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Forced To Love Sequal To F.T.B

Novel By: 4Everwet

Sequal To Forced To Believe I got some surprises for you

Everything about him frightened me. It was like I forgot everything except for him. I didn't compare him to David, he made me forget about him. He was my Jarod, And I couldn't let that happen. View table of contents...


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Chapter 6 - Different He didn't have to say it but I knew David wasn't happy with the circumstances. After he told me I would have both of them he, I mean they took me to Davids room. We were going to go out and celebrate that I was awake and well. Kneeling in the bedroom I sighed as David and Jarod argued over what I would wear. David wanted me in red, Jarod wanted blue, I wanted everything to be the way it was before Angel shot me. I sighed and the argument stopped, I felt their eyes on me but I didn't look up. David sighed and walked out the room, Jarod sat on the edge of the bed. I looked up and he was staring at me. "Why can't you just leave us?" "Is that what you really want?" The anger in me was screaming yes but I said nothing. "This will not work, you may look the same and act the same but you cannot be dominant the same. David is to territorial to share me and so are you. I don't even understand your reason for being here. I dreamt of you so my subconscious has a pull toward you but what is your reason." He slid on the floor landing on his butt then pulled me to him onto his lap holding me. I laid my head in his neck before I thought twice about it. But even then I didn't move it. "David called me a week after you were in a coma. I came immediately, my brother was upset and he needed support so I came. I came only to support him until he didn't need me. I expected the woman he cared for would mean something other wise he would not be there. He is very picky ever since we were little. What I didn't expect was to come to the hospital and completely forget I was there for my brother, instead I was there for you. I saw you so peaceful and sleeping I just couldn't look away. At first I came once a week sitting with David in the hospital then going to a hotel a few blocks over then it became more frequent. Soon I just stopped leaving. I would watch you sleep, so many emotions would cross your face. I felt like you would hear me when I spoke. I would read outloud because it seemed your heart rate picked up whenever I would speak. Jezabelle would visit sometimes and once she kissed your cheek before leaving and your heart rate went through the roof, I wondered what would happen if I touched you. So one night when David was sleep I whispered how beautiful you were in your ear then I... I kissed your lips. They were so soft. Your heart rate was so fast David woke and I was still leaning over you I lied and told him I thought you were murmuring and I couldn't hear you. I'm sorry if I'm making this difficult for you but I can't leave you alone, I can't stop thinking about you. I told myself all I wanted was to see your eyes and when you woke I would leave but that's only made me stay longer. Forgive me but I can't unless you really want me gone but even then I wont go far." When he was done tears were flowing freely down my face and I was crying into his shoulder he held me letting me cry. When I was calm I wiped my face and stood holding my hand out for him which he took gladly then followed me as I lead him to the living room where David was sitting on the couch head in hands. I kneeled before him and he looked at me and smiled softly. "I love you David but I don't want to hurt you. I.." He leaned forward and kissed me stopping my words with his tongue. I sighed opening and kissing him back throwing my arms around his neck. He pulled back a grin on his face. "As long as you keep loving me I will always be okay, I rather share you with my idiot brother then lose you." "Hey! I passed high school." We all laughed and I was lead to the bedroom where they both found a outfit they could agree on. I wore a beautiful black dress that stopped at mid thigh, black stelettos and my hair was hanging around my shoulders. I was told to out on red lipstick very thickly and nothing else makeup wise. We took a cab to where I don't know but its was the most uncomfortable ride I ever had. One man on both sides of me their hands turned palm up on their thighs. Who's hand would I grab first was the unspoken question. They may have made a truce but they were silently still trying to make me choose. I took both my hands and placed them both simultaneously in the laps where there dicks lay looking forward. David leaned over kissing my neck and Jarod leaned over at the same time kissing my cheek. "Sorry" They both whispered. We stopped at red lobster in the city. After getting seats near a back corner I sat with my back to the wall and they sat beside me. It was a awkward silence at first then a ear splitting 'Maya' rang out into the restaurant. I looked up a smile covering my face seeing Jezabelle walking over grinning with a mini skirt and halter top on walking towards us. She sat at the remaining seat across from us. "Awww Maya I'm so happy your okay, you had us all worried sick. Do you know his annoying it was sitting aground David and his blue balls." I giggled looking to David as he whistled looking around. "Why are you here?" "Aren't we celebrating?" I nodded and smile still on my face. The waiter came over and everyone ordered. When it was my turn Jarod took ne by surprise and let David pick my food. It wasn't till later I realized Jarod didn't know what I liked. We ate and talked about things and it was fun and easy going. Towards dessert things began to become more my taste. They had ordered everyone chocolate mousse cake. I was eating it and my eyes were closed enjoying it. It was light and fluffy, the chocolate rich in flavor. I ate it all licking the fork wishing I had more. I opened my eyes to see everyone staring at me. I licked my lips embarresed. "So you enjoyed that my Maya?" David asked me. I nodded then my eyes widened when he reached under the table rummaging around then top his finger and scooped some mousse off his cake then put it under the table. Then with a fake gasp he looked to me. "Oh darn, I've dropped some cake on me, could you get that Maya." Everyone smirked then Jarod did the same thing and Jezabelle lifted her skirt doing the same. "Us to we'be ran out if napkins." Jarod took the napkins off the table throwing them in his drink then smirked. Looking around and seeing know one watching us I slid under the table. Crawling on my knees I went to David his beautiful dick was held in his hand pointing up. A nice coating of mousse on the head of it. I opened my mouth and took it into my mouth moaning. Forgetting about the chocolate just happy to finally have his warm dick in my mouth. I sucked it clean removing the mousse and coating it with my saliva. I swallowed him chocking myself with it wanting to hear him lose control wanting his seed in my throat. He gripped my hair pulling me from it. It fell from my lips with a wet popping sound. He looked down at me a grin on his face. "Enough" was all he said. He looked up in the direction of his brother then to me. I nodded and turned when I reached Jarod I stared for a moment. So alike but slightly different. He had a gentle curve to his dick. I leaned forward and took him deep. I moaned happily just like I had dreamed he tasted wonderful and hot in my mouth. I sucked and slurped his hand guiding me then as David did stopped me before I could get my prize. "Later" was all he said then looked to Jezabelle. I crawled to her seeing her wet pussy covered in mousse. I dived in licking and nipping. I loved eating pussy, dick would always be first but I could eat her pussy all day. She gripped my head holding me still as I ate her out. I was sticking NY tongue in her hole, her panting becoming louder when David called her. She looked at him then whimpered then with obvious annoyance pushed my head away. I pushed then away and dived back in she tried to push me away but I wanted at least one of them to finish. I licked and sucked biting her clit my own juices matching hers as they skid down my thighs. She clutched up and groaned cumming on my face and licked it up enjoying my treat. When she was done I crawled back to my seat and sat in it. Jarod and David were looking at me angrily, I knew I disobeyed them but I wanted the pleasure of making one if them cum. Jezabeele Looked spent and satisfied. I wish Jarod d David could've shared her pleasure. The waiter came clollecting plates and dropping the check and stared at my face bluntly for 3 minutes before he excused himself. Using Jezabelles mirror I saw my face glossy with cum and my hair was in disarray, what was worse was the red lipstick was smeared horribly all over my lips and chin. When Jarod and David stood you could plainly see red smears on their zipper lines on their pants. I wasn't allowed to wipe it off but I didn't want to anyway. Comment


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