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Novel By: 4Everwet

"When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?"

My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly.

"Yes Master!" He corrected View table of contents...


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Chapter 4 - Company When we entered the dining room a butler was setting food on the table. I wonder how many more people were here that I wasn't aware of. Janice ran for his right side again pulling her chair closer. I sat across from him Paula sat on my right again. I noticed an extra chair had been placed at the table leaving a space between Jonathan and Mary. We sat silently for a few moments then two men walked in. One I assumed was Ben because after greeting Jonathan he sat next to Mary and kissed her right on the mouth. She blushed and looked at me smiling. The other man greeted Jonathan and took the seat beside me. He was quite handsome, green eyes, short black hair that he slicked back, strong nose and dimples. He looked at me eyebrows raised then to Jonathan. "You got a new one huh, she is quite beautiful." Jonathan nodded leaning forward grabbing a plate and a piece of bread chewing on it. Then everyone else dug in all except for the man next to me who leaned near me and inhaled deeply. "Smells good to. How much Jonathan?" "She's not for sell Kane." "Hmph, we'll see you tire of them quickly enough." then he began to eat. I grabbed a plate but lost my appetite. Would Jonathan get rid of me? Would I be passed around from man to man until I died. Was this supposed to be the rest of my life? I don't know why I cared whether he wanted me or not, I was basically a piece of property. I bit my lip trying to hold back tears and looked up at Jonathan. You're going to let me go like everyone else in my life? His head snapped up and he locked eyes with me and he shook his head no. Did I say what I thought outloud? He looked away from me and I studied him thinking hard about all those vampire stories I used to think of when I was a teenager did they read minds? I was interuppted from my thoughts when Kane placed his hand on my naked thigh squeezing it. I looked at him glaring. How dare he touch me I belonged to Jonathan, I....I mean I was his property. His hand rub up higher towards my center and I gripped his wrist pulling it off of me. His eyes darkened, I swore he looked like he wanted to hit me. I was relived when lunch was over and I could escape from his gaze. Leaving quickly I ran to my room and jumped in the bed scared shitless. My fear only intensified when Kane peeked his head in my doorway smiling wildly his fangs showing. He walked over sitting on the edge of my bed. "I like a good fight when I'm fucking a human. Give me a challenge." And he jumped onto of me prying my legs open then placing his hand over my mouth to stop my screams. Tears falling from my eyes as I punched at him to know avail and he pinched my nipple so hard I thought it would bleed. I did the only thing I could think of and shouted loudly in my head for my Master. (Please Master save me please, I don't want this. Please don't let him do this to me!) I chanted that over and over and was beginning to think all was lost when a feral growl erupted in the doorway. A raging Jonathan stood there. Kane seemed unfazed and only turned at him smiling. "I wont feed from her relax. I'm only gonna use what you don't touch." "Kane get off her now!" Kane stood irritated. "What the fuck man, you let Ben fuck Mary. Why can't I have this slut?" "Because that slut is mine!" Kane sucked his teeth and left the room. As soon as he was gone I leaped from the bed and ran to Jonathan hugging him. My face buried in his neck which seemed colder then usual. He was stiff at first then finally placed an arm around me holding me and running his other hand through my hair. "You came for me, thank you Master. Thank you" He didn't respond just continued holding me. I don't know what made me do it but I lifted my face stood on my tip-toes and placed my lips on his. I was amazed as he kissed me back without pause gripping my hair to keep my mouth to his. I opened my mouth and his cool tongue entered my mouth a small moan escaped me. I kissed him gripping his shoulders trying to taste all of him. I bit on his lip and a low rumbling in his chest was my response. It surprisingly only made me more excited. He moved his lips away and i whimpered trying to get more. He gripped my hair tighter keeping me still. "Stop." was his only word, then he left leaving me behind my body trembling with feelings I couldn't understand. Need, desire, hornyness and thanks. I decided to stay in my room to afraid of running into Kane. Then Mary retrieved me from my hiding spot for dinner. I only left after she assured me Ben and Kane had left. I could tell by the way she blushed they had a much better time then me and Kane had. At the dinner table after Jonathan took his usual one bite of food and everyone was eating. I was eating some macaroni and.chicken my heart hammering in my chest. I was so irritated, for some reason I was so scared he wouldn't pick me tonight. I wanted him to want me. I wanted him to use me in what ever way he needed. I didn't know why nor care I just wanted him. I didn't see him as a slave owner. I saw him as a sexy man who breathed an air of dominance. And I liked it. Plus he saved me. Also I was never the jealous type but the way Janice kept leaning and touching on him was irritating the hell at out me. She kept touching on him then touching his cheeks smiling. When she picked up her chicken I was secretly hoping she would choke on a chicken bone. Jonathan chuckled and I smiled knowing he heard me think that. As everyone stared at him again I had the feeling no one knew he could read minds. I smiled at least I could have something from him that was just ours to share. He looked up at me grinned then stood. "Time for lock-up guys." Everyone stood and we all followed him downstairs, we all walked past him and he locked it behind us then we went to the living room. I sat in suspense for over an hour as Mary talked about her fulfilling afternoon with Ben. Janice was pacing again so sure she would be chosen. Eventually I fell asleep from boredom I was woken up at midnight by Paula. She told me if he didn't call for one of us by 11:00 he didn't want any of us. So everyone went off to bed and I dissapointed took a shower and laid beneath the thin sheets falling asleep Jonathan heavy on my mind. I dreamt of Jonathan creeping into my room as I slept. He pulled the sheets from me and kissed my body with his cool lips. When he reached my breast he licked around my nipple but never on it and i whimpered in need. He hushed me then told me how hungry he was and he needed me. I moaned thinking use me, I'm yours. I gasped when he bit around my nipple. A sharp pain hit me then subsided and all I heard was him suckling softly. But what I felt was another story. It was like a drug was seeping into my veins. Like I was on ecstasy, my pussy became wet and I began panting. I felt as if I was being fucked but without penetration. He placed his lips over mine And I moaned tasting him and my blood on his lips. He no longer felt cold but warm and hot. He placed his fingers between my legs and finger fucked me roughly. I gripped his shoulders thrashing wildly and finally cummimg hard on his fingers. His kiss holding in my cries of release. He finally stood covering my body with the sheets and then leaving. A smile on my face helped me return to my restful sleep. In the morning I awoke sweating and confused the dream it was so vivid and when I sat up the bed was wet beneath me but it wasn't sweat nor pee. It was my vaginal juices. Clutching the covers to my chest when my door opened Mary came in wearing a tank top and shorts smiling wildly. "Hey, Jonathan left a note on our doors he says we can wear clothes today. Hurry get up almost breakfest time." She turned hopping away. I racked my brain the dream coming full force it had felt so real. I stood going to the shower. The hot water was easing my tense body when I gasped. Looking down as I had been soaping my body, two puncture marks were on top of the arolea of my nipple. It was tender to the touch. I touched it and felt a small tremor pass between my legs. Jonathan was here last night! Comment guys. I love comments.


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