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Customer Or Lover

Novel By: 4Everwet

The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips View table of contents...


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3 Waking up this morning I showered and dressed in a black dress and heels with my hair around my shoulders. Grabbing another purse I put another bottle of pepper spray, a pocket knife and some condoms. Leaving quickly avoiding looking at the owner I made my hour walk to my corner. I arrived at around 1am it was full traffic so I was hoping for a few customers. My only hope is I would find a big spender so I wouldn't be homeless because I could not have a repeat of yesterday. I bit my trembling lip it was days like this I wanted to just off myself but I was to much of a coward. A silver car rolled up and I took a deep breath calming myself and putting on my fake smile walking to the car. The window rolled down and the door opened. I leaned down looking in a eyebrow raised. My 5 years being on these streets I've seen many different men in all shapes and sizes, races and types but this is the first time I ever seen a man like him. I stood there like dummy looking at him until he cleared his throat and smirked. "Shouldn't I be looking at you like that?" "I um" I shook my head clearing it. I felt like a dam teenager not knowing what to say. Then thinking of being in the street tonight I went into slut mode. "Hey baby you need some company?" He raised his eyebrow and chuckled. "Get in" I slid in and surprised myself when I actually made sure my skirt didn't rise up when I sat. I closed the door looking at him nervously. Wait why was I nervous? "So how do we uh do this?" I looked at him bewildered. "I've never done this before" "Um theres a alley a few streets down." I didn't want to go there, it just felt wrong taking him there but it was the only place cops didn't roam. "Alleyway? No Hotel?" "If I could afford a private room for customers do you think I would be roaming the streets?" "Well I dont know you, so no I don't know." I sighed and looked down the block watching another girl being picked up. "Listen if we're really gonna do this we need to hurry up I have rent to pay." "How much is that?" I looked at him curiously, why would he care? "1300 every week" "For an apartment!" "No motel" "Your getting charged five times to much, you know that right?" "Yeah but no other place will take me knowing my job preference." "How much do you charge for..." " 50 for a handjob, 100 for a blow, 450 for pussy, 600 for anal and anything else we can talk about." He was quiet, I looked over to see him relaxed looking at me patiently. "Done?" "Yeah" "Now before you rudely cut me off, how much just for some company?" "Com...company?" I stared at him in amazement. Looking at him slowly I began to have second thoughts. He had chocolate skin, obviously fit, he wore a suit and a white button up. His hair was cut low and he had the most intense brown eyes. He was without a doubt very attractive and also strange. He wanted to buy my time, this wasn't normal not even in my job area. Panic went through me and I reached for the car door. His hand landed on my thigh and I stilled looking at him with wide eyes. Something was different tonight, I didnt know what but something about him was different. Ignoring the tingles from his warm hand on my thigh and the fact I felt anything when he touched me I stared at him waiting for him to do something, anything. He was smiling kindly and removed his hand. "I'm not a cop okay, I know this is odd to you but I'm not really looking for a fuck, no offense but I could get that without paying. I actually was driving past and saw you this isn't the first time I've seen you standing here. I wanted to talk to you." "Why?" "You look like you need some help, maybe a friend?" "I'm a whore, why would you want to be friends with me?" "Your not a whore, your surviving. Now since you don't have a price for spending time with me ill make one. Hows 1500$ sound for a hour with you?" I didn't respond only nodded, he grinned and started the car driving. We were sitting in the corner of the bar with him sitting across from me. Me looking around shyly. He had ordered hamburgers and fries for us and pina coladas. I tried to not show my excitement that I would be eating since I hadn't in four days. I looked at him to see him leaning his elbows on the table holding his chin up with his hands staring at me. "What?" "Can't I just look at you?" "I guess" It was quiet a few more moments him still staring. "So tell me about yourself" "What do you want to know?" "Name, age, likes, dislikes?" "Your making me feel like its a date or something" He just stared at me waiting. "Um my name is Rain and I'm 22. I don't like or dislike anything anymore. I just live I guess." His face didn't change and I was happy for that. I didn't want a pity party. "Rick, 27 and I like to fuck, eat and sleep like every other male." I knew he was being serious but a giggle left my lips and eventually a smile. I stopped immediately, when did my sense of humer return? "She smiles, beautiful by the way" I looked down seeing the waitress embarrassed as she looked at my outfit in disgust then placed the food down. She asked only Rick if he needed anything and he ignored her reaching across the table lifting my chin. "Shes only jealous she can't pull of that dress." She scoffed and walked off and I smiled mouthing 'thank you', he nodded and began eating. I did the same controlling the urge to swallow everything on my plate. He talked to me through out the meal, telling me jokes, funny stories and flirting. I enjoyed it all happy for once a man wanted me for more then what I sold. He paid for the meal and drove me to the motel walking me to the entrance. He handed me 2000$ and kissed my cheek then began to walk away. "Wait, you don't want to um...." "Your company was well worth the price. Since you can pay for rent this week I presume you wont need to 'work' this week right?" "I have to make money for next week." "And what if I so happened to want some company that day. Would you still need to work?" "Listen why are you doing this, I feel wrong for accepting money from you and not doing anything" "Your body isn't all you have to offer, goodnight Rain. Ill be here Friday at 11pm, buy something nice to wear okay?" I nodded then watched him get in his car and drive off. Walking into the motel and giving the owner that money and seeing his angered face that I had it all was the happiest I felt in a while. I went to sleep that night for once content with waking up the next morning with a smile on my face and Rick on my brain. Comment


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