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Customer Or Lover

Novel By: 4Everwet

The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips View table of contents...


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8 She just couldn't leave it simple but that was why I was so attracted to her. She gave me a challenge, I was used to women groveling at my feet I liked that she fought me, I like that she was strong. I sat on the couch holding back the smirk keeping my face serious. "So let me understand this you'll agree to stay here with me if I allow you to work at my establishment. Did I miss something?" "Yes, I sleep on the couch and when I get paid I pay for half the rent." "Five if your checks wouldn't cover a quarter of my rent." "Well ill buy food for the house and give you what I don't need." "And if I disagree?" "I leave" "Fair enough, so what's for dinner?" She crossed her arms scowling then went to take a shower. I awoke her at 7 am for her to get ready since I was already showered and ready. After much grubbiling she showered and dressed in her shirt and pants. I rolled my eyes, I knew if I offered to buy her clothes she would only deny me. "Why do we have to leave so early?" "Because I'm the owner, its not a strip joint people wake up as I do ready to dominante. I must appease them." She shrugged her shoulders leading the way to the door while I followed. But things would change, soon she would be following me. "Good morning Shelly" "Hey Rick and er.. Rain? You guys no one another?" "Something like that" She shrugged and waved to Rain. "Oh Rick Carla is here she wants a special." "Carla, she hasn't been here in months. What room is she in?" "Uh, the room next to Rain's" "Alright" Me and Rain entered the elevator. As soon as the door closed she turned accusing eyes on me. I looked her patiently. "You said only men come here" "No I didn't actually, women have there fetishes too." "What's a special?" "You don't want to know" She turned leaving it alone. We got off walking down the hall, she stopped at her door and I continued walking. She grabbed my sleeve stopping me. Her face was pointed toward the floor, she looked like a lost puppy. It was cute. "Uh why does she need you for the special?" I smirked lifting her face by her chin looking into her eyes. "Is someone jealous? Uh, uh don't lie because I know your about to." "A bit, well yes I am" "Have I hurt you before? And don't say yesterday because I didn't even do anything just a few taps on the bottom." "Well, no and I wasn't really mad about that, I guess I was mad you were with someone else." "Is me having sexual contact with someone going to hurt you? Honestly please" "Yes it will" I bent forward and was surprised she didn't back away but I knew she wasn't ready to give that first kiss away so I kissed her on her cheek softly and pushed her into her room. Rain's P.O.V I almost let him kiss me, what's wrong with you Rain. I sat on the bed hugging my knees to my chest. I should be happy someone cares for me and is willing to take care of me Not all men will be like the one mom had. The door opened and I held my breath my first customer? But it was only Shelly with her usual jipper smile. She came sitting next to me. "Are you okay?" "Yeah just a little nervous. Um can I have you a question?" "I'm all ears" "What's a special?" She giggled then covered her mouth calming herself. "You like him don't you?" "Well yea, I guess" "A special is a session only done by Rick. He will give you what ever sexual thing you ask for" "Why is he so special? Why can't anyone else do it?" "Because he's the only one properly trained to do it correctly. All other women or men who come her are amateurs. This man knows every thing there is to know about sex, pleasure zones and everything else." "So the woman he's with now she a regular?" "His biggest spender. She always take 4 hours of his time but she hasn't been here in months." "So this very moment he could be fucking her?" "Well Rick is a foreplay man so I doubt it." "Wait, how do you know all this?" "I uh,, used to watch. I'm into that kinda stuff." "Oh, well um OK" "Okay sweety ill be around was dropping off some lubrication to someone and decided to stop by." She stood leaving, and as soon,as the door closed I rushed to the wall pressing my ear into it. I couldn't hear much just muffled voices. A woman voice carrying over the other. She sounded angry But maybe she was excited. I froze when I heard very clearly. "Please Rick, ill double the price" "There's no amount I will take. I'm a man of my word, I'm sorry. Now if you'll excuse me I have a customer waiting." The door opened then slammed and I stood in front of my door a wide smile on my face happy he stayed true to his word and didn't hurt me. My door opened and Rick walked in before he could stop me I ran at him hugging him. My face in his neck. His chest shook with his laughter as he held me back kissing my head. "I've only been gone a minute." "Thank you" "For what" "Everything" "No problem now come you have a customer." My breath hitched. I wasn't really nervous I had fucked random men before it was just it didn't feel right now knowing I didn't want Rick to share his body but I was sharing mine. I followed him to the elevator and we went to the basement. When it opened I gasped. It was equipped with every sexual toy and gadget you could think off. I walked out looking at the walls which were coveted with dildos handcuffs, blindfolds, anal plugs and the horse crop I saw him with the other night. I was about to touch a crop that had nine long strands hanging from it then stopped not wanting to touch his things. I turned to see Rick leaning on the wall relaxed watching me. "Do you like it, the crop?" I nodded unable to speak. "Me to especially the nine tails. When you whip someone with it the strands will wrap around the submissive stinging where ever it touches. It intensifys the nerves." I looked at it picturing the strands wrapping around my breast giving it a sharp sting I know would make me flinch. I turned and was surprised to see Rick before me very close. "Would you like to try it, you might like it?" "I um, where is the customer?" "Im your customer" "What do you mean?" "We agreed you'd work here, I never said I'd let anyone fuck you. You'll get paid, you'll have your customer. Me. Shall we begin?" I shivered in fear and delight watching Rick's eyes roam my body lust clouding his eyes. What beautiful beast did I just unleash? Comment


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