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Novel By: 4Everwet

"When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?"

My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly.

"Yes Master!" He corrected View table of contents...


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Chapter 6 - Kapri Gets Played After Jonathan removed Paula's body we went to our individual rooms and weeped. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner except without Jonathan. His butler locked us in at night. We didn't see him for two weeks. Even though Paula's death weighed heavy on my mind I still missed Jonathan and wondered where he went, a big part of me thinks he went to buy another woman. If he did I knew my time as the new toy was over. I was walking around the house after lunch when off a hunch I walked up the massive stairs and went to his room. I opened it without a thought and was surprised to see him lying on his bed nude. This man was a God. Muscled chest and arms four pac and the most thickest dick I ever seen lying docile on his thigh. What I would give to suck it into my mouth. Coming in and closing the door behind me I walked in staring at it. I felt like I was being possessed as I walled closer and closer. I had waited for him every night these two weeks for him to creep in my room and make me cum. I stopped at the foot of the bed and looked up his body to his eyes which stared at me intensely. I blushed looking away knowing he heard everything I just thought. Putting my hornyness to the side I looked at him showing no fear. "Where have you been?" "Your not in any position to ask my where abouts." "Your right, will you be buying another slave?" "That's not really your concern. " I sighed frustrated why do I even care. "Why haven't you try to run, why don't you fight Kapri?" "I...well, if it wasn't you it would've been someone else who bought me. Regardless I'd be anywhere but home. And I don't know why but I like you." "You shouldn't, I could kill you" "I don't care" "You don't huh. You should leave now I have eaten since the last time I came to you" "No, you've bought me for a reason. Use me" His dick hardened and he moved off the bed quickly and came at me pushing me to my back hit the door. He picked me up my legs wrapping around his waist. His dick pressing into my stomach, I lifted a breast to his mouth. "Bite me please. I don't want you to use anyone but me." He leaned forward kissing my lips and I began humping him excited. He kissed along my cheek until he reached my chest and when I felt his teeth pinch and enter my breast I clutched tightly in relief. It felt so good to know I could give him what he needed. He reached between us grabbing his dick then positioned it at my entrance. "Oh Jonathan fuck me deep, use me, hurt me please." He growled and released my breast then pounded into me roughly. "Say my name again, yell it when you cum." I clutched him whimpering and moaning loudly. Whispering use me through my panted breaths. When my orgasm hit me I actually bit his shoulder muffling my screams. He grunted and I felt his warm seed enter me. "Oh Jonathan" "Your mine" "All yours" "So this is the little human you've called me to replace." I looked over his shoulder surprised to see a stunning redhead nude in his bathroom doorway. She was beautiful rounded breast, flat stomach and her heart shaped face made me insanely jealous. I pushed Jonathan away confused what was going on. "Jon...." He gripped my throat roughly. "Do not say my name!" I sputtered and coughed tears flowing from my eyes. He dropped me and walked to his bed laying down. The women walked over to me trying to help me up but I scrambled away from her and ran out the room. ------------------------------- Lucy's P.o.V "Dam Jon why do you keep doing this to your slaves. It unhealthy after Paula I would assume you'd stop fucking with thier minds. You keep buying them making them think their speacial fuck them and wonder why they keep running and killing themselves. How much did you really pay for that girl anyhow." "1,000 you know Jim knows I'm bullshitting when I call out numbers. He owes me quite a few favours. Besides what do I care what those bitches thinks their here for me. I don't give a dam about none of them except for Janice. Now her I will change one day, she feisty do what she has to to get what she wants. Do you know she killed Paula. She plans to kill Mary then Kapri next. She's making sure she has me all to herself. Itsnt that adorable." "Your a fucking psycho you know that I don't even know why I fuck you sometimes. I'm taking that girl with me and Mary too." "Do what you want ill just buy more" I shook my head there's something wrong with this man. I dressed and went downstairs finding the basement and looking room to room I found Mary first she was reading. "Hey get dressed, no need to pack your going to Ben's house." "Really," "yes" she jumped up excited and began to dress. My brother would be so happy I was bringing her. Going down the hall I found Kapris room she was throwing clothes in a duffle bag tears sliding down her face. "Hey, I'm Lucy I'm taking you with me." "Why? So you can fuck somebody else I want." "First off I didn't even know you, Jon does this to all his women. You need to leave here he will only continue using you. Slaves are not all treated this way. My brother Ben he adores Mary wants her, you can have that too. Its to late for you to go back home you know about us now. But you can still be happy here." She sighed then shook her head. "I don't believe that but I will go." Comment


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