy and she sank into the bed obviously exhausted. Her eyes opened and she stared at the ceiling. Then unexpectedly began to sob. Tears fell from her eyes as she cried. I so wanted to console her but then she would knew I had watched. "I'm just like my whore mother." She whispered. I sighed and closed the door gently. I would talk to her but now I had to get away before I listened to my wolf and fucked her. Megan's P.O.V I had to figure out something, I couldn't concentrate all day thinking of Brain. I had woke this morning with the need to have Brain filling my pussy. I was so close to gong to him and begging bit I opted for masturbation instead. It felt so good when I came, then horrible when I thought of what a whore I must look like. I dreaded seeing Brain in class but, it could not be avoided. I walked in a bit relieved he was not in yet. I sat and wasn't surprised when Leon came to sit beside me. "Hey Megan so I actually was thinking and I can't wait for this weekend maybe me and you could go together after class." "I, uh don't think.." "Please, I really need a friend to hang out with. It gets kinda lonely at home you know." I looked at him as he looked away I was feeling so sad for him so without thinking I blurted out "Yes, I'll go." He smiled brightly and nodded. "So after class meet me in the school garage okay?" "Yes I will." I turned as Brain walked in and began class, as the hour passed I realized I had no reason to be nervous. He was ignoring me as of I were an empty seat. Even when I became brave enough to answer a question he wouldn't pick me. I pouted a bit irritated. I didn't like this new feeling of being ignored. "Okay class have a good afternoon I'll see you tommorow." I stood gathering my things and began to leave and cringed when I was called. "Megan stay a moment please." I sighed, I was not yet ready to face him. I walked down the steps and stood at his desk looking at the floor. The room emptied and Brain closed the door and locked it. He walked back in and sat on the edge of his desk facing me. "Megan, Im not your father and I know you don't owe me anything but can you please not go with Leon to the movies?" I held back a smirk, did this man hear everything. "I don't really want to go but he wants a friend and I already said yes so I don't want to go back on my word." "He's going to hurt you Megan." "Brain I won't let anything happen , trust me I'll be fine ." I leaned forward aiming for his cheek and he happened to turn at that moment and our lips met, and neither one of us pulled away . He grabbed me closer and pulled me between his legs . I wrapped my arms around his neck and begin to kiss him hungrily. I wasn't surprised when I heard rumbles coming from his chest . I had grown to like it. It was like he was holding back something that wanted to devour my body and I craved it. We heard someone in the hall and parted quickly . I cleared my throat and fixed my hair then turned and left without saying anything . Leon was waiting in his car when I arrived . He unlocked the passenger side door and I slid in . The ride was silent and I was thankful for it. I needed time to think, being around Brian gave me feelings I knew were wrong. We drove for an hour in silence , looking at the general area I realized it was away from the shopping district where the movie theater was located . "Leon where are we ?" "I've decided to take you to a special place instead, you know you're special and I want to share it with you ." "Um okay ." He begin to slowly turned down near the beach , keepping the car on the boardwalk. Their were people on the beach but where we parked we were basically alone . Leon turned on the radio and then undid his seatbelt and turned towards me . I jump when he reached back and locked the doors . Then he surprised me by undoing his belt and taking his dick out . " What are you waiting for suck it b**** !" " No are you crazy I'm not that type of girl take me home now !" "I've already wasted gas from bringing your dumb ass out here do what I said ." I reached for the doors trying to unlock them but it was useless . " Leon open the door somebody knows I'm here with you so if something happens to me they'll know it's you ." "Liar nobody knows, you're nobody that's why I paid attention to you. Do you really think your worth anything. You do what I said to or I'll make you and you won't like my way ." I grabbed the door desperately trying to get out , he grabbed my hair and pulled me towards his pants I gagged at the smell of his sweaty balls . I screamed for him to let me go but he only grabbed my head pushing me towards his dick . Then the sound of glass breaking stopped everything . He let go of my hair and I looked up and screamed . I stared at a giant black wolf in the window it was standing like a man, it was like a hybrid between both . It seemed to stare at me, I swore those eyes looked like......... but it couldn't be . The wolf grabbed Leon pulling him out the window . Taking Lions neck between his jaws he ran away with a screaming Leon dangling from his jaws. Without a thought I unlocked the doors and left the car . Comment, Vote


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