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Novel By: 4Everwet

"When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?"

My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly.

"Yes Master!" He corrected View table of contents...


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Chapter 7 - New Home Lucy's home was nothing like Jonathan's. It looked like a regular private house. Two story's lawn, backyard a pool. Basement and attic. There was a bathroom each floor. Five bedrooms in all. Ben was one of the occupants he was so happy Mary was there. They hugged and kissed and I turned sad my ending wasn't as pleasant. Lucy said there was another roommate here but he wasnt very social and rarly left his room. I was to be wary of him because he disliked feeding and might snap at me. I rolled my eyes from one douchebag to another I thought. Then I had the bad luck of having the room across from him. My room was a fair size bed, dresser and closet. The clothes I had with me took up only one draw. After unpacking I went into the living room where everyone sat. Mary and Ben were making out. I was happy for her but in my current mood I almost yelled and told her to find a room. Ben looked at ne apologetic and ushered Mary with him upstairs. I blushed forgetting about their gifts. I needed something to do. I couldn't go home and I didn't want to escape and end up worse off. "Lucy, is it possible for me to work?" "Uh, there's only two jobs around here for humans and I'm not sure if you would want to." "What is that and what does it pay?" "Uh, sex slave and blood doner. Josh pays 500$ for blood you get to choose where he bites and he wont pay for sex and I don't want you doing it so don't ask." "Josh...?" "The guy upstairs. He doesn't like the slave thing nor do I or Ben so he wont buy a slave or feed from them. But a willing person he will feed from." "Okay, that's sounds okay I guess. Do you guys have bookstores or a clothes district." "Yeah of course. I'm about to go on a date but if you ask Josh I sure he'll take you." "Uh, I'm not really comfort...." "Listen honey if he wasn't trustworthy he wouldn't be in my house." "Can you introduce us before you go. I'd like to go out today." "He's heard our conversation go on up his doors unlocked. He said to hurry he's hungry." My heart beating quickly I stood and walked up the stairs alittle scared but having some trust in Lucy I reached his door took a deep breath entering my eyes cast to the floor. His room was dark. I presumed his curtains were drawn. "Come sit on the bed." His voice was so low I barly heard it. I walked over sitting on the bed looking at my knees. He moved on the bed sat next to me. Feeling scared I began shaking. "You can leave you know." "I know but I don't.want To ask anybody for anything. I want my.own things." "Hmmm, okay. Where do you want me to do it?" Thinking I decided the best place would be the most easiest for me not to notice so I put my arm up exposing my wrist. His fingers grasped it and I flinched. He was ice cold. "Sorry" he whispered. He groaned low in his throat as he sniffed my arm his cool breath tickling my skin. I froze when his lips touched my skin, my heart beating loudly and then he kisses my wrist and dropped it. I heard rustling then he trapped my hand placing paper in it. "Wait downstairs for me, ill take you where you want to go." I stood quickly leaving the room and running downstairs. Sitting on the sofa I wondered confused why he hadn't bit me. Opening my fingers I.couldn't believe there was 800$ in my hand. Comment


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