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Mr. Moore

Novel By: 4Everwet

I opened my legs pushing my panties to the side and placed my fingers on my clit. I gasped and shook. Then began rubbing in frantic circles. Thinking of Mr. Moore hitting my ass with that ruler he used to dictate. I shuddered almost falling off the seat as I came. Biting my lip trying to hold in my whimpers. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2 - Teasing The Teacher I sighed standing outside Mr. Moore's door. I was ten minutes late because I kept debating on if I could walk in like this. All day I was getting positive attention from the males and negative from the females. I usually was covered up head to toe with my hair in a ponytail. Today I wore a tight white blouse with the two top ones undone so you could catch glimpses of my breast. A plaid mini skirt that stopped mid-thigh with thigh high stockings leaving a small amount of my thighs showing and black heels to accentuate the outfit. I left my hair out curling it leaving it falling around my shoulders and back. Eyeliner to make my blue eyes pop and gloss on my pink pouty lips. Taking a deep breath and clutching my books to my chest I entered his classroom. He was sitting at his desk, The class bent over their work quietly no one saw me enter except him. His eyes bulged and his jaw dropped, I blushed and walked towards him confidently. He rearranged his face trying to seem unbothered. I placed my assignment on his deck and made my way up the stairs to my desk at the middle row. Immediatly I began taking notes from off the board, sneeking looks at him every so often. He had taken my paper and was reading it eyebrows raised. I smirked, lets see what he thought of that. I knew he was finished because he cleared his throat and unbuttoned the top of his shirt. Small beads lined his forhead. He stood, his muscled chest rippling through his shirt, and muscular thighs and bulge showing clearly through his slacks. He looked up at me and I put my plan into action. I sat back in my chair and opened my legs. Parting them slowly, his eyes drifted down and he actually made some growling noise in his throat. People looked up and he coughed it off talking about a cold he picked up. When people went back to their work I took my pen putting it between my lips looking him in the eyes as I slid it inside my mouth, suckling on it. I saw his jaw tense and actually had to stiffle a giggle, it felt so good to know I was teasing him and he could do nothing about it. Looking over my shoulder and next to me making sure no one was looking I slipped the pen between my legs and under my skirt. Holding it at a angle so he could see. Then dipped it inside my pussy deeply. Closing my eyes briefly enjoying it. Then after four strokes brought it back up to my lips and suckled on it again. He swallowed visibly, his adams apple bobbing up and down. He cleared his throat and called the class to attention. Trying but failing miserably at not looking at my dripping pussy between my legs. "Uh, anyone who hasn't turned in their papers has until Friday to do so, if you have I'll have it graded by then. Class dismissed have a goodnight." Everyone packed up and left, he sat at his desk he caught me looking at him and bent over his paperwork and began grading papers. Grinning I took my time packing up, then made my way down the stairs when I reached the door, the last of the students were already gone far away from the door. ------------------------------- I froze when I heard the door click shut and Laylani's smell was still so close. I looked up and sat back in my chair and gulped. She dropped her bag and slowly walked to me her heels clicking on the floor. Every two steps she undid a button on her shirt. By the time she reached the opposite side of my desk her shirt was open. Her Lacy bra strained from holding her big breast. Her flat stomach tempting me to lick it. She walked around the desk and sat in front of me right on my paperwork. Opened her legs and I groaned quietly looking at her smooth hairless pink pussy up close. "Quite the cold you have Mr. Moore." She said teasingly. "We both no that wasn't a cold, you care to explain what you're doing?" "Not really" She plunked at her thigh high stockings looking uninterested. "That paper you gave me it wasn't what I asked for" She gasped but I could tell it was fake. "Oh no, it wasnt my private fantasty poem I wrote about you fucking me was it." Her lip poppe out, then she pouted at me. "What do you want Laylani?" She lifted her skirt so it bunched up at her thighs and undid the snap at the front of her bra unleashing her beautiful breast. Her rosy nipples hardening. She used her feet and hooked it on the chairs arm rest pulling me closer till my face was a few spaces from her dripping slit. "I want you to make me cum" I held in a growl, I didn't take orders lightly but for her I'd do what ever she asked. Gripping her hips I pulled her to the very edge of the desk. Leaned forward and blew over her pussy. She arched and moaned throwing her head back. I kissed each puffy lip then her clit. Then stuck my tongue forward for a taste. She tasted devine. And I thought red meat was delicious. I devoured her little clit. Sucking and grazing my teeth on it. Sticking my tongue in her tight hole trying my best to suck all her juices into my mouth. My fingers dug into her hips and she shivered and groaned shaking as she climaxed. Her juices wetting my face and table. I stood she had laid back her head hanging over the top of the desk. Stomach heaving and legs splayed open. I walked around it facing her hanging head. Her eyes were closed but they popped open when she heard my buckle then pants drop. I pulled my dick out and placed it on her lips. A small drop of precum was on it and I smeared it on her lips. She darted her tongue out licking it off then without prompting opened her mouth wide. I pushed my dick in her mouth. She hollowed out her cheeks sucking and slurping. I groaned pushing deep into her throat. At this angle there was little resistance and I could see my dick pushing into her throat as I looked down at her. She put her fingers on her clit and began masturbating as I fucked her mouth. Every few strokes I would take myself out to slap her lips with my heavy dick enjoying the slapping noise then shoved it back in her mouth. When I became close to cumming I removed myself and walked around the desk. She whimpered then screamed out as I shoved into her slippery pussy. All classes were done but there were still janitors and teachers around the building so I put one hand over her mouth and the other on her throat lightly chocking her. She bucked on the desk cuming again. Her tight little pussy squeezing my dick. I thrusted into her balls deep trying destroy her little box. Then gave a throat wrentching groan as I pulled out and spurted on her stomach and breast. Heaving I fell back into the chair huffing. She laid there my seed on her and panting. Reaching Down and scooping my cum off her belly and licking it from her fingers lazily. I got hard again. Realization dawned on me on what I had just done. I fucked a student. Yes she was legal being 23 and me 38 but it was against the rules. I could lose my job and possibly be killed I stood rearranging myself. Then told her to do the same. She did so and I groaned annoyed as she covered up her beautiful body. When she was decent, she reached up and kissed my lips lightly, winked and walked away. As soon as I was alone I sat down hitting my head with my palm. "Stupid, stupid, stupid" I have to leave her alone. My wolf whined in protest. Down Boy, you know its dangarous to be with a human. Comment, like, fuck your favorite teacher. (Kidding Don't Do That!!!) ╰_╯ You guys comments are so cute. I love receiving messages from you guys. Sometimes I'm tired and not really in the mood, but then I'll recieve a message saying how horny you are or how much you like the stories and Ill write another chapter. Thank you for your Comments send more lol Hugs kisses and penises ^o^


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