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Customer Or Lover

Novel By: 4Everwet

The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips View table of contents...


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11 This felt so strange. His eyes were always on me and I liked the attention but I felt beneath him in a way. As we walked in the clothing store I kept myself a few paces away. I didn't feel worthy of having him near me. Whenever he would notice me lagging he'd slow until he was by my side till eventually I drift off again. I was a whore, a prostitute plain and simple and as we walked the store and people asked if we needed help I felt they knew we were from two different worlds. After four stores I knew he was getting irritated because I didn't pick one item. Mind you I did see beautiful clothes and shoes but I didn't want him spending any more money on me plus the price range was outrageous. When we reached another store Rick walked off to the cash register and began talking with the manager. I stood near the entrance waiting. Rick walked to the back and behind a door, the manager walked towards me. "Ma'm your wanted in the dressing room" "I, uh..." "Come on, don't dawdle." I was "nicely" pushed to the back of the store to the door Rick dissapered to. I entered the door closing behind me. There were mirrors surrounding every wall. In the middle of the room was a lazyboy with Rick in it his back to me. I walked forward and around till I faced him. "Undress" I put my hands on my hips huffing. He sighed stood then I watched as he removed his leather belt from his pants. Folded it in half gripping it tightly and sitting comfortably in the chair giving me that patient look. "You know that look wont always work on me." Then like he wanted I began to undress. I stood before him naked my worn out clothes and shoes he had thrown in the garbage. He left me alone in the room and when he returned he was smiling as he sat back down belt in hand. "Rain?" Just the way he called my name I knew he was in his dominant mode. "Yes" "Why won't you pick any clothes?" "I don't want to use you. I want to get things for myself." "Why does me caring and taking care of you such a promblem, you think it makes you a weak woman? It doesn't. I care for you and if I want to spend money on you I will. So since you don't want to just take my money why don't you earn it?" "How will I do that?" "Lets play a game. I give you two choices, you choose one then do it. For every choice you make that I like you have to buy five items." "Okay sounds fair" "Walk outside naked, or pull your nipples." Well that choice is easy. I grabbed my,nipples pulling and pinching them watching Rick stair at my body a smirk on his lips. I looked at his lap noticing his dick becoming hard. "Let me suck your nipples, or let the manager see you naked." I walked over without a thought sitting on his lap. Holding my breast up my breathing shallow. This would be another first, a man touching my breast and kissing them. He put a arm around my waist pulling me closer his dick resting under my ass. With his other hand he grabbed a breast and used a finger to circle my nipple. When his finger passed over my nipple a moaned softly my eyes closing. Suddenly my nipple was gripped harshly. My eyes snapped open. "Eyes on me Rain" "Sorry" He released my nipple and rubbed it soothing the ache. Then very slowly lowered his head placing his lips over my nipple. Watching him suck my nipple was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. I moaned gripping his shoulders, no longer able to help my self I began to hump him using his pants as stimulation for my clit. He switched back and forth between each breast nipping and biting. When he finally removed his mouth I actually pulled his head back down trying to make him continue. That only earned me a laugh and flick on the nipple. "Finger fuck yourself, or spend all my money." I smirked Rick was making the choices so one sided choosing things he'd knew Id never do so in the end he'd get his way. I took my fingers and they entered my silky walls easily. I was so wet it even amazed me. I pushed my fingers in and out of my pussy moaning loudly and staring into his.eyes. He raised his hands taking my nipples between his fingers helping me along. I grunted the squishing sounds of my pussy arousing me further. "Cum" "Or what mmmmhh......" "Cum!" "Ahhhhhh, shit. Yes mmmh" My body was shaking and I collasped onto him breathing heavily. I don't know what took over me but my eyes began to water and I began to cry. Rick wrapped his arms around me holding me. He silently waited to I had calmed before he pulled me up looking into my face then wiping my tears. "Thank you for giving me your first orgasm." "How did you.... Your welcome." "Now may we shop" "Ugh what is the quota I just made." "20 items" "Ugh..." Comment


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