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Novel By: 4Everwet

"When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?"

My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly.

"Yes Master!" He corrected View table of contents...


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Chapter 11 - Taken By Her Master After showering and throwing on some tight fitting pants and a button up I threw some clothes and a dufflebag and my book from Josh in my bag and ran down stairs. Josh stood there looking beautiful and refreshed from feeding. A sly grin across his mouth as I hugged him and kissed his cheek thanking him. "Don't you dare!" He threatened I smirked and stuffed the 800$ in his back pocket and ran to the door giggling. "You don't want to say goodbye" my hand on the doorknob I looked at the floor shaking my head. "I don't want to say it, it'll make me stay." "We can be happy here." "I will never be happy here knowing I was brought her as blood bank, please I want to leave." He nodded and walked towards me and I turned opening the door. I stepped out and my bag fell from my fingers thumping on the floor´╝îmy heart began to race and I sniffed the air then had to bite my lip to control myself. "Jonathan, I mean Master what, why?" He pulled me to him by my waist and kissed my lips before I could react. It seemed by body couldn't control itself as I threaded my fingers in his hair and kissed him back. When he bit my lip I pulled away quickly panting. What am I thinking! "I knew you missed me too. I've missed you so very much. I've given away Janice and I've come to take whats mine. You didn't think I forgot about you did I." "But....but You said you didn't want me. You were with Lucy" "I'm sorry about that but you confused me. I couldn't believe I paid so much for you and when you were in my house all I could think of was you. When you say my name I just want to fuck you like crazy. Please forgive me." "Lucy said you paid 1000$" "I told her that because I knew she can't keep her mouth shut, its not normal for vampires to be with humans there looked down upon. Why do you think Lucy and Ben live in this small house, they used to live in one like mine. But Lucy and Ben would buy slaves and give them to people who would love them and wouldn't feed from them unless the human was fine with it. There parents stopped funding there house and took away all the money they had left." "Even if this is true why did you fuck her?" "Kane told a few people I liked you after I wouldn't let him use you. The only way I could make it seem unreal was to fuck Lucy, she likes to tell people all her buissness." I stared at Jonathan tears brimming in my eyes shaking my head in denial. "No, I'm happy now with Josh. I'm leaving this place and I don't care what you feel about it." I grabbed my bag and attempted to all past him he gripped my arm. Not to hurt me, just to stop me. I turned and slapped him across the face. "I can't let you leave Kapri. Your mine. And if I have to threaten you to keep you I will." "Jonathan! Get off of her arm before I break yours off." I smiled in Josh's direction in thanks. But Jonathan never released me, he only continued to look at me. "Listen little boy this little infacuation you have with her stops here. I own her don't forget I paid for her. I could've called the authorities on Lucy for taking her and Mary from me. You know the penalty for stealing a slave is death. And you will be accused as well for allowing her to stay without saying anything. Don't play with me. Now Kapri I told you I'm sorry and you don't have to forgive me today but you will eventually and it will be in my home under my watchful eyes. Unless you want me to snatch Mary away from Ben and call the law on Lucy you will leave. I'm sorry I had to do all this but I will not just let you go.!" My lip trembling and tears falling down my face I ripped my arm away from Johnathan and walked over to Josh. "I wont stop fighting for you Kapri" "I will be waiting," I hugged him my tears falling on his shoulder then kissed his lips ignoring Jonathans growls behind me, then walked away from both of them to Johnathans limo sliding in the back. ------------------------------- Jonathans P.o.V I'm such a idiot. Shell never forgive me. What was I thinking listening to Kane. Why should I care if anyone knows I've fallen for a human. I don't know what I'm going to do to prove to her I care about her. Its been a week and she's still giving me the silent treatment. She eats with me but never says a word. Not only that I'm so worried she been getting pale and she's not sleeping well. I don't know what's wrong with her. And its as if she's blocking her thoughts from me because I can't hear anything. I was sitting in the living room in some slacks and socks and nothing else. She was sitting in front of me her back to me reading one of the books she had ordered when she first came here. I was being sneaky and reading over her shoulder. ("Who owns you slut?" "You do master, use me for your pleasure" Paul took the paddle and slapped it over her pink tinged ass and she yelped and moaned. He slapped each ass cheek without pause watching her pussy become more and more wet. Then put the final blow on her leaking pussy. She cried out her whole body trembling as she came thanking her master.) I heard her sigh softly and a small blush creep on her pale cheeks. She dropped her book to the floor and stood then pulled her shirt off her body and unhooked her bra throwing it off her body. Then pushed her shorts and underwear off her hips and stepped out of them turning towards me. Her eyes were wide and her nipples hard. "Kapri?" She ignored me and walked to me when she reached my feet she dropped to her knees and looked at me her eyes beginning to water. "Please, I need Josh. Its important" "No, I can do better then what he could provide." My eyes widened when a growl tore from her throat. Then realization hit me and I grabbed her chin turning her head and gasped seeing the bite mark on her neck. "Bastard! Ill kill him!" "Josh give me please" she murmured weakly. I leaned forward lifting her onto me making her straddle me then pushed her to my neck. She rubbed her nose across it her breath tickling me. Then her teeth entered my skin and a whimper escaped her as she began to drink. She began suckling deeply and then to my surprisment began humping me. She reached between us unbuckling my slacks and reached her warming fingers inside grabbing my dick and pulling it out. She slid over me and I gripped her hips groaning. She released my neck and looked at me as she began to ride, a drop of blood on her lip. I leaned forward licking it off then kissing her as she slammed her hips down onto me. I helped her along as she rode pushing her hips down onto me. Seeing the bite mark on her neck I stopped kissing her pushed her head to the opposite side and bit into her. She cried out clutching my shoulders and then shaking as she found her release. I sucked and fed tasting her and me in her blood then pulled out of her and groaned finding my own release. She laid on my chest and began to cry and I held her angry at myself knowing I was the cause. "I'm sorry Kapri don't be mad at me" "I'm not, I'm mad at me because I wanted it. I never stopped wanting you." "Then why are you crying?" "Because I want Josh too" comment


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