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Novel By: 4Everwet

"When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?"

My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly.

"Yes Master!" He corrected View table of contents...


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Chapter 13 - Josh Or Jonathan?? I panted wildly my nostrils flaring as Josh and Jonathan surrounding me. "Josh, Jonathan what's going on?" "Your going to choose between me and Josh. Unless you can choose now?" I shook my head no. They both had qualitys I didn't want to let go off. Jonathan's strict menacing behavior excited me in ways I couldn't understand while Josh gave me the love I yearned for and I knew if he wanted to he could use me the way I wanted him to. He laughed at that thought. "Oh I can be mean sweetheart, I just go easy on you for your sake." "Maybe I don't want that" "We shall see tonight." Then it was only the ruffle of clothes being removed. My legs vegan to shake from excitement and my panting grew louder. I heard them move then I felt body heat behind me and in front of me, I had no way of knowing who was who. Both of there scents were clouding my brain and I couldn't decipher who was where. A hand yanked my bra off tearing it from my body at the same time my panties were ripped.from me. Then my legs were kicked open wider and fingers slid over my slit softly while my nipples were pinched gently. I moaned and panted confused and aroused at the same time. Lips grazed nine then pulled away quickly, then teeth nipped my shoulder. I couldn't concentrate on one single thing and I tried to pick up on thoughts but all I heard was rough growling words in their minds yelling 'Mine!' over and over. Someone pushed me down by my shoulders till my knees touched the floor then shuffling of feet and then silence. I concentrated hard trying to hear thoughts. (How do you want to do this?) (I want you to leave) (Listen fighting between each other wont help her. You love her as do I. We either go ahead with the plan or one of us will be unhappy.) (Yeah, sure for once I agree with you.) (I guess we should begin the little slut is listening) I cried out when fingers grasped both my nipples and pinched. "I'm...I'm sorry" "Good girl" they both said simoultanisoly and I moaned, I would be good for them. I whimpered when I felt a warm heat on my lips. My center was wet and juices were running down my legs. I waited knowing that was expected. "Suck" They says together and I opened my mouth darting my tongue out and licked the head closet to my lips then gave equal aattention to the other. I leaned forward and with help from them they placed the head of there dicks in my mouth. I had to strain my mouth to accomadate and after a few minutes of failing and ughter from them one them finally grabbed me by the hair and shove his dick in my mouth. I eageralky sucked and licked trying to put as much if him in my mouth. When he got close to coming I was ripped off and the other dick was placed in my mouth leaving the other to recruporate. I wanted so bad to finish one of them, to feel their warm gum slide down my throat but they never gave it to me. They fucked my mouth till my jaw ached and even then I still wanted to suck. When I thought I east going to scream at them from want my handcuffs were removed and I was helped to straddle whoever laid on the floor. I slid on and came in a matter of two strokes. My nails digging into whoevers shoulders. When I relaxed a dick was placed on placed on my lips again as I rode the dick beneath me. The man beneath me grabbed one wrist while the man above me grabbed the other then I cried out cumming again when they both bit into me. Then breathed a sigh of happy relief when they groaned and one came inside me while the other came in my mouth. ------------------------------- I was laying on the couch my legs on Jonathan, my head in Josh's lap. Jonathan was playing with my toes as I suckled softly from Josh's wrist sating my thirst. I felt so comfortable and loved. It wish it coule always be this way. They both looked at each other then at me and sighed. I moved Josh's wrist sitting up. "What happens now?" "You choose" Jonathan told me obviously irritated. "I wont" "You have to." Josh murmered. "But, why I don't understand why.this is so difficult" "We will not share you Kapri, it is him or me. There is no other option." "I had to share you, you cannot do it for me?' "That, that was different." "Its not and you know it, and Josh how could you even agree to put me in this predicument you know I wont choose. I love you both. If I cannot have both of you I don't want either of you. Man up and work it out or I'm leaving I belong to no one seeing as you men can't even figure out how to make sacrifices for someone you say you love." "Comment - you guys were undecided so I can't pick either. Not sure what will happen yet. Hehe of course I do she going to........wouldn't You love to know. Mwahahaha


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