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Forced To Love Sequal To F.T.B

Novel By: 4Everwet

Sequal To Forced To Believe I got some surprises for you

Everything about him frightened me. It was like I forgot everything except for him. I didn't compare him to David, he made me forget about him. He was my Jarod, And I couldn't let that happen. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7 - An Agreement I rolled over sleepily looking for my David. Opening my eyes I saw he was not there but the bathroom door was cracked. I stood and stretched walking to it. Looking inside David was just entering the hot shower water. I followed him inside he turned a smirk falling on his beautiful lips. Closing the glass door behind me he directed us under the warm water and surprised me by pulling me close and embracing me. I returned it with as much love as I could. "Maya you don't know how long I've waited to hold you like this. I love you so fucking much." "David, I can't explain how happy I am to know a man who knew me less then a year could have waited 3 years for me to wake up. I love you, I belong to you." "Us" "What?" "Us, you belong to Us. Though I may not except it right now, you are Jarod's too." "I belong to you and Jarod but he's not here right now this is something only we share." I lowered myself to my knees and began to caress David's dick with my lips and tongue. "Give me my daily cum my David" He smiled and put his fingers in my hair gripping it tightly in his fingers. I opened my mouth wide and began to suck him. Licking the water droplets from his shaft and replacing it with my saliva. Davids eyes closed and he groaned using his grip on my hair to move my head back and forth other him. I put my hands behind my back letting him use my mouth. He looked down at me putting both hands on my head then began pumping furiously into my throat. When my throat began protesting he grunted and pulled back pumping his dick with his hand. I opened my mouth sticking my tongue out. He smiled at me and mouthed I love you then groaned as he came spurt after spurt into my mouth. I moaned swallowing and licking his cum from my lips. --------------------------------------- When I finished drying off I sat on the bed watching David dress in a tshirt and slacks then followed him naked to the kitchen. David began cooking and I watched happy things were normal until the door was knocked on. David looked towards me nodding at the door. "David I'm naked" "I'm aware of that" "But we don't know who.." "Maya" I stood my nipples purking up. Walking to the door I unlocked it and was about to open it. "Step in the doorway don't hide behind it." I opened the door and was relieved to see Jarod. His eyes widened and he looked at my body slowly then put his hand on my stomach rubbing his fingers across it. I visibly shivered and he smirked then dropped his hand and walked around me into the house. I closed the door and sat down next to Jarod at the counter. I continued watching David cook. Jarod turned towards me but I continued looking at Davids broad back as he flipped eggs. I froze as Jarod's hand landed on my inner thigh and pulled my legs wider apart. Then he slowly put his hand between my legs and on my pussy. His thick finger touched my clit and began to move in slow circles. I bit my lip holding in a whimper. His index finger stayed on my clit and he used his middle finger to push it into my hole. My eyes closed and I squeezed my fingers trying to hold in my moans. I wasn't sure why I didn't want David to know what was being done. He began to finger fuck my pussy my body began to shake as pressure started building up. I opened my eyes David's back was still facing me he was now cooking bacon. I looked at Jarod and mouthed "Please". "Cum for me" He mouthed back. My legs were shaking uncontrollably and I bit my lip so hard I thought I broke the skin but all I was concerned with was staying quite as my orgasm went through my body. He lifted his fingers and put them at my lips and I feverishly sucked it off happily. Satisfied he sat back turning away from me. Breathing hard I tried to stay still unsure of what David would think when I stood because I had saturated the stool with my cum. David turned and began making plates for all three of us. Then sat across from me and began eating. "So, why did you leave this morning?" I scrutched my eyebrows I had assumed Jarod left last night. When we had returned last night I went to bed as they talked. When David finally came to bed I thought Jarod had left looking at the couch I saw a pillow and sheet on the couch. "I felt as if I was intruding this morning." "You could've joined our shower." "No it seemed private." "Does that bother you?" Jarod didn't answer at first he looked at me then sighed. "Yes it does, she's supposed to be ours yet we are still trying to do things that keep her to ourselves." "Is that why you made her cum just now?" My eyes widened and David smirked at me. "I'm not mad at you relax, I wouldve preferred to hear you moan though." "We have to find a way to fix this Dave. I can't leave her alone so we need to find something that works for us." "Agreed. Shall we practice upstairs on working together." Jarod smiled and David looked at me winking. My pussy saturated the seat even more then before.


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