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Customer Or Lover

Novel By: 4Everwet

The wetness between my legs had began to seep through my panties and slid down my thighs. Rick saw this as used a finger to catch a sliding drop on his finger. Then smirked as he brought it up to my lips View table of contents...


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10 I sighed for the tenth time sitting on the couch in a large tshirt I watched the t.v with mild interest. Most of my attention was what occurred this afternoon. After the interupption from Shelly I was told to dress and relax in his office until he was ready to take off. After dealing with some paper work and job applications we left at 5 pm. I had took a shower and came to sit here while he made a few buissness calls. I was still a bit riled up from earlier and I wanted more. But Rick was sitting relaxed on the couch away from me chatting with whomever about expanding his buissness. I sighed again when a commercial started and Rick looked over at me then with a motion of his finger pointed me to sit between his legs on the floor then continued his conversation. I hesitated for a moment then stood and walked over dropping to my knees between his legs. He still wore his pants suit and and white button up, I laid my head in his lap and closed my eyes comfortable. He placed his hand on my neck slowly grazing his fingers on my face. I felt relaxed there with him doing that and his voice filtering through the room. I turned my head after a while from my neck becoming stiff and was surprised when I laid my head back down a pushing weight was underneath my ear. Pushing my head against it a soft groan came from Ricks lips and I smiled deciding I found something to entertaine my boredness. Smiling I lifted my head looking at the bulge before me. I leaned down using my mouth going along his length through the pants when I reached the head I opened my mouth and covered the head of his dick through his slacks with my mouth. I looked up the taste of polyester in my mouth. He was still speaking but he was looking at me with interest as he spoke. I tightened my lips around him and stuck my tongue out unsure of how much he could feel his eyebrows shot up but his voice didn't stray from its relaxed state. I let go smirking at the wet spot I left on his jeans and stood. Trapping the bottom of my shirt in my fingers I began slowly lifting it revealing my upper thighs then my bare pussy. I had shaved earlier that morning so I was smooth as a baby. His eyes were stuck between my legs and he had began to stutter a bit. Feeling brave and frightened all at once I lifted more revealing my flat stomach and I heard him swallow. I lifted it off entirely my breast pouting out, my nipples hardening from the air. I felt my heart racing this was the first time I ever fully undressed and showed someone my entire body and I did it because I wanted to not because I would be paid. He dropped the phone, I giggled hearing someone calling for him on the other line. He was staring at my body top to bottom. He grabbed his dick through his slacks then licked his full lips. "Grap your nipples between your fingers and squeeze them, pull them away from your body." I hesitated then threw the shirt off and over my head, I lifted my hands placing my fingers on my nipples. I squeezed them and pull them and a soft whimper fell from my lips. My eyes fluttering close. "Open them!" My eyes popped open at the sternness in his voice. "Keep your eyes on me at all times." I nodded and continued to pull and squeeze my nipples. "Spread your legs a bit" I did so my pussy was already becoming moistened, the faint voice of the Guy on the line completely ignored. "Sit down on the floor with your legs spread, good girl now take one of your hands and spread your pussy lips let me see that pretty pussy" I spread them my body shaking, I had never felt do exited in my life. I kept watching his lips waiting for him to tell me what to do next. "So pretty, look at it your so wet. Do I excite you Rain?" "Yes" "That's good, I want you to play with yourself. I want to see you cum" I froze was I really going to do this, but my body had already doing as he commanded and I moaned as my finger want in circling motions over my wet pussy. Staring at him as he stared at me turned me on greatly. I panted and bit my lip so very close to the edge. "Yes, ahh, yes" "Keep going, you look so dam beautiful. You've never masturbated before have you." "On...once, the day after I met...mmmmmhhh..met you." "I'm flattered, now do it faster." My fingers were a blurr as I stimulated my clit, my breath hitched and my moans were loudly in the room then Rick rechecked forward and grabbed my wrist pulling it from my pussy. I looked at him my eyes wide, I was so close! I tried to put my hand back but he gave me a look which telling me not to. I groaned in annoyance as my climax receded and my breathing calmed. Then he pulled me back to my knees between his legs laying my head on hare dick and ran his fingers through my head while picking up his phone. "Hello, yea sorry about that man. What.... no she's not from the club, she's mine." Even annoyed I couldn't hold back the smile. Another 15 minutes later he finished his conversation and lifted my chin a smile on his face. I pouted and that only made him laugh. "I don't like to be teased Rain, I'm the teaser." "Well I want to finish" "Hmmmm not yet, I want you to get dressed I'm taking you to get clothes. Uh, uh don't argue with me its only going to prolonge your orgasm." "What makes you think I wont make myself cum?" He sat back raised an eyebrow and gave me his patient look. I sighed then rolled my eyes. "Yea, yea I'm getting dressed." "That's my girl"


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