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Customer Or Lover

Novel By: 4Everwet

The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips View table of contents...


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5 Wow was all I could say. This man was loaded. He lived in a penthouse in the expensive part of L.A. White sofa, lounge, flat screen t.v and a balcony with the most amazing view. From here it was different, from here you couldn't see the homeless, the prostitutes, the drugs. From here you couldn't see where I belonged. He had told me to make myself comfortable while he freshened up and I sat in front of the flat screen watching a cartoon . I guess at some point I fallen asleep because when I woke I was laying in a queen sized bed covered in pillows and soft comforters. My shoes had been removed but my clothes were on as they were supposed to be. Getting up I left the room walking to the living room he was asleep on the couch on his back in a pair of sweats and a white tshirt. A football game on low volume. I creeped over kneeling where his head was staring at him. He had the same patient and calm look even as he slept. I watched the slow rise and fall of his chest in amazment. His full lips and thick lashes. Why me? I whispered quietly. "I am no one, I mean nothing, what do you see in me, why are you wasting your time with me? What do you want with me?" I sighed and reached out taking my finger and sliding it on his lower lip. It was soft to the touch and I could feel his warm breath on my finger. I smiled and stood deciding on a shower leaving him to sleep in peace. I sighed in ecstasy, I had forgotten how delicious hot water felt to the skin. I washed my body and hair slowly enjoying every hot drip of water that touched my skin. The shower gels I used smelled heavenly. I had to force myself out the shower before I became pruny. Taking a towel and wrapping it around my body letting my hair just fall on my shoulders to dry, I left the shower and face palmed myself what was I going to put on? Creeping out the bathroom and walking to the living room I was surprised to see him not on the couch. Not wanting to be caught like this I turned back towards the bedroom to throw on my clothes from last night. I opened the door and gasped throwing my hands in front of me when Rick stepped out the room in his sweats and no shirt. The towel dropped when I let go and I was surprised when he closed his eyes immediately. "I uh, thought you might need something to wear so..." He reached forward passing me his shirt and some boxers. I took them running back to the bathroom the towel forgotten. I locked the door behind me putting on the shirt and boxers. Smelling the shirt I moaned quietly smelling his scent all over it. Then stopped and thought was I unattractive or something. Why didn't he look at me? I walked out and found him sitting on the couch watching the news. Before I could say anything he stood and went into the bathroom a few moments later the shower turning on. I sat and waited and waited and waited. When he finally came back to the living room he was dressed in a suit looking everywhere but me. He grabbed some keys and went to the door. I stared dumbfounded when he opened it about to leave. I stood rushing over grabbing his hand that was on the door knob. He stiffened but stopped with his body facing away from me. "Rick did I do something wrong?" "No, I have to go to work. Ill be back in awhile. Theres money in my draw and food flyers on the refrigerator. Get whatever you like." He moved his hand from my mine and closed the door behind himself leaving me feeling confused and a bit hurt. Making a rash diseon I realized I actually cared what he thought of me. I cared that he was leaving. Ive been in the streets long enough and learned from my mother as soon as you care for a man they will hurt you. I collected my things and left not taking a cent with me when I did. When I finally made it back to the motel I am sad to say things only got worse for me. Since I didn't return last night and pay up the owner wanted me to fuck him. I denied saying I would get the money. He laughed at me then called the cops. I left before they arrived. Leaving all my clothes and 500$ dollars with it. Having no where to go I wasn't surprised when I ended up on my corner. It was the only place I knew besides the motel. Being that it was 7 in the morning there was no one of my type really outside. People were doing things they were supposed to do on a saturday sleeping or working. Getting bored of standing there I began to walk. Out of all the years I lived here I never had looked around. I only knew the motel because my mom took me once when our house was fumigated and the corner because that women I saw tricking used to work there. Walking and window shopping I couldnt figure out what I would do now. I would never go back to Ricks house. I refused to depend on a man to care for me and I cared for him, I knew that could only lead to disaster. And I couldn't go back to that motel. I needed work for a girl like me. I walked for over an hour until I found a large building on the block of various porn shops called The training house. Shrugging my shoulders I walked in. It was a small room with a woman behind the desk dressed in a provactive latex outfit. Blonde hair blue eyes and a giant smile. She waved me over and I came. "Hi I'm Shelly how can I help you?" "Um, are you hiring?" "Yes we are how old are you?" "22" "Lovely, fill this out and Ill be glad to help you." Taking the pen and application I filled it out leaving the phone and address part empty. Giving it to her she scanned it saw the missing address and social then looked at me. "I don't live anywhere." "Oh sweety, you know what your hired the boss wont mind he's strict but a teddy bear at heart. Follow me." She took me to a elevator and we entered then she pushed for floor 5. She brought me to a room with a bed and sat me down explaining the rules since I told her I had no idea what I just got hired for. She told me it was a BDSM club. People who lived the fetish came here and paid girls like us to do it with. We had the right to tell a customer no. We had limits and the pay was good. I agreed quickly. My picture was taken, height, body shots, etc. I was to come in every night and wait in the room customers would look through a book with pictures of girls and they would choose and go to that room. We would be paid only when we received customers which I deemed fair. She told me the owner would meet me before the night was through. I stayed there all day and night in nothing but my underwear. Shelly brought me food, refreshments and a book to read to pass the time. I was sitting on my butt with my back pressed against the wall when the door was opened. Shelly came in and said the manager wasn't coming in because of an emergency, he said to meet him here tommorow at 10pm. I nodded then dressed leaving. Since I hadn't made any money I ended up on my corner hungry and tired. Seeing as I had on jeans and a tshirt it was a little hard for the customers to tell if I was working. Finally a black car pulled up and I walked up entering to lazy to say my usual pick up line. I shut the door pointing the way to the alley. The car started and zipped past the alley. "Where the fuck are u...." I turned my eyes wide. Rick was gripping the steering wheel tightly his face was tense and jaw flexing as he drove through the streets. I sighed turning away. The ride was silent, I couldn't bring myself to talk. When we arrived at his hotel he stopped the car getting out and passing the bell hop the keys. Then opened my door, I said nothing while I got out, keeping my eyes to the ground I followed his shoes into the building and into the elevator. As soon as we entered the penthouse and the door was closed he turned pushing me into the wall caging me with his arms. "Why out of all the places I find you it's there?!" "I..I had no where to go, I got kicked out the motel." "You had me! Why did you leave!?" "Because I .. I don't know. I just don't think it would be a good idea to stay here. I have no purpose here. Why do you care?" "Did you ever think maybe I was interested in you. Did you for a second think maybe I wanted you?" I laughed. "Nobody wants me except to fuck me and even you don't want me for that." "What gave you that dumass idea?" "You wouldn't even look at me?" "Is that why you left because I didn't look at you? Maybe I closed my eyes out of respect for you, maybe I wanted you to show me your body not me see it by accident. " "Well why did you leave as if you were disgusted by me?" "Disgusted? I was five seconds from chasing you into the bathroom and fucking you. Don't misunderstand my actions as rejection I want you badly but I want to help you first. I want you to trust me. Will you stay?" I looked at him and sighed. I didn't want to stay, I liked him already I knew what men do to women who become weak. But I nodded only because I didn't want to sleep in the streets. Comment


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