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Novel By: 4Everwet

"When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?"

My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly.

"Yes Master!" He corrected View table of contents...


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Chapter 3 - Master's Secret I awoke early at 7 am and showered glad I had a private bathroom after I annoyingly had to stop myself from trying on the beautiful clothes that were in my dressers and closet. I peeked out and Mary was there preparing to knock. "Good your up, come on it time for breakfest." I followed her down the hall where a sleepy Paula and glaring Janice stood at the door waiting. We had to wait at least ten minutes before the door was unlocked and we followed him to the kitchen. Then through a door to the dining area. It was a large oval table with six chairs. In the middle of the table was an assortment of breakfast foods. Bacon,eggs,bread,orange juice,milk pancakes, strawberrys and much more. Jonathan sat in a chair and Janice brushed past us roughly to sit next to him. Moving her chair.closer so she could lay her head on his shoulder. I shrugged and followed the girls. I end up sitting across from him. The seat on my right was empty. The one on my left filled by Paula and Mary sitting on Jonathan's other side. I kept my hands in my lap waiting. No one had bothered to eat so I feel I should wait. Jonathan looking well dressed and wide awake pulled a plate to himself and put a few fruits on it. He brought a grape to his lips and popped it in his mouth chewing then sat back relaxing. Then there was a flutter of hands as everyone began filling their plates. I grapped a plate and chose a few bacon strips and eggs. I picked at my food eating small bites as everyone chattered about what they would do for the day. I was munching on a piece of Bacon when I peeked up and saw him looking at me. I licked my lips chewing slowly and his eyes flickered to my lips then back to my eyes. He continued staring and I nervously looked away stabbing at my food. When I looked up again he was still staring, leaning back in his chair looking at what he could spot. My upper belly was the lowest point he could see. Janice stopped talking about what she was going to buy looked at Jonathan then me. Then she leaned over putting her head on his shoulder and rubbed on his chest over his crisp white shirt. Jonathan ignored her and countinued looking at me. My hardened nipples his fascination. Janice grasped his jaw and attempted to turn his face. But he barly moved an inch and continued to look at me. This girl doesn't take a hint huh. I thought. His eyes snapped up to mine and I was surprised to see him grin then he chuckled lightly and finally looked away. Mary and Paula immediately stopped talking and stared at him. Janice dropped her hand and backed away looking at him stunned. I on the other hand was staring with widened eyes at his sharp canine teeth that were protruding from his gums. He stopped laughing immediately after that thought and stood excusing himself. When he was gone everyone stared at Janice. "What did you do Janice, did you tickle him?" Paula squeaked out gripping her fork. Janice relaxed her face and leaned back a smug look on her face. "How many times do I have to tell you, I'm his favorite." "Yeah, then why hasn't he had sex with you?" "Shut up Mary, he just waiting till I'm ready." "Oh please, you've been ready ever since the day you could open your legs." "Uh, guys why does it matter that he laughed, and how did he sharpen his teeth like that" Everyone stared at me like I'd grown another head. Then Mary looked at me sympatheticly. "Honey, he doesn't laugh at anything we never see his teeth unless he uses them on us. And his teeth aren't sharpened, he's a vampire." "Yeah really funny Mary. But really is he like gothic or something." "I'm not kidding. All the people inside the room your were bid on was a vampire. Humans are kidnapped and used as sex slaves, blood slaves, and baby producers." I looked in there face and there's wasnt even a tiny bit of laughter on any of there faces. "When, will he feed from me, will it hurt" I whispered. "He decides randomly who he wants. Apparently we all taste different it depends on what he likes at the moment. He just recently lost a slave because she tried to escape he needs at least 4 of us so he doesn't weaken us from blood loss. He has a very big appetite. Sometimes I'm so weak he has to carry me to my room." "Has he used you guys, for sex I mean." "No, it weird because when his friends come over he lets them use us. But he never touches us more then he needs to. He fairly relaxed, lets us do as we please as long as we don't try to escape or kill ourselves. As far as it hurting no it doesn't he licks our wrist and when he bites I don't feel a thing." "He doesn't bite your necks?" "No, one of his friends Ben, he visits a lot I kinda like him he uh always request me for a little relief and after he talks to me. He says one day when he's rich enough he'll buy me from Jonathan and he'll bite my neck. He says vampires only bites the necks of ones they plan to turn. It links you to them, it begins the transformation." Janice which had been mildly listening stood and strectched her breast jiggling as she moved. "Well time to shop" and she walked out a pep in her step. "Shop?" I looked confused between Paula and Mary. Paula smiled wildly nodding. "We, uh... um we get a card each week with a limit depending on our behavior and we get to shop online on a computer. But its security blocked so don't think of using your email or anything like that to contact someone. " "Where do I get a card?" "His office is down the hall first door on your right." And they both bounded out leaving me. ------------------------------ Jonathan P.O.V I was leaning back in my chair when a small knock sounded then a nervous Kapri entered. She walked in keeping her eyes tilted down. I searched her thoughts trying to find out her discomfort. (Please, don't be a vampire, please please let it be a joke.) So they've told her. Good then I don't have to spring it up on her. "Come here Kapri" ------------------------------ Kapri P.o.V My heart thundering in my chest I walked over until I stood at his side where he sat at his desk. He reached up brushing his fingers over my belly slowly. An involuntary moan escaped my lips. I hadn't been touched by a man in so long. His fingers trailed up,slowly until they passed over my nipple much to quick for me to enjoy. "On your knees" My body dropping down quickly, I tried to convince myself it was because of fear I obeyed. But the wetness gathering between my legs knew different. He turned his chair so he was facing me, I was kneeling between his thighs looking at the prominent bulge laying on his leg beneath his slacks. He ran his fingers over my lips. Before I could stop myself I opened my mouth and suckled on the tip. It was cool on my tongue I sucked it deeply trying to engulf his whole finger then pulled back and nipped on the tip of his finger. I surprisingly was happy when I heard a feral growl erupt from his throat. He pulled his finger away and dug in his slacks removing his thick wallet. Digging inside I gasped realizing it was a black card. No limit, Jesus Christ. He placed it at my lips and I opened holding it between my teeth. Then he turned away from me in a obvious sign of dismissal. I stood walking away secretly hoping it was me he chose tonight. I thought I heard a small chuckle but closed the door behind me and looked for the girls. When I finally found them they were sitting in room set up with tables and chairs. Janice was shopping for clothes which baffled me since she couldn't wear them. Paula was searching for toiletrie items and Mary was looking at YouTube watching funny kittens. I sat at the remaining computer and typed in google. What would I need? Then I went to a book site and began buying any romantic book that I could find. I bought at least 30 before Mary told me it was time for lunch. Comment


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