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Novel By: 4Everwet

"When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?"

My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly.

"Yes Master!" He corrected View table of contents...


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Chapter 9 - Forced Feeding Being in the house with Mary, Ben,Lucy and Josh was great. I got to wear clothes, have time to myself and most important I wasn't expected to serve anyone. It felt like being back home I just had roommates. I was a little upset because I thought Josh would be a new friend but he has been locked up in his room for the last three weeks since we came back from shopping. The few times I saw him he turned the other way or left the room like I was the plague. When I asked Lucy what his problem was she said it wasn't her secret to tell. I just assumed he didn't value me as a friend or just didn't want my friendship. I was sitting in the living room by myself when the door rang. Lucy was out with a boyfriend, Mary and Ben went dancing and Josh was being emo. It was about 4 am when the doorbell rang and knowing Josh wouldn't get it I got up to open it. I was surprised to see a young women. Dirty blonde hair, big chested with full lips. "Hi I'm here to see Josh" I'm not sure why but jealousy swarmed through me and I put my hands on my hips looking her up and down. "What do you need him for?" "Silly little girl he called for a blood doner I need the money and he needs the blood." She giggled as if this was normal. "Well he no longer needs your services, silly little girl!" And I slammed the door in her face. I looked through the peephole and saw her flip her hair then walk away. I sighed glad she wouldn't cause a promblem and turned. What I saw made me back up immediately my back hitting the door. Josh stood there looking feral and angry. His eyes were sunken in and he was pale and sweaty. He was breathing heavily and looked like he was about to fall over. "Josh are you okay?" "You sent her away, why?" "I... Because....I'm Sorry" "I should drain you now, this is all your fault" He turned and walked over to the couch collapsing on it. His head falling back and him breathing fast. Sweat forming in his brow. I walked over standing in front of him hands on my hips. "My fault, how?" He looked at me as if I was stupid then reached forward grabbing me by my waist pulling me on top of him making me straddle him. I gripped his shoulders steadying myself. "You are the devil you know that. I don't believe in this slavery bullshit, I hate it. I don't feed unless someones willing and I will pay for it to stay healthy. You don't understand how much willpower it takes not to come into your room every night. You smell fucking delicious, you prance around in your little shorts and shirts and expect to sit around you and not want to do something. Then you have the nerve to sit up at night reading that story I bought you, then you play with yourself. I'm right across from you don't think I can hear you. You don't think I want to get up and relieve you. Well answer me!" I stared at him in disbelief. He felt this way and I didn't know that. He listened to me play with myself. Instead of being embarrassed I was......aroused. Before I could think about it I leaned forward grabbing his face and placing my lips on his freezing ones. He groaned deep in his throat and he pulled my hips pulling me closer. I kissed him slowly sliding my tongue along his lips. He opened giving me access and I pushed my tongue into his mouth tasting him. I moved my tongue along his teeth searching for his canines finding one I pressed my tongue against it pricking it. His eyes popped open looking into mine. I leaned away just a bit my tongue hanging over his open mouth. We watched as a drop of blood dropped off the tip of my tongue and into his mouth. His eyes widened then he grabbed me by the back of my neck and pushed my mouth onto his. He used his tongue forcing his way into my mouth then when I opened began to suck on my tongue. I guess my tongue wasn't keeping the flow of blood well because he moved from my lips kissing my cheeks to my chin to my collorbone. When he reached my neck I was till relaxed knowing he wouldn't bite there then gasped when his fangs peirced my neck. I thought it would hurt, I thought I'd be mad but no I was in heaven. The slurping sounds of him feeding even turned me on. I felt that feeling again as if I was drugged, it all pinpointed between my legs and I began humping him at a attempt at release. He sucked and sucked and I moaned happily glad it was me and not the whore who came to sate his hunger. I rubbed my face in his neck feeling it become warm then heated. He finally stopped right when I was close to begging him to fuck me and stared at me, a drop of blood on his lips. Daring I leaned forward and licked it off. He growled lightly and I smiled in return. "He was a fool to give you away." I looked at him confused. "Jonathan" As soon as he said his name my arousment dissolved. I hadn't thought about him for the last two weeks. Knowing what I just did with Josh all I could think was he was going to play me just like Jonathan. Josh began shaking his head disagreeing but I was already standing up backing away He stood trying to grab me. "Please don't follow me" and I turned and ran to my room locking the door and my heart. Comment they make me write faster


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