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Customer Or Lover

Novel By: 4Everwet

The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips View table of contents...


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4 The week passed slowly, I was actually looking forward to something. Rick had been on my mind all week. Every meal I ate and the clothes I bought were all thanks to him. It felt nice to relax, read and just eat when I wanted. On Friday night I had to surpress my happiness when instead of my usual attire I put on tight fitting jeans and a halter top with flats. My belly showed but I was comfortable with that compared to my other outfits. Walking downstairs my smile faded when the owner stepped in my path sneering at me. "You got a pimp now huh? That Guy who dropped you off, I know you didn't get that many idiots to fuck that nasty pussy of yours." I walked around him seeing Ricks car outside on the sidewalk. Him leaning on it casualy looking relaxed. The smile returned and I looked at the owner. "My pussy is no longer your buissness." "My rent is though, You better have it when you come back!" I turned walking outside towards him. I stood in front of him nervously waiting for him to say something. He didn't just reached out and grazed my showing stomach. "Better" Was all he said He went around opening the passenger door for me and I got in. Then he got in his side driving away. Tonight he took me to the movies. I had to contain my excitement since I had never been. But I'm sure it showed anyway. He let me pick the movie and I decided on Twilight. I wanted to see what the hype was all about. I saw the posters for it and every giggling teen was talking about it. He didn't mind at all and we found the theater. It was very empty with only 4 to 5 other people. Which was understandable since it had been out for two weeks. We sat at the back in the middle of the row away from everyone else. He left me briefly to get popcorn, drinks and snacks. Looking at the advertisements I couldn't help but be a little sad knowing I didn't get to experience half the things a normal teen did. Now as a women I had seen and done more things then twenty women had after went through. Rick returned arms full of food and sat putting things in my lap and cup holder. He sat and casually put his arm on the back of my chair. Then looked at me with those patient eyes. "Tell me" "Tell you what?" "How you came to be in this situation." I sighed looking away. I didn't really want to share, I had never told anyone. Actually no one asked or cared to know. Looking back at Rick I wasn't surprised to see the patient eyed watching me, waiting. "I lived with my mother in L.A, I went to school, I came home, and back again. My dad left us when I was born. My mother blamed me, said it was because I was made he left her. My mother had a knack for bringing different guys home and it never bothered me until I turned 17. My body had already began developing and one of the men she brought home came back unlike the others. Eventually he moved in. Whenever she would go to work he would try to work on me. He'd touch me and jack off in the same room as me. One night when I was sleeping he came into my room and tried to fuck me. I screamed so loud. She woke up and saw him trying to spread my legs. He got off me and told her it wasn't what she thought. She stared at me tears in her eyes and for a moment I thought she would actually be a mother and do the right thing but no. She said its exactly what I think, she seduced you. I knew she wanted you, well you can't have him bitch! She kicked me out, with nothing but the pajamas on my body. I left for a week to a friends house and when I came back she wouldn't allow it. She disowned me. Told me I wouldn't take another man from her. I left for good, sleeping on the streets asking for change. Everynight I had to run from potential raipers. One night I was standing on a corner and I watched a women walk to a car then get in. I followed it to a near by alley and saw her fuck him. He gave her money and they parted ways. I followed her again for the next three days. She fed herself, clothed herself and slept inside a hotel. I knew I had no other options. The first time I broke my cherry by my own hand. I wouldn't let someone take that from me. I used a handbrush and fucked myself with it till it happened. The rest is history." "Why not look for a job?" I laughed. "17, no I.d, social, or experience in L.A. The stripper joint wouldn't even hire me." I looked up at him prepared to see disgust or pity. But it wasn't it was just...Rick. "Your a very strong women who did what she needed to survive. I see nothing wrong with that." "Rick your such a nice guy, why are you wasting your money on me instead of a beautiful woman who deserves it." "You are a beautiful woman who deserves it" He popped a popcorn in his mouth and sat back as the movie began. "I can't beileve you cried in there." "Did not" Then I wiped my eyes again. "I don't possibly see how females can relate to that fantasy movie." "Because in a fantasy you'll never get hurt, and every woman who's in trouble or lonely wishes a man will come rescue her and love her." "Do you wish that?" "Everyday" He parked on the sidewalk of the motel and dug in his wallet pulling out 2000$. I took it taking out 800$ then giving him back the rest. "I still have 500$ upstairs." "So.." "I have enough for rent that all I need." "What are you going to eat?" "I bought canned food and cold cuts. I'm a smart shopper." He looked at me for a long time then started the car again. "Rick?" "Hmmm?" He began driving off. I wasn't scared surpringly just confused. "Where are you taking me?" "I want you to come home with me" My eyes widened. "Why?" "Do I have to have a reason?" I sat back saying nothing else. Besides it would be nice to be away from the motel, if even for a night. Should they have sex, should they wait? What do you think?


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