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Customer Or Lover

Novel By: 4Everwet

The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips View table of contents...


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2 I stretched out yawning and stood walking to the shower. After a quick wash in the cold water I grabbed some 'work' clothes. Tonight it was a short red hot dress that stopped at the very top of my thighs barley covering my ass. Red heels and my hair falling loosely around my shoulders. A light touch of makeup and my purse full of condoms a knife and pepper spray and was ready. It was going on 3 am and I still I didn't get any customers it was a Sunday morning and very slow traffic. I sighed leaning on the wall then stood to full attention seeing a car slide up and the window roll down. I walked over swaying my hips then leaned down looking in. A white man wearing glasses was smiling. "You need a date baby?" He nodded unlocking the door and I slid in. I directed him to drive to the alley then he parked halfway down. "What do you need baby?" "Can I fuck your ass please? "Anything you want, but it'll cost you 600$" "Um alright" I put my hand out expectingly and he dug in his pocket removing bills. I counted them and checked them then put it in my bra. I pulled a condom out then helped him take out his medium sized skinny cock. I slid the rubber over him then climbed on top facing away from him then positioned him at my ass and helped him inside he groaned and I sighed tuning out everything again. I hated this but what else could I do. With the money I was getting tonight I could pay for last week and some of tommorow. But I would still owe 1200$ if I gave him the extra hundred. Living in L.A was proving to be so difficult but I never had the money or I.D to leave. Maybe I could give him 590$ and use the ten dollars to buy me some tissue, bread and cold cuts. I became alerted my job was done when I heard the long groan behind me. I slid off not even feeling as if my ass had been used. It wasn't that I was open I did excersises to keep myself tight I just never felt anything but disgust from these guys, never pleasure, nor happiness not even when they gave me the money. I climbed out as he drove off walking down the alley then grunted as I was pushed forward to the gritty ground a heavy weight on top of me. The man behind me flipped me over placing a gun at my neck roughly with one hand and snatched my purse then ripped my dress and grabbed the money from my bra with the other. I didn't scream, if a cop came he would arrest me for prostitution and him and how the shady cops were here they would just take my money anyway so I just laid there rather being robbed then killed. He stood then spit at me calling me a dirty whore and ran off. I sat up wiping the spit from my face and wrapped the taters of my dress around me covering myself. Entering the motel I looked at the owners stuck out hand and shook my head. He grunted and walked his fat ass to the back room where I followed. There was no point telling him what happened all he wanted was his money. I tried to make it to avoid this but I had no choice, I would have to suffer his cruel sex treatment working off my rent. I owed him 500$ for last week and was expected to cough up 1300 more tonight which I knew I wouldn't make. Every sex act was 500$ credit off. I had no promblem with that rate it was fair, he was just unfair about what he did. It was one thing to fuck for free but now I would have to fuck for free and do things I would never charge for because I wouldn't do it. He undressed his hairy chest filled with sweat and balding head gleaming with sweat. His sweaty balls filled the air with a horrid smelled but I breathed through my mouth so I wouldn't show my dislike which would only anger him. He sat on the edge of his deck and spread his legs then began stroking his small dick with his stubby fingers. "What the fuck are you waiting for work off your 500 from last week!" I walked forward holding back my anger and dropped to my knees in front of him. Sticking my tongue out I leaned forward licking his ass. I almost passed out from the smell and holding back throw up. When he was satisfied he pushed me back roughly, I fell back on the floor and just stayed there knowing he wanted me below him. He stood over me and as he stroked his dick began to hog spit all over my face and body, kicking me whenever I turned my face or wiped some away. After he began to choke me roughly till I was near passing out, then would let me recruperate and do it again.After 15 minutes he stood as I gasped and began to stroke his dick again. When he finally grunted and spurted on my hair face and chest. He kicked me down till I laid on my back and stood over me. Then aimed his soft dick at me and began peeing on my face and body. I spurted and coughed but stayed still till he finished. He dressed and I stood turning to leave. "Uh, don't forget tonight's rent" I turned my eyes wide and burning from his piss. "But...but you said 500 a sex act. I owed you 2000 from last week and tonight. I licked your ass that was 500, you spit on me that's another 500, you choked me that another then you came and pissed on me. That's 2500$ worth of rent. Which means I don't owe you till next week which is 800$ now." "I'm surprised you can count that high but Im also surprised you thought I would be fair. Bring me my 1300 tonight or go to your corner bring your shit with you and don't come back!" Breathing wildly I ran upstairs and entered my room and into the shower. Turning the cold water on I scrubbed my body till it was soar and did something I hadn't done since i got kicked out, I cried. Comment you think I'm being to harsh on her?


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