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The Submissive Nomad. The Dominant Alpha

Novel By: 004946Red

After having Mr Volcan's accounts palmed off to her for the week Virginia Brooks casually avoids his case until the end of the week, hoping he'd want to schedule a meeting for Monday when Ray returned. However Mr Volcan has other ideas.

Upon arriving at the large Gentlemen's club Virginia soon realises that trying to hide her inner shifter will be a lot harder with a Dominant Alpha Male claiming her his. View table of contents...



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I came to the street and looked up. The building was U shaped, moving with the alley, taking up quite a large amount of space.

Sighing I marched down the street. My heels clicking against cement as I walked down the walkway towards the large double deep green doors. I'm going to kill Ray on Monday for palming this case off to me for the week. I'd being casually avoiding it leaving it for today, Friday so hopefully I wouldn't have to deal with it.

However Mr Volcan had agreed to a meeting and then casually scheduled it for nighttime and befoe I could disagree he hung up. If Mother and Father knew I was entering a Werewolf Gentlemen's club they'd each have a cow.

Climbing the steps I stood and took a deep breath of courage before taking one of the brass knockers in my hand and knocking. To a regular human that would have being difficult to lift.

I waited, fidgeting with my good luck charm, a ring, the last thing my Nan gave to me before passed away. A thin gold band that curves at the ends to hold the cream pearl.

A cold breeze chilled my bones and I pulled my coat tighter and breathed heavily into my baby blue scarf. Why did he insist that this be the best time to discuss business? Honestly.

The door swung open to reveal a beautiful girl dressed in a lacy red corset and satin high heels. A collar