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Mr. Moore's Pet

Novel By: 4Everwet

Sequal To MR.Moore

"Put your fingers in your pussy" he had told me. I licked my fingers making them wet with my saliva then pushed them into myself moaning my eyes fluttering closed. "Open your eyes, watch me Megan" View table of contents...


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Chapter 3 - Unnecessary Jealously I was left alone throughout the weekend. I didn't mind since it was a bit uncomfortable being around Mr. Moore. He went out both days and returned with many packages which he put away before I could see. On Monday morning I woke up to the blare of a alarm. It was 7am and my classes began at 9am. I stretched, my three day old shirt feeling dirty on my skin. I smacked my forehead, why didn't I hand wash my clothes. I stood going into the living room and froze. On the couch was a pair of jeans, white short sleeve button up, jordans, socks and a black lace bra with matching panties. A note sat on top of the shoes with two keys. Megan, I've left to school already, I didn't think it would be smart to arrive to school together. I'm not much of a chef so there's frosted flakes and milk on the table. The keys are for the front and apartment doors. See you in class. -Moore I smiled, this was nice. Someone feeding me and seeing about my needs for once. I stared in the mirror in amazement. I never looked this way before. The jeans fit me snugly. I never noticed how big and round my ass looked. The shirt was tight making my double d's strain against the shirt. I also found it odd how perfectly the bra and panties were. Was Mr. Moore paying more attention to me then I thought. A small blush rose on my cheeks at the thought of him looking at me. No boy nor man ever looked at me with anything but pity. Did he find me attractive, the smile left my lips instantly. Those exact thoughts would make me end up like my mom. This had to be the most interesting day I ever had. I met so many new people and made a few friends all in my first day. I had almost forgot all my worries and problems until I walked in to his class. I sighed trying to calm my trembling fingers and took a seat in the middle of the class a few steps up. I took out my notebook as the class began to file in. "Hi." I looked up startled. A guy about my age with mocha skin and hazel eyes sat next to me. A giant grin on his face. "H...hi." "I'm Leon, your new right?" "Yea, its my first day." "Cool, hey me and a few friends are going to a movie this weekend wanna come?" "I..uh...I'll think about it." "Okay." "Class!" I jumped in my seat at the base of Mr. Moore's voice. He was looking straight at me angrily his fingers clenched. "Whew someone's in need of pussy huh?" Leon joked. I didn't respond to worried about what was making Mr. Moore so angry. After finally releasing his death glare on me he went to his desk and began passing papers around to everyone. "Begin your assignment, when you are done come get your homework and leave for the day." I began my work and was relieved how easy it was being that history wasn't my best subject. After I finished I stood and so did Leon who winked at me as we walked down the stairs to Mr. Moore's desk. "Here's your homework, make sure you complete it." "I will." I grabbed the paper and was surprised when Mr. Moore grabbed my wrist. Leon was already leaving so no one noticed. "You are not to go to the movies with him." "What, why? How did you hear that from way down here?" "Good ears, I'm telling you for your own good." "Thank you for everything your doing for me but, it doesn't mean you can rule my life like my father." "Megan that's not..." "I have to go, ill see you at ho... I mean tommorow." Mr. Moore's P.O.V Dammit I didn't mean for it to come out the way it did but I knew how the students were around here. Especially Leon, he liked to prey on the freshmens. Liked to go after all the new meat and use it before anybody else. You could take one look at Megan and tell she wasn't a wild child. You could tell she was shy. I knew Megan was beautiful, even under all the baggy clothes and shy appearance but now her tight fitting clothes made more heads turn then I liked. I shook my head gathering my stuff, it doesn't matter who looked at her I was her teacher and someone helping her. Nothing more, nothing less. Yet it didn't stop me from wishing it was more but, its not safe. I won't allow myself to get near her. My wolf growled deeply in the recesses of my mind. Ever since Laylani I was able to hold back my wolf but I knew soon especially being close to Megan he would resurface. I need to find a apartment for her and quick. I pulled on my shorts and shirt after my shower then ran out checking on the lasagna. I took it out the oven and placed plates out for me and Mr. Moore then sat and waited patiently. After school I kindly declined a walk home from the persistent Leon and rushed back to make dinner for me and him. I was so used to this act I didn't even realize what I was doing until I had placed it in the oven. But I found I liked making it for him, he deserved a good meal after helping me and a hard days work. The door opened and I looked up as he entered his eyes widening when he saw the meal. "Uh, what's the occasion?" "No occasion, more of an apology. