Customer Or Lover

By: 4Everwet

Chapter 9,

9 My heart was racing so fast, I never been anxious before sex or excited but the way my heart was fluttering in my chest there was no doubt I was into it. The lights were dimmed low I couldn't see farther then an couple inches but I could her his dress shoes tapping on the floor. He had me chained to the wall my arms and legs spread shakles holding my wrist and ankles in a x position. With only a black bra and panties set covering my body I felt more naked and exposed then I ever felt with nothing on. Even if the lifestyle I had lived no man had ever seen my entire body. Just what they needed. It seemed with Rick even though I had did it all, I still had some first with him. And this was different and a first in all accounts. My breathing and his slow steps filled my ears. "Ri....Rick?" "Are you afraid of me, of what ill do to you?" "No, just nervous." "Can you make a deal with me?" His voice echoing off the walls my heart pounding I nodded but received no response and I knew he was waiting with that patient look on his face. "Yes I can" "Good girl." Those two words made my heart skip. He was happy with me. And I didn't see it as I thought I would, like I was a dog or something. I saw it as me learning, pleasing him by doing and saying what he liked. "Can you promise me when we are in this room you'll let me take care of you, you'll trust me and you'll belong to me." "I can't do that, even if its for pretend. I can't" "Can't or wont?" It was silent and for a long time and I didn't answer then finally. " My patience has dwindled Rain. I want you and I'm not going to keep asking, I'm just going to take and your going to let me aren't you?" I was about to retort and I heard something so frightening and erotic nothing came out my mouth. The crack of a whip sounded again and I squinted trying to see through the limited light to find him. Then there he was in front of me looking at my stomach. His hand came into view to but it was not alone. In his hand was the nine tail whip I had looked at. His arm left the light then returned with a whip and I cried out when the strings hit my belly wrapping around my waist. But it wasn't painful, it was delicious and I wanted more. It stung my skin so beautifully. My nipples began to harden and a small amount of moisture gathered between my legs. I opened my eyes and he was looking at my thighs. Then his arm disappeared then returned with a whip the strands hit my thigh wrapping around, the ends hitting the bottom of my ass. I moaned thinking I was crazy for feeling this way hut I didn't care I opened my eyes quickly trying to see where he was looking next and I let out a shuddering breath when I saw where his eyes looked. When his arm disappeared I pushed my waist out inviting it then cried out when the strands landed on my pussy then wrapped up into my buttcrack. This was so great. I opened my eyes my lip trembling as I panted. The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips. I opened my mouth darting my tongue out and he brought his finger back out of reach. "Close your mouth, don't do try anything to I tell you." I nodded desperate, anticipated about what he would do next. I closed my mouth and watch him put his finger back between my legs replenishing his finger with my wetness, then bringing his finger up and saturated my lips with my juices. He slid it on slowly on my lower and top lip then the remaining juices he sucked off his own finger. I moaned softly. "I'm gonna lick your pussy dry when you stop resisting me. Lick your lips" I stuck my tongue out licking my juices off my lips doing it slowly putting on a show for him. He slapped my pussy quickly with the nine tails and I squeaked in surprise. "Tease" We both turned when a giant shed of light broke into the room illuminating it. Shelly was in the doorway and stopped midstep watching us, well mostly me. She was watching me, looking at my body up and down hungrily. "Shelly?" She ignored Rick still staring at me. "Shelly!" "Huh, Yeah sorry. I needed to get a ball gad from in here. Sorry" "Its okay we were done anyway" "Waaa" I looked at him franticly. He winked and began to unhook me. Shelly opened a draw grabbing a bag with a brand new ball gag in it looking at me weirdly. Rick distracted me by kissing my neck softly then whispering. "When you stop fighting me, ill show you some of my tricks." Comment tell me if it was Good enough.

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