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Novel By: 4Everwet

"When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?"

My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly.

"Yes Master!" He corrected View table of contents...


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Chapter 1 - Master I can't believe this is happening. Please let this be a dream. "Cart 564 Step Forward!" It wasn't a dream, I knew this as I pushed roughly onto the bright stage with six other frightened women. They arranged us in a line side by side. We were all nude, the stage lights on our body showing our every flaw and blemish. The guy at the podium picked up some small cards which I realized later were our state I.ds He called a women's name and one of the captors pushes her forward. Crying and stifling she lifted her arms like they had told us in the back room and turned fast in a circle letting the audience we couldn't see, see her. "Bidding price 20,000 dollars." She sniffles loudly as bids went around the room then screamed and dropped to her knees when she was bought at the price of 28,000 dollars. They had to drag her off stage, her I.d was placed an a elderly man's hand and in return he gave the announcer a wad of cash. I gasped, was her buyer? What would mine look like? I strained my eyes out towards the audience but it was just a pitch black sea of darkness with the lights in my eyes. So I had no choice but to watch frightened as the women beside me were sold like cattle. When I was finally called I tensed up. "Kapri James step forward!" Before the men watching us could push me forward I took ten steps forward till I reached the edge of the stage. I closed my eyes and strecthed my arms out at my sides. Then slowly turned in a full circle until I faced forward again. I wasn't enjoying this not in the least, every second I was thinking of escape but I already was captured I wouldn't be seen as a frightened, bumbling idiot as well. Whoever bought me would know I would be fighting. I would not go easy. "Quite interesting." The announcer said. "Bidding will start at 60,000 dollars." I internally was confused my eyes popping open. Every woman was sold under the price of 30,000. They were all fairly attractive did my stunt of independence just make the price shoot up. I listened intently as shouts went around the room ranging between 60,000 to 90,000 until one bid made every voice cease to quietness. It was a deep and no nonsense voice, it was so quiet in the room I heard as his shoes walked down the aisle to claim his prize daring someone to compete. "Uh, how much?" The bidder asked dumfounded. "300,000 Dollars" I turned as his suit covered body walked up the stairs the light illuminating him inch by inch. His expensive suit and dress shoes covered body. No bulged or pouts anywhere which meant he was in shape. When his face came into light I was surprised. He was not old, he was maybe in his late thirty's, hazel eyes, strong nose and chin. Short buzz cut and stubble along his cheeks and chin but it was attractive. He gave me the briefest glance then walked to the announcer pulling out a checkbook and jotting down on it. Then he snatches my I.D from his hand and walked over to me. I straightened my back trying to stand at my full height but even then I my head only reached his chin. His intense eyes stared into mine and I stared back trying to show no fear. He stared without blinking until I finally lowered my head admitting defeat. His hand came into view as he grasped my chin lifting it. It was chilled and I shivered from his touch. When I was facing him again I saw a grin on his face. "When you behave I will reward you,(his fingers gripped a little tighter) but when you misbehave I will punish you or get rid of you. Do you understand?" My heart beating wildly I nodded quickly. "Yes Master!" He corrected "Yes Master" I swallowed disgusted with myself. I felt like an animal. "Good you will say that whenever I talk to you, or vice versa. Now will you cry and fall to the ground like the other women or follow like a good pet and except your fate." I lowered my head knowing I would not embarress myself. "I will follow M.. Master" He dug in his pocket and took out a dog collar, my eyes widened he looked down unbuckling the collar and I took a step back. Without looking up his hand launched forward trapping my nipple between his fingers and gripping it harshly. I gasped as he pulled it and I stepped forward trying to avoid the pain until I stood in my original spot again. He released my nipple then brought the collar up and began placing it around my neck. The cool leather wrapped around me and he buckled it so it was fitting but not chocking or loose. It felt oddly comfortable. He dug in his pocket again removing a chain from it and hooking one end to my collar and the other around wrapped in his around his hand he turned without pause pulling me along with him. Eyes cast down we walked off the stage and down the aisle, people in the chairs we walked past reached out touching me and pinching me. My master never once turned back or told them to stop. When we finally reached the exit my skin was blotched with red and pink spots, my nipples tender and tears streaming on my face. He turned in the dim hall we were in placing a blindfold over my eyes tightly. "We are leaving now, if you scream I will shot you" Then my leash was pulled as a door opened and cool night air hit my skin. A few feet later my feet padding on the cold cement I was ushered into a car and the door slammed behind me, then he entered on the opposite side. The car started and I cried more. After a few minutes of quiet driving I began squirming uncomfortably in the silence. "How did you get caught?" His deep voice so loud in the confines of the car. "I was coming from work and waiting at the bus stop, a van pulled up and men grabbed me. They took my purse then removed my clothes and brought me here. Well, there Master" "Do you have anyone who will look for you?" I sighed loudly and even surprising to me I answered. "No, no one will no I'm gone except my landlord. I just got the. waitress job so I wont be missed." It was quiet for a few minutes before he replied. Once or twice it felt as if his eyes were boring into me. "Why did you tell the truth" I don't know how he knew I was being truthful but I answered anyway. "I don't know, I just don't feel the need to lie to you, even if I escape you have my personal identifacation. I don't know who you are so I would never be able to rat you out. I just don't care right now, at least you aren't old Master" I was surprised to hear a light chuckle and found myself enjoying the sound. "Master, what will you do with me?" "I will answer your questions later. Relax, sleep, it's a long way home." I sat back resting my head on the seat. Hoping my new home wouldn't be hell.


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