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Mr. Moore's Pet

Novel By: 4Everwet

Sequal To MR.Moore

"Put your fingers in your pussy" he had told me. I licked my fingers making them wet with my saliva then pushed them into myself moaning my eyes fluttering closed. "Open your eyes, watch me Megan" View table of contents...


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Chapter 2 - Saving Megan

Megan's P.O.V

I woke up after an intense dream. Mr. Moore was in it. I didn't know where we were or who saw I just knew he was there and he wanted me. I remember laying down on my back and spreading my thighs he stood over me strong and buff sexily stroking his dick staring at me.

"Put your fingers in your pussy"

he had told me.

I licked my fingers making them wet with my saliva then pushed them into myself moaning my eyes fluttering closed.

"Open your eyes, watch me Megan"

I opened my eyes watching him stroke faster and faster increasing the tempo, he watched my fingers as I matched his speed.

My panting and the squishing sounds of my pussy juices were loud to my ears. He grunted loudly and I moaned out my orgasm rushing forward as his cum spurted on my fingers, pussy and chest. When the last spurt finished and my orgasm subsided I laid back exhausted and lazily scooped his cum off my pussy and chest licking it from my glossy fingers.

I smiled looking up at him, then my smile faded as I saw his disgusted face. He was no longer naked he was in clothes looking at me dissaprovingly.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No, besides the fact that your a nasty dirty whore like your mother."

Then I awoke sweating and tears blurring my vision. I sighed holding myself I would never be like her and I have a feeling my dream was a warning. A warning to stay away from Mr. Moore.


Mr. Moore's P.o.V

Something was wrong with her. I tried to ignore her but it couldn't be helped. From when she walked into my class twenty minutes ago she seemed so scared and disoriented. She refused to make eye contact with anyone especially me. I called on her to answer a question and she seemed to flinch when I called her name. It took everything in me not to demand what was wrong when her quivering scared voice answered the question correctly. I kept trying to look the other way and ignore her but I couldn't. I held in a growl of annoyance why does this always happen to me. Why do I always move and my wolf and I find another victim. I grunted softly to myself I would kill myself before I hurt someone else I promise myself that. My wolf growled a challange at me and I only returned the challange. I would control the beast if I had to if I couldn't I would kill it and me with it. The bell rung and everyone began to leave. I was sitting on top of my desk saying goodbye to the students telling the to have a good weekend. Before I could control the wolf my arm shot out and I looked realizing the wrist I caught was Megan's.

I let go quickly and cleared my throat. She clutched her books to her chest looking at her feet.

"Yes sir"

The last student left and I jumped up going behined the desk putting distance between us. I don't know what my wolf would do being alone with her.

"Uh, um I just wanted to ask you if there was something wrong or if you wanted to talk about anything you could talk to me if you want."

She looked up at me opened her mouth then closed it again.

"Is something going on at home?"

Her eyes widened she shook her head quickly then left before I could say anything else.


Megan P.o.V

As soon as I got home I went to my basement locking myself downstairs. I sat holding myself thinking hard. Today was the most terrible day I ever had. I think I may have to change my class. An hour in a class with Mr. Moore proved more difficult then I imagined. Everytime he looked at me or spoke all I could remember was my dream. When he had grabbed my arm my pussy had actually gotten wet. Was I destined to be like my mother. What would daddy think? Daddy! I jumped up running to the kitchen to prepare dinner God knows he liked to eat when he returned from the bar.

Daddy came home at 10pm smelling of cigarettes and achohal. I quickly brought his food to him then sat and began my own.

When I was done I stood about to leave.


I turned he was staring at me his food untouched.

"Yes daddy"

"Why do you hurt me, do you want me to kill you like I killed your mother. Well answer me you dumass bitch!"

"Dad Ive been good, I would never be like her. I'm pure daddy please believe me."

"Pure huh, you lying cunt! I heard you moaning last night. You playing with yourself."

"No...no daddy just scary dreams that it."

"Hmuph" He stood pushing his plate to the ground then walked over to me towering above me. Then slapped me across the face. I feel to the ground holding my cheek but I knew better then to cry out. He pulled me up by my hair then grabbed my neck chocking me. I scratched at his hands struggling to breath. He just stared at me as I sputtered and gasped. I felt lightheaded then tired then nothing.

I rolled over stretching pulling the soft covers around my body. I felt so comfortable and warm. My cheek and neck felt soar then I remembered daddy and why was I on a bed that was odd. I hoped my dad hadn't put me in his bed and did something to me. I opened my eyes and sat up quickly. This was not my house. I was in a large bed covered in black comforters. A dresser and hardwood floors, and black curtains covered a window.

I pulled the covers off of me to see I still had on my baggy shirt and sweatpants I had wore to school. I slipped from the bed, the cold floor making my toes curl. Then tiptoed to the half cracked open door hearing the low hum of a t.v.

Opening it quietly I crept into a living room. The t.v was on the news very low. A couch in front of it. I walked closer then when I was behind it saw a figure laid out on it arm thrown over his eyes. No shirt just sweat. pants. Just by his body figure and full lips I knew it was Mr. Moore.

I gasped and stepped back his eyes popped open and he sat up then stood facing me. My eyes dropped down avoiding his eyes and landed on his chest, his beautiful chest.

I looked lower trying to avoid looking at it and ended up seeing his morning erection jutting out making a tent in his sweatpants. I groaned in annoyance and shut my eyes.

"Megan are you in pain?"

"No..no I just saw um what am I doing here, with... with you."

"I uh kinda followed you home."

I opened my eyes wide he shrugged and looked away.

"What did you do that for?"

"When I asked you if something was going on at home you seemed panicked, you reeked of fear."

"Reeked of fear, what are you a dog,( he grinned ) never mind. Why am I here?"

"I was standing near the window just to see if you were okay and I saw your father yelling at you. Then I saw him choke you, I uh lost it. I just knew I broke in hit your father he collasped and passed out and picked you up from the floor. You were unconscious. I wasn't going to leave you there. So I put you in my car and brought you here."

"What.... I.. Thank you for helping me but you've only made things worse. I will never be able to return home now, he'd kill me literally."

I thought I heard him growl but my mind was to preoccupied to really ask.

"I had no intention of letting you go back. I heard him say he killed your mother, is that true?"

I nodded.

"Well I can't stay with you"

"I'm sorry I'm such a bad replacement but for now it'll have to do until we can find you an apartment."

"I can't afford that"

"Like I said until we find an apartment."

I smiled and before I could contain myself ran forward hugging him. He patted my back and I kissed his cheek stepping away. He grinned then quickly sat down saying he was tired. I nodded returning to the room a smile on my face knowing the true cause was the tent that had returned in his pants.

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