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Customer Or Lover

Novel By: 4Everwet

The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips View table of contents...


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7 Ignorant, stupid asshole! He just wouldn't go away. After fleeing the building he followed me in his car all the way to my corner then parked right in front of where I stood. It was hard enough getting a customer in my normal clothes, so whenever a possible one rolled up he would get out his car flash his wallet quickly to the driver and they'd speed off thinking he was a cop. After 2 hours he didn't budge I knew he wasn't leaving. I stomped over angrily getting in, he started the car. "Turn down the alley." The car stopped in the middle of the street he turned looking at me. I raised an eyebrow challenge him. "The alley Rick, I need to make money and since your not leaving I guess you'll be my first customer" "So that's how it going to be then?" I crossed my arms angrily. "The alley" "Fine" He started the car and drove turning into the alley then parking halfway in. My heart was pounding, and I was actually upset. I didn't want to fuck him this way but I would not let a man take care of me and I would not care for a man. "What do you want?" He turned looking at me then smirked. "How much for a kiss?" "That's not for sale" "How much for unprotected sex?" "Not for sale?" "How much will it cost to stop you from doing this?" "There is nothing you could give me that I want?" "No, not even love, maybe freedom?" "What do you mean?" "I'll give you an apartment paid for up to a year and in that year you try and find a job. If you choose to see me that's your choice. I'm genuinely trying to help you stop fighting me please." I sat back thinking about it. Even this way he was helping me but in the end I could stay away from him if I wanted to. "Why do you own that type of club?" "Because most woman like you for example can't handle bowing down to a man. So I help men achieve their desires. I would go crazy if I couldn't let my desires free." "Desires? Don't you mean you want a dog?" "That small minded thinking is exactly why I own that club. Do you have any idea how much strength it takes a woman to submit to a man. To give him her body, mind and trust that he will not abuse or misuse it. They are stronger then the men dominating them. And for some women the urge is so stronger to resist serving a man they can be happy just from the pleasure he gets from having her." "I would never be like them" "Really? You going to tell me when you watched not for one second you didn't wish it you in her place?" "No..no I didn't" "Liar, are you going to let me help you or not" "Fine" He started the car driving me from my home, my job and the only thing I ever had any control over. But I wasn't sad to see it go.


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