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Dominating Her Heart

Novel By: 4Everwet

"Such a good boy. Come here and lick my cunt."

Jarome eagerly scooter forward between her gapped thighs and dove in. Licking and nipping at her swollen clit the way he'd been taught View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 29, 2012    Reads: 3,314    Comments: 1    Likes: 4   

Dominating Her heart Chapter 1 Lacy sighed for the tenth time in annoyance. Jarome was late again but she loved him and no matter how late he was she would wait for him. After work she dressed beautifully in a elegant red dress and red strappy heels with red panties beneath her dress as instructed. Her hair in lose curls and mocha skin looking silky and smooth from a rosemary bath she looked stunning. After an hour of waiting for him she began pacing then at midnight she began to wonder what place would be serving dinner at this hour. She almost called him but she knew better he would only become angry at her impatience. Feeling restless she went to the couch flicking through channels. Eventually when 2 am past she yawned and let the sleep she been fighting take over her. Yawning she sat up and stretched her eyes shooting quickly to the time. It was 5 am she stood biting her lip. This wasn't the first tine he stood her up or not came home. She kept telling herself he was teaching her patience but she knew that wasn't true. Rushing to the bathroom she undressed and showered washing away last night's makeup and the tears from her face. "Good morning Lacy" As usual Lacy rudely waved Malcolm off. It wasn't intentional but Lacy always was upset when she went to work. She hated working for the one guy who was supposed to put a smile on her face and pleasure to her body but instead had been neglectful and absent from her life with empty promises. She had been looking for work when she first met Jarome, she was at a coffee cafe and he had walker past and happened to see her reading a Submissives guide to pleasing her Master. Intrigued he sat and began to talk with her. At first she wasn't going to respond but he was so sweet and cute she couldn't help herself. After she told him she was looking for work he offered a desk job at his lawfirm which she gladly took. Five monthes later the spark they once shared had faded and she began to see Jarome less and less except when he randomly called her into the office for dull sex. She thought of leaving him multiple times but she needed her job and didn't want to risk being fired. Lunch had finally came and she was happy for it needing to get away from the office. Jarome had passed by her cubicle at least ten times and not once greeted or apologized to her. She stood gathering her purse and turned surprised to see Malcolm. "Afternoon Lacy" Though Lacy tried to ignore him today something was different. Lacy didn't want to ignore him but he intrigued her somewhat. He didn't speak often but he didn't need to he had a way of speaking with his body language. Whenever he said his morning greeting his deep voice always felt refreshing to her ears but she waved him off because she would never be a cheater no matter if she was unhappy. His broad shoulders and creamy skin looked perfect to her and his bright clear blue eyes seemed to see everything. The way he was looking at her now she knew it wasn't good. He always looked like he wanted to fuck her where she stood. Which is why she got used to looking down when he came around. But this was the first time he had ever greeted her at lunch. So she was not prepared and didn't immediately look away or wave him off. "Uh. I.. I.. Yea um lunch time." She cursed internally for sounding like a idiot. He only countinued to stare straight into her eyes. "Do I make you nervous Lacy?" "Yes, no I mean what is it you want." "Just wanted to ask if you were okay? You seem different the last couple of days." "Thanks for asking but I'm fine" He gave her a look and she knew he she was lying but he moved out of her way. Lacy walked around him and towards the elevator then stopped and biting her lip when the other way towards Jaromes office. Looking in she saw Oliva his secretary sitting on his deck her legs laying on top of them. Jarome was on the phone but his eyes were watching her legs. Lacy cleared her throat and jarome looked up then back to her legs continuing his coversation. While Oliva smirked at Lacy then got up from the table. Walking to the door. "He's in a private meeting, come by later" Then the door was slammed in her face. Biting her quivering lip and blinking her eyes to stop the tears she turned back towards the elevator. Malcolm was entering it and held the door open for her. "Would you like to go to lunch?" She nodded to upset to say anything. Comments please^o^


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