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did earlier. I'm sure you were looking out for me. I'm sorry." "Theres no need to be sorry, Im sorry. I shouldn't have demanded you to do it. I should've spoke to you like an adult." "It's okay I didn't mind the way you spoke to me." I really didn't, my cheeks flushed now thinking of how ny heart rate picked up at the tone in his voice. I had almost came close to telling him I would stay away from Leon. But my mother flashed before my eyes and I panicked leading to my outburst about my father. Mr. Moore smiled and placed his bag down and sat with me. I cut him and I a piece of lasagna then began eating. "Wow, this is delicious." "Thanks Mr. Moore. Uh, I've been meaning to ask you. What's your first name?" He laughed and I found myself smiling seeing it for the first time. "No one has said my name in years. It's Brian. Brian Moore." "Brain." I whispered liking the sound as it rolled over my tongue. I looked up stunned, I swore I just heard a rumble come from his chest. "Are you okay Brian?" It happened again. He hit his chest and coughed but I could tell it was forced. "Yea, just need some water." He stood quickly going into the kitchen the water turning on. I stood unsure if a seasoning I had put in the food gave him a allergic reaction. I walked in the kitchen he was leaning over the sink running his hands through the water and splashing his face. He stood and used dish towel to Dry himself then turned and saw me. "Are you okay?" He stared at me his mouth opening and closing but no words coming out. I looked down becoming uncomfortable staring into his eyes for so long. My eyes landed on the tent underneath his slacks. "Um, Brain?" The rumble was again made. "Please, stop staying my name." "Why?" "Your not wearing a bra?" "Wha... " I looked down, ny nipples were showing through my t-shirt. I hadn't realized how much it would show. I hadn't wore one because I only had the one he gave me this morning and it was hand washed along with the rest of my clothes. "I don't want my bra to get worn, so I washed it." "I put a dresser full of bras in the room you shouldn't have to wear it again for a month. What do you think all those packages were. The closet and dressers have your new clothes in them." "You bought, bought me clothes?" "Yes, now if you excuse me I need some space." He began to walk past me and a excitement took over my body before I could contain it. I wrapped my arms around his neck pressing my body into his and then placed my lips over his. He didnt even let shock take over his body at my reaction, he only grabbed me pulling me closer and shoved his tongue in my mouth. That deep rumbling his chest excited me in ways I couldn't understand. Before I knew what was happening he lifted me up wrapping my legs around his waist and walked over to the counter placing me on it. His tongue piercing my mouth and him sucking my tongue. I moaned deeply when his fingers went under my shirt and grasped both nipples. He bit my lips harshly and I pulled him closer and caught his tongue with my teeth biting. His rumbling sounded like a beastly growl as he took his hand and slipped it inside my shorts, past my panties and shoved two fingers into my virgin cunt. I was amazed how wet and slippery it was as he finger fucked my pussy. I threw my head back helping him as I humped his hand. My fingers clenching his shirt I moaned and thrashed as I came all over his fingers. My body exhausted and tired I slumped with him holding me. He removed his fingers and surprised me by putting his fingers on my panting lips. I opened my mouth further and sucked my juices off his fingers moaning at the taste. He leaned forward kissing me tasting my sweetness on my lips. I looked into his eyes and as if a slideshow had passed over my eyes I wondered is this how my mom had felt. My heart beat wildly in my chest and I jumped from the counter and put distance from me and Brian. "I, um..I, need to,, um,, homework." I ran from the kitchen and locked myself away tears falling down my cheeks. How could something that feels so good, be so forbidden. I had to get out of here. Comment


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