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Forced To Love Sequal To F.T.B

Novel By: 4Everwet

Sequal To Forced To Believe I got some surprises for you

Everything about him frightened me. It was like I forgot everything except for him. I didn't compare him to David, he made me forget about him. He was my Jarod, And I couldn't let that happen. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2 - "Played With" I can do this. I walked along the floor of the hotel watching scenes being alittle more conversational then usual. I felt like a drug addict I was so horny. I stopped leaning against the wall watching a woman have her tits tourtured. I sighed squeezing my fingers as my familiar feelings of longing ran through me as I watched the man standing over her yelling and beating at her tits. "Hi" I turned starlted then gasped. I can't do this right now. I turned away hoping if I ignored him he'd leave. He grunted, and I shivered feeling his eyes digging into my back. Then before I could react he turned me pushing me into the wall using his arms to cage me in. "Jarod please.... I can't" "Shhhh, I've been patient and I've waited for over 3 years and 6 months now for you to heal. I'm tired of waiting. When I want something I get it." I held in a grin, just like his brother. He bent forward kissing my lips lightly. Before I knew what I was doing I applied pressure back. My fingers reached forward gripping the collar of his shirt pulling him closer, he obliged without much prompting pressing himself into me. I moaned his dick pressing into my stomach. "Come with me, I need you!" I opened my eyes breathing hard. "I...I can't, I dont think..." He placed his fingers across my neck squeezing lightly. I shivered. "Don't think, just do as I say" He raised his eyebrow waiting. "Y...yes Sir" "Good girl, come I wanna play with you." I followed like a shadow after him as he lead the way to the corner of the room where a empty space was. He turned to me looking me up and down approvingly. I felt beautiful as he looked at me and embarrassingly looked away as he stared. "Take off all your clothes including your underwear." I gasped looking around, a few people were looking but I supposed that was because they hadn't seen me give anyone the slightest attention since David. He crossed his arms waiting and I grinned at his no non-sense attitude as my panties began to soak. Breathing through my nervousness I gripped my tshirt pulling it over my head. Then unhooking my bra. My breast bobbed freely and he licked his lips staring. I undid the button of my jeans and kicked off my flats then slid the pants over my hips and thighs to they pooled at my feet. Then slowly pulled my panties down as well. Standing there naked with him staring bluntly I began to feel my old feeling of exciment and thrill at what he was going to do to me. He turned away breifly to take a chair from the back wall and walked to the middle of the room then motioned for me to sit my body was trembling and customers stopping their play to watch me walk to the middle of the room and sit on the cold leather which immediately teased my exposed pussy. He went to the wall grabbing different materials off the wall. My breathing was becoming heavy with desire. He walked over standing before me rope in one hand and a paddle in the other. He drop down on one knee kissed my lips gently and then leaned near my ear. "Safe word please" he whispered. "Kitten" I replied. He backed away took my legs and widened them tying each ankle to a foot on the chair. Then pulling me forward so my pussy was hanging off the seat. Then placing my hands behind my back tying them. Then pushed my head back so I was staring at the ceiling. All I could see around me was a least two dozen people scattered around me staring at my body. I didn't mind at all, let them see Jarod couldn't handle my desires. Please let him not be able to I begged internally, every part of me wanted him, but everytime I looked at him made me despise him because he wasn't who I wanted him to be. Which was my David. "Slap!" I yelled out in surprise, he had used that paddle to slap my soaked pussy. The sting felt delicious. Being that I couldn't see the suspense was killing me. More please I thought. Just as I was becoming impatient he slappled my pussy again with the paddle. Panting wildly, my eyes rolling behind my head he slapped my clit over and over. Heat flowing over my pussy lips, the sting bringing me to the egde, my gaspes and screams echoing in the room. When I could take no more he seemed to know and stopped, replacing the paddle with his fingers and pushing them into me. I shook and shuddered coming hard on his fingers screaming out. When my orgasm subsided he pulled my face down by my chin and I licked my lips moaning as I saw his thick dick in his palm as he stroked it. I looked at the fat head with want, I needed it in my mouth I had to finish him show him my appriciation. But he was out of reach of me and just watched my body as he continued to stroke then he grunted and his cum spurted out landing on my chest and belly, gently running down to my wet pussy. He put his softened penis away and untied my arms and legs then bent down kissing me fully invading my mouth with his thick tongue. He finally pulled away staring in my eyes. "My Jarod" I whispered. The applause around us shook me out of our moment and I looked around as everyone clapped for us and whistled. Then I looked to Jarod tears brimmed in my eyes. Everything about him frightened me. It was like I forgot everything except for him. I didn't compare him to David not once, he made me forget about him. He was my Jarod for a moment, and I couldn't let that happen. Standing quickly I ran through the crowd to the corner gathering my clothes and throwing them on. I turned and Jarod stood there blocking my path anger evident in his face. "Don't do this Maya, I loved him to. Let go, I'm not saying forget but move on, holding on to him wont make him come back. You are mine now. I want you, I want to love you." "No! No, I will always be yours...... I mean David's. Please leave me alone." I tried to rush past him and he grinned my arm stopping me. "Maya please...." "Kitten" He sighed released me and I left head bent ignoring the stairs of pity on my way out. Comment, is the sequal what you guys expected? ^o^


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