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Customer Or Lover

Novel By: 4Everwet

The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips View table of contents...


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6 I had showered and was wearing one of his white t-shirts which stopped at the top of my thighs. He had showered as well and was wearing sweats and a tshirt. A small part of me wished he had left the shirt off but I pushed the thought away. We were sitting on the couch him on one end me on the other watching charmed. Since I never really got to watch t.v before he let me watch what I liked. I was hugging my knees to my chest looking at the screen when his phone rang. He picked it up answering it. "This is Rick" I continued looking at the t.v not paying mind to his conversation. "Yes, Ill will make sure to do that" He laughed and I stopped listening to the t.v. His laugh was beautiful and it was mine. I sucked my teeth to that thought. I was not some jealous fiend. He wasn't even mine. "I'm sure, okay bye. See you tomorrow." See who tommorow I thought. He stood and went to the kitchen then returned with menus smirking. "What are you in the mood for?" We ordered Chinese food and ate watching Rush hour. It was silent through out the evening but I preferred not to speak anyway. He tried once or twice to ask what I did did the whole day but I said I just walked around. I felt the BDSM club should be kept a secret. He probably wouldn't approve of it but I needed to start saving up so I could find another place maybe get a regular job. I was better then what I did for a living. Feeling full I cleared away the plates, cartons, and drinks throwing them away. Then sat on the couch holding my knees watching t.v. Rick stretched and yawned and rested his head on the back of the couch. I felt bad for taking up his bed but I knew he would only argue with me about it. I yawned as well but didn't move, I had so much on my mind I knew I wouldn't sleep. But I also didn't want to be alone. At some point I fell asleep watching t.v and listening to Rick's deep breathing. I thought I had dreamt of Rick, but I realized I was half asleep and stayed still seeing what he would do. His smell was so close and intoxicating. I felt his fingers on my lips, my eyes, my cheeks. His fingers sliding down my neck and collarbone towards my breast. His fingers went in lazy circles around my breast moving closer and closer but never touching my nipple. I moaned in annoyance wanting him to touch it, pull it, pinch it, suck it, bite it. But his movements stopped and then I heard him sigh then kiss my neck laying with me. I internally cursed myself why had I moaned. I wanted him to touch me. I internally sighed I had to get away from him but not tonight I would allow him to hold me. When I awoke rolling over I wasn't surprises to be wrapped in a pair of strong arms. He groaned lightly but remained sleeping. I snuggled into his chest sighing listening to his heart beat. This is what I wanted, what I needed. This was why I had to get away. He would only hurt me. I froze hearing his alarm going off. I only wanted a few more minutes with him like this. I stayed still as he shifted then groaned. He reached over me to get his phone off the table then turned it off. I thought he would get up but he stayed there after a few moments he tightened his arms around me then kissed my forehead. Then with a sigh he slowly untangled from me and got up going to the bathroom for a shower. I rolled over staring at the ceiling sighing what the fuck am I going to do. He had dressed and was gathering his keys when he called me over to him by the door. I walked over standing before him. "Stay here, when I return I want to have a talk with you." "About?" "Work,living arrangements, us maybe" "Okay" He smirked and leaned forward I pulled away. The patient look came to his face and I knew he wanted a reason. "I have never kissed anyone in my life. Its the only thing I have left that's mine." "Hopefully I can from that from you." Then he left and I began to dress in the same clothes from yesterday to go to 'work'. Shelly was as jittery as ever when she greeted me. " Your here early?" I knew that i was supposed to begin at night but i had to make it back to the penthouse before Rick came back which i wasn't really sure when. So after he left at 7 i left at 10. "I know, is it possible to work now because i cant really be here at night." She gave me a odd look but told me to go on up, I had only been in the room for thirty minutes before Shelly came in. "Hey the managers here but he is like really pissed and is about to go home, something about a someone missing or whatever, So he cant meet you today and doesn't want any customer with a new girl until he meets her." "OH, okay, so when do i come back?' "Do you have a phone" Probably not um not sure why dont you just check back around this time tomorrow okay?" I nodded and she left me to dress. i was walking out the room and towards the elevator when i walked past a half gaped door. Curious as to what was eventually expected of me i peeked inside. A man dressed in a expensive suit similar to Rick's was standing with his back to me. A women maybe Indian in her twenty's was standing with her hands behind her breast thrusting her breast out. The man had something similar to the things they used on horses in his hand and was rubbing it on her stomach and chest. I watched interested, would he hit her with it? My question was answered when he flicked his wrist and hit her bare nipple with the thing. My eyes widened it looked so....nice. It looked like it felt nice, it must've by the way she was whimpering. He hit her other nipple then back to the first and i felt my fingers creeping to my own chest right over my own breast. My nipples were hardened, i could feel them straining against my bra painfully. How badly i wanted to pull them and pinch them. What was happening to me, i felt so aroused and my panties were becoming wet i wanted something, no i needed something. I needed to be in her place feeling Ricks eyes roam over my body and punish my body. Wait what, i closed my eyes shaking my head clear. I ad to find a place to stay Rick was taking over my mind. Even now when i heard the man speak and Ricks voice came out his throat. "You want me to fuck you don't you Rain?" "Yes, yes please" I scrutched my eyebrows what are the odds her having the same name. The man shook his head and stepped back dropping the thing he used to hit her. The woman lowered er hands a sad look on her face. "Have i not please you Mr. Johnson? Please don't fire me." My eyes widened this was the owner! He shook his head grabbing one of her hands and kissing the knuckle then releasing it. " I'm not its just i don't want you to pretend to be another women i want her for real." Something wasn't right he sounded so much like him. Then its like my stupid mind finally pieced things together, The emergency yesterday the owner had to deal with was me, and When Shelly said someone was missing, it was me! He must have called the house and i wasn't there to answer it. i swallowed the spit in my mouth my fingers shaking in rage hoping i was wrong. Hoping i hadnt just watched the man i care about play with someone else even if he was pretending it was me. "Rick?" I knew before he even turned around, i knew how his shoulders stiffened at my voice that it was him. He turned and his eyes widened then he took a step forward. I shook my head and stepped back. I knew he would hurt me no matter if his intentions were for lack of me. he still did it. "Rain don't leave..." "Dont follow me anymore Rick. im done with,,, with whatever this crazy shit is!" "Where will you go?" "Where i belong!!!" I turned and ran to the elevator pushing for floor 1 then ran to the only place that never hurt me, my corner. Comment


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