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Forced To Love Sequal To F.T.B

Novel By: 4Everwet

Sequal To Forced To Believe I got some surprises for you

Everything about him frightened me. It was like I forgot everything except for him. I didn't compare him to David, he made me forget about him. He was my Jarod, And I couldn't let that happen. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 28, 2012    Reads: 1,257    Comments: 4    Likes: 6   

Chapter 5 - Reunited "Happy to be home My Maya" "David I'm sorry...." "Shhh... Don't apologize. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did, I was just jealous. I've missed you so bad, so fucken bad." "I've missed you too. I thought I lost you." "We are together now so let's not think about anything else." I held his hand tight as he lead me to the bathroom. He started a bath and added scents and bubble bath then turned leaning on the edge of the sink crossing his arms looking at me hungrily. I shivered, how I missed this feeling of power that radiated from him with just a look. I stared biting my lip pleading with eyes, tell me to do something, I needed to please him. "Take off your clothes." I sighed in relief then closed my eyes happily removing my shirt, jeans, sneakers then underwear. I stood before him nude my nipples purking up. Looking down I embarrisgly covered my pussy and stepped back notifying my legs. Not shaving for three years didn't really float my boat. "Maya!" I jumped and looked at him. "Stop covering yourself and get in the tub." I walked over quickly stepping in glad it hid my hairy legs and pussy from him. He rolled his eyes then went in the cabinet retrieving a razor and shaving cream. "Shave, clean yourself and your hair then get dressed I will leave clothes for you on the bed. Ill be upstairs 18Th floor come find me." He turned leaving. I started with my task shaving all the hair from my body until I was smooth and soft then washed my hair and body. After drying off I went into the bedroom finding just a black silk robe on the bed and black heels. I smirked David never ceased to amaze me. I threw them on then left the apartment trying to ignore how the silk rubbed over my nipples and the nice feeling of my soft pussy lips rubbing together. I entered the elevator and pressed the 18th floor. It stopped on the 13th floor and to my surprise Jarod entered wearing a tight black tshirt and jeans. He grinned then walked in standing close behind me. My heart began beating wildly in my chest, I could literally feel the heat coming off his body. I closed my eyes and the night he had took me in front of everyone played before my eyes. I sighed it felt so real. "Maya" I turned staring into his blue eyes. So much like his brother in everyway except those eyes. He reached out grazing a finger on my lips. "Your lip is trembling, are you okay?" "I...I it was so real." "What was real?" "You, me.. I..." The elevator dinged and I jumped hearing David's voice. "Maya, Jarod?" Jarods hand dropped and I turned. Already before I looked at him I felt as if I did something wrong. He looked at me then Jarod his jaw twitching. "Come!" I walked forward and David began walking I followed looking back only once and my eyes widened when Jarod exited the elevator as well following behind us. David stopped at the last room, the same one from our first night together and opened the door letting me in. "Sit on the bed!" I walked to it sitting quietly, he stared and me then turned slamming the door. I know I shouldn't have but I tip toed to the door pressing my ear along the door. "David calm down!" "No, tell me why you are still here." "Because I like New York, what other reasons would I have?" "Maya maybe?" There was silence and then Jarod spoke. "How long have you known?" "Since the night I saw you watching her as she slept. I knew after the first year your reason for staying at the hospital was not because of me, I knew you fucken loved her. What are you going to do now take her from me?" Tears brimmed in my eyes, I heard the strain in his voice to keep himself from breaking down. "I can't take her from you, she loves you and nothing I say is ever going to change that." "I'm not an idiot Jarod, she may not believe it now and she may refuse to say it but she loves you. She may have dreamt of you, it may not be real but she will always remember you and whatever her mind made up. She left me for you someone she doesn't even really know. I can promise you if you walk in the room and fuck her she will not stop you!" Tears flowing freely down my face I realized he was right. I loved David nothing would change that. Even now I love him but I also think I loved Jarod. But how it was just a dream? He has never touched me sexually or even had a conversation with me except at the hospital. How could I love him? How could I look at him and crave his touch, how could I want him? David was, no is my everything and nothing will change that. "So what now?" "Ill leave that choice up to her" "There is no choice she will choose you" "Are we betting brother? I know her better then you think" "What's the wager?" "She choose's me you leave, but if she chooses you I leave." "What if she chooses neither of us?" I ran from the door before I heard the reply sitting on the bed trying my best to wipe my face. Then stared at the door trying to seem unfazed. I already knew my choice nothing would keep me from David, not even Jarod. The door opened they entered and I kept my eyes on David only on David. The door was closed they walked closer standing in front of me David on my left, Jarod on my right. "Stand!" David told me. With my eyes still on him I stood. "I need you to make a choice..." "This is no choice, I am yours David. I love you that's it." "You are mine and I love you too but you love my brother also." "I don't..." "Do not lie to me!" "It will past David, whatever feelings I think I have it isn't real. It will past. It has past, I don't care for him" "You do" "No" "Prove it to me" "How?" He looked at Jarod and he stepped forward I stood my ground looking at him defiantly. "Your are mine as well Maya" "No" "No?" He stepped closer him towering over me his breath in my face. He reached between us and undid my robe it flew open exposing my body. He raised his eyebrows and grazed his fingers over my belly. My eyes fluttered closed trying to hold in a moan. Why wasn't I fighting him, why haven't I told him no. Because I wanted him to do this. He bent forward and when his lips pressed into mine I just melted. He held me up an kissed me slow an deep. And I let him. When he finally moved letting me breath and stepped back David came forward and I flew into his arms holding him. "Jarod leave, please I don't want to choose." David hugged me then lifted my face. Then leaned forward kissing me, I moaned pulling him closer. He leaned back to stair into my eyes. Jarod moved behind me and pressed his body into my back holding my hips as David held me front the front. "You don't have to choose you will have both if us." Comment guys.


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