Forced To Love Sequal To F.T.B

By: 4Everwet

Chapter 1, Sequal To Forced To Believe I got some surprises for you Everything about him frightened me. It was like I forgot everything except for him. I didn\'t compare him to David, he made me forget about him. He was my Jarod, And I couldn\'t let that happen.

Chapter 1 - Old Friends "Not so rough, Clyde you don't want to leave bruises." I told one of the regular customers as he flogged a woman. She looked to me nodding for looking out for her, I winked and moved on watching the different scenes around the room. Oh how I missed David, sometimes my heart would be so heavy with pain thinking of him. Sometimes I could barely watch the scenes because I was so horny all I could think of was David, because he would be able to relieve me. There was times I almost broke my celibacy to a few customers who were attracted to me, they were easy to ignore but Jarod, Davids twin brother he was hard to ignore. How many times I ran into him at the hotel and pictured David was the one throwing me compliments. But I would never give my body to any man, except for David. Shaking my head and wiping away the tears, I excited the top floor and took the elevator down to my room. I had taken the one next to Davids. I couldn't bear to stay in that room knowing it was his. I was about to enter my room when I stopped and decided to visit his, just for old times sake. I still had the card key and slid it in entering. It smelled stale and dust covered the counter tops and tables but it was the same place. I walked to the couch and sat down and began sobbing. I needed closure maybe the first step was letting it all out and crying, then finding someone to ease the pain. My David would not want me to be unhappy. With that idea and eyes full of tears I stood going to my room and searching through my diary. In the back hidden between pages I had cut out a little box through the pages putting my chain and braclets David had given me and Jezabelles number. I missed her so much but couldn't seem to contact her after Davids funeral. Calming myself and calling Jezabelle I waited to hear her sultry voice. "Hello this is Jezabelle" "Hi Jez, how are you its Maya." "Oh my God where are you we must meet now, I've missed you sweets." "Me to, I'm home at the hotel, I was just wondering....." "Ill be right over " the phone line went dead and I smiled. Jezabelle was still as jittery as ever. I got up showered and put on perfume and lotion. Curling my hair and putting on a pair of matching yellow lace bra and panties. Then covered it with a silk robe. I laid on the couch relaxing, David heavy on my mind. ------------------------------- "Maya sweety you look horrible." "Jezabelle!" "What, whens the last time you had some dick!" She teased. I quietly walked to the sofa folding my knees beneath me. "Oh I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to bring him up. I... I'm just so sorry" She walked over putting her bag down and sitting beside me, our knees touching. "You look good Jez" And she did, her honey blonde hair still was full and shiny, her figure was still stunning, perky breast and flat stomach. Her thighs were thicker then the last time I'd seen her and they sure looked lovlely. "Maya, you aren't still doing the celibacy thing are you?" I looked away embarresed she had caught me staring at her. "Look at me!" She barked. My body trembled visibily. I looked to her biting my lip nodding. "You can not hold your submissive side inside. Its not healthy, you need to embrace it." "But,, but David..." "David would not want you to be unhappy. Do you think he expected you to be lonely the rest of your days if something ever happened to him." "I feel as if I'm betraying him by moving on" "Your betraying yourself by being unhappy, and him by not doing what he wanted for you, to be happy." I nodded agreeing but said no more. "On your knees!" I jumped starlted at her voice then looking at her realizing she was serious. I dropped to my knees crawling between her thighs which she had parted. I placed my head on her thigh sighing. Her fingers combed through my hair gently. "I'm going to help you weather you like it or not. Sit up on your knees." I did so facing her, she leaned forward and undid my robe, Then pushed it off my shoulders. "Still beautiful. " I smiled looking away. She reached forward and pulled my breast out of the bra cups letting them sit on top of them. She grazed her fingers over my nipples making them harden. Then with a steel grip grasped both of them squeezing. I closed my eyes gasping, enjoying the sensations. Oh how I missed being played with. "You like this don't you little one? You miss this, crave it all the time don't you?" "Yes, so much" Letting my nipples free she reached behind me undoing my bra and pulling it off me. Then she asked me to stand. She pushed my panties over my hips letting them fall to my ankles and then I kicked them off. She smiled and pulled me to her making me straddle her, she told me to place my arms behind my back which caused my breast to thrust out towards her. She grazed over fingers on my chest and stomach, then my thigh and hips. I stared at her mouth hungrily missing the feel of lips on mine so much, she saw me staring and licked her full lips. I attempted to lean forward and she gripped my clit squeezing. "Stay still!" I so badly wanted to rub my clit in between her fingers but I stayed still as she asked. My body was responding in ways it hadnt in a while. She removed her fingers and slid them across my pussy slowly. I held back the need to rock on her fingers. Then she pushed then inside me. My pussy squeezed her fingers, the.squishing noise of my juices turning me on more. Jesus this felt heavenly. She finger fucked my pussy with one hand and gripped my nipple with the other squeezing. "Look at you, you little slut. You need a master to take care of you. Don't you want to be loved, don't you want to love someone?" "Only David" I gasped. "Well David is gone and I suggest you come to terms with that. Keeping yourself locked away from the world wallowing in your misery will not bring him back. The first step to healing is moving on, David would want you happy do it for him if not yourself!" I nodded biting my lip. She was right I had to move on, I knew this but didn't want to, I felt as soon as I moved on I would be forgetting him. Leaving him behind somehow. Crying out I climaxed on her fingers, tears spilling from my eyes. My body shaking with sadness. I collasped on her and she wrapped her arms around me holding me. "For David" I cried. I would do it him. Comment, like, cum ^o^

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