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Novel By: 4Everwet

"When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?"

My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly.

"Yes Master!" He corrected View table of contents...


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Chapter 5 - Arguments and Arousment After dressing in a sundress and curling my hair I walked to the kitchen. The door had already been unlocked and when I had entered the dining room everyone was already eating. I sat at my usual spot and looked at Jonathan. He was staring off into space not paying mind to anyone. I sat watching him for at least five minutes before he popped a piece of fruit in his mouth. Then I grabbed my plate and began eating. He looked at me nodded then continued looking around. Janice saw our little moment and placed her hand on his cheek smiling. Then she stood quickly her chair falling back on the ground. Jonathan rolled his eyes then looked at her with mock amusement. "Who did you feed from last night?! Is wasn't one of us, did you buy someone else? Answer me dammit!" And we all stared shocked as she slapt him. He stood so fast I barly registered what happened. Janice was hanging in the air being held by her neck. Jonathan was hissing loudly, squeezing her neck. She gagged and sputtered scratching at his hands. I jumped up from my seat and grapped his arm pulling. "Stop please, don't kill her. Please Jonathan.... I.. I mean Master." His head turned to me and I shrank back. He bunched his eyebrows staring at me and I kept whispering please over and over. Janice's struggles lessened and I looked at her then Jonathan pleading with my eyes. He sighed then dropped her never taking his eyes off me. He leaned down gripping my arm and pulling me with him out the dining room and into the main hall, then up the massive steps. His room was down the hall he entered dragging me with him. His room was plain. It only consisted of a large bed with blood red sheets., windows and a bathroom and closet. He threw me on the bed and I sunk into the soft mattress. He stood before me and I watched as he unbuttoned the cuff of his sleeves then rolled them up to his elbows. "Take it off!" He looked at my dress. Fingers shaking I lifted the sundress of my body then threw it to the ground. "Hands and knees on the bed!" Unsure of his plans I did as asked. I heard him come closer and I shivered involuntarily unsure of his intentions. I knew he could see my pussy was beggining to get moist. "There are eight letters in my name so you will be punished for each." "I'm sorry....." "Quiet! Now when I'm done you will thank me for disciplining you." I screamed out when his palm hit my butt cheek the first time, his hand still warm from feeding on me last night. It should've hurt but I liked it. Especially the feeling of knowing I could do nothing about it. Slap! God did this feel good. Slap! Yes harder. I panted and cried out as he spanked me. The burning and unexpected bringing me to the edge. I was so embarrassed because I was enjoying it so much, my juices were flowing heavily down my legs. When that final slap landed I took a risk and decided to test him. I looked over my shoulder, eyes half lidded my face red and me breathing deeply and looked at him. "Thank you..........Jonathan" His eyebrow raised and I flipped over giggling lightly. "Will you punish me again?" "Spread your legs you little slut." I opened them wide and stared at him as he bent kneeling then I screamed when he slapped me right on the clit with his hand. He repeated this action and I threw my head back yelling and screaming enjoying it. Never had I experienced these type of things and I wish I had but then again I'm glad it was Jonathan that showed me how great it could feel. After ten slaps on my clit he finally stopped and dismissed me. Shaking and panting my dress sticking to my sweaty body. I went to my room and showered then dressed in a tank top and miniskirt. Then went to the living room where I found the girls. Janice was sitting chewing her nails. Mary and Paula jumped up immediately hugging me. "I'm so glad he didn't kill you, I don't even wanna know what he did to you." Janice stood rage in her eyes. "He likes you doesn't he! Did he feed from you, you little bitch. Paying so much money for you, not killing you, I know you did something to make him laugh. And I saw the black card. That's his own personal card! " "He feed from ...me Janice ....stop bothering her ....she saved your life." Paula stuttered out. "From you... bullshit he barly calls for you and she didn't save shit he stopped because he loves me!" Then after that statement Janice walked past us angrily huffing. "Did he really feed from you Paula?" "No Mary, nobody wants me ever. You have Ben, its pretty obvious Jonathan wants Kapri and Janice always gets her way. No one ever wants me when even before I came here." She began to cry and me and Mary hugged her trying to console her but she just laughed it off and went on her way. "Jesus, Paula is seriously depressed. I hope she doesn't try to you know again." "What are you talking about?" "She tried to kill her self before." Lunch was quiet, Janice took the seat near mine leaving Jonathan empty on one side and we ate in silence. Dinner was pretty much the same. When it was time for lock up I knew Jonathan would not call for anyone he was still warm. So it surprised me when he visited again this time biting my inner thigh and finger fucking me to sleep again. I awoke to a shrill scream and ran from my room clutching the covers to me. Mary was on the floor sobbing in front of Paula's room. I rushed forward and looked inside and gasped. Paula was on the bed her arm hanging over the side blood dripping from her wrist. She was white as a ghost and blood was puddled on the floor. Paula was dead! Comment


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