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Forced To Love Sequal To F.T.B

Novel By: 4Everwet

Sequal To Forced To Believe I got some surprises for you

Everything about him frightened me. It was like I forgot everything except for him. I didn't compare him to David, he made me forget about him. He was my Jarod, And I couldn't let that happen. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 28, 2012    Reads: 1,281    Comments: 8    Likes: 6   

Chapter 4 - Awake At Last Opening my eyes I immediately began to squint closing them again. Bright white lights were everywhere. I moaned groggily. "Ma...Maya baby can you hear me?" My eyes popped open and tears filled them instantly. I was dreaming of my David again. I wish it could stay this way. Me with him always. I reached my arms up and placed my fingers on his cheeks. He felt so real so very real. He closes his eyes leaning into my palm smiling. "Too long have I waited for you to reach out to me and open your eyes. I've missed you so very much" "I...I" "Shhhh, your throat has to be dry you havent used those muscles in a long time." He leaned away and I trapped his shirt pulling him to me desperatly pleading with my eyes that I did not want him to go. "Relax, I'm not going far" My fingers didn't lessen there hold. Tears filled my eyes making them blurry and I blinked quickly trying to clear my vision so I could see him clearly. A beeping sound began to quicken and David worridly looked around. "Jarod get the nurse for me." "WA... What's going on.." "Wake the fuck up get the nurse." "Shit sorry" then I heard footsteps running from the room. Jarod was here and a nurse what do u need that for. "Relax I'm not leaving please relax. " I shook my head no and almost smiled with joy seeing his face change quickly to the one I loved so dearly. Serious and loving all in one. "Just because you are ill does not mean you can defy me. I said relax. Now let me go" No matter how much I didn't want to I let go. Dead or not I would never purposely not listen to him. I unclutched my fingers and he nodded backing away. I whimpered and he raised an eyebrow silencing it. Moments later a white women with blonde hair leaned over me checking my tempeture. "Hon are you okay, do you need something for pain." I shook my head looking away from here to him. What I needed was my David "Just some water for her please" Rummaging and then the sound of water pouring then David helped me sit up and put the water to my lips. I drank greedily not really realizing how thirsty I was. When I drowned the cup I sputtered and coughed catching a breath then looked to David. "Better" I nodded. "Look who's awake" I turned to see a grinning Jarod in the doorway. I looked to David then Jarod then back again. "Maya this is my brother." "I know that, I just never dreamed of both of you at the same time." "Dreamt? " "It doesn't matter your here with me and lets not waste time talking I know ill wake up soon. Please David just hold me please" "Nurse is this a side effect to the surgery." "No, I don't know what'll say" "David, your confusing me." He stood and walked over placing his hands on my cheeks I relaxed looking into his eyes. "What is the last thing you remember?" "Um, I dont know I thinking I was talking with Jarod telling him I was ready." "Ready for what?" "I uh I love you David" "Ready for what Maya?" "To..to move on and be with him." Jarods eyebrows shot up and David let me go rage evident in his face. He inhaled deeply then turned and left. "Da...David, get him back where is he going? I don't fucken understand. Someone talk to me dammit" "Um, hi I'm Jarod" "Don't okay with me Jarod, he has never been upset with me in my dreams and you have never been with us what is going on. Did you slip me something?" "Maya, there's no way you could know me this is the first time you've met me." "I.." "Quiet! Let me finish" I closed my mouth immediately. "Do you remember Moses and Angel?" "Yes they were the bastards who shot and killed my David." "Um, Angel did shoot David but it didn't kill him it went through his shoulder and into the back of your head." I looked at him in disbelief. "I'm not lying your in a hospital you've been in a coma for three years. Feel the back of your head they put a metal plate there. It healed but you'll feel the difference." I placed my fingers through my scalp and though my hair had grown back there was a hard rough feeling beneath my skin. I tapped it and heard the metal plate. Tears filled my eyes. "Don't cry your alive, Davids fine." "I don't care about me, David's alive. Hes alive!". He gave a small smile. "It felt so real though Jezabelle and you. I remember you so well." "Well Janice visted alot and I flew in as soon as I heard to comfort David. Sometimes I talked to you in your sleep sometimes I read aloud and talked to David. Your subconscious must have made a convinced dream to keep you in your right mind I guess I don't know." "Um, why is David angry with me?" "You've been in a coma for three years. He hardly left your side in the time and when you wake you tell him your moving on with me. I'm nit sure why he's mad maybe he doesn't like nurses." I knew he was being sarcastic but I glared at him and stuck my tongue out. "Don't do that again, or else ill make use of it and make you lick my....." "Uh um.." The nurse pretended to cough stopping his sentence then excused herself. He winked at me then grinned. "Don't worry when I explain why you said that I'm sure hell come begging for your forgiveness." He ducked out the room and I laid back a smoke across my face. My David, my love, my dom was alive. and that's all that mattered. Comment you know you wanna.


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