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Mr. Moore

Novel By: 4Everwet

I opened my legs pushing my panties to the side and placed my fingers on my clit. I gasped and shook. Then began rubbing in frantic circles. Thinking of Mr. Moore hitting my ass with that ruler he used to dictate. I shuddered almost falling off the seat as I came. Biting my lip trying to hold in my whimpers. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3 - Taking The Student Today I wore a mini skirt, tank top and flats with my hair hanging loosely around my face. Mr. Moore was running late and everyone was talking amongst themselves, but not me I was staring at the desk thinking of multiple ways Mr. Moore could fuck me on it. Mr. Moore entered soon after and I could tell he was agitated. Poor baby maybe I could ease his stress after class. " Uh.. I have to apologize yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather and I accidently threw up so some of your papers. But do not worry I've already marked your grades in my book. " I stiffled a giggle was it throw up or my cum that fell on those papers Mr. Moore. "Is something amusing Laylani?" I stopped giggling and sat up straight. "No, sorry sir" He grunted and turned towards his desk assigning work for the class. We were to write a paragraph on evolution of mankind in as little words as possible. Five minutes in I realized I was writing on a second page. "Mr. Moore" head still bent he grunted again. I pouted why was he acting this way. "I need a little help" he visibly sighed but stood and walked up the short amount of steps to my row. He stood behind me looking over my shoulder peering at my work. "I said only a paragraph Laylani." I looked over my shoulder In his eyes then down to his bulge before I spoke licking my lips. "But how can I, its such a big uh, evolution. How can I sum up something so large into a paragragh and fit it inside my tiny page. Look how long it is. I made it to page 2. How can I possibly fit this..." "Enough" he hoarsely whispered. "Ill help you after class" I smiled nodded and stretched as my hands came down I pressed my elbow back rubbing it against his bulge. His fingers that were leaning on my table clutched it and his knuckles turned white. He looked round and after noticing no one looking he placed his head lower so only I'd hear. "You'll pay for that and guarantee ill make it fit." He stood walking to the front and sat again. Breathing heavily I turned the page trying to keep my assignment in one paragraph and had to keep erasing personal fantasy's from the page. ------------------------------- Shit, why'd you tell her that. We know better. We Need to stop seeing Her. My wolf whined in protest I pushed him down controlling myself. Laylani was only going to complicate things. This had to stop. I stood at the door as the students filed out. Then internally groaned as the whole class was gone except for her. She walked up stopping between me and the open door. She looked out the classroom then seeing the coast was clear grasped my dick through my slacks. "Laylani please" I groaned. "You dont have to beg" she smirked then dropped to her knees and unbuckled my slacks pulling my stiffened dick out. She licked from the head to the base in one long stroke. Then used her tongue to lift one of my balls in her mouth. She sucked pushing it in and out her mouth. I pushed the door closed locking it. "Good boy" she whispered. Then began suckling on the head of my dick. I reached down and picked her up . She wrapped her legs around my waist and turned so her back was facing the wall and I pushed her against it. Reaching between us I took my dick and shoved it in her. Lucky for me she wore no panties again. She gripped my shoulders as I pounded into her using the wall as leverage. Her legs gripping my waist helping me enter her. I fucked her hard. Telling myself this would be the last time we did this. My wolf whined agrivated and began growling at me pushing his way to the surface. We've been without a women for to long. He ripped forward taking over my human body, I was caged inside my head fighting to get out but he wouldn't allow it. ------------------------------- I knew something changed the moment he bit into my neck. Holding me still as he fucked me. It hurt terribly but I only gripped him tighter enjoying it. When we finally found our release. He let me go and I dropped to the floor. Placing my hand on my neck I gasped when I saw blood on my fingers. Mr. Moores mouth had droplets of blood fling from his lips which he licked off. "I.... I'm gonna go okay?" I stood on trembling legs backing up towards the door. Mr. Moore had some wild crazed look in his eyes that frightened me. I backed up as soon as my fingers touched the doorknob a terryfying growl ripped from his throat. I yelped and moved my hand. He walked towards me grasped my wrist painfully then unlocked the door. Dragging me out with him and down the hall to the exit. He stopped at his car threw open the passenger side threw me. Then got in in his side. ZIpping off into the street.


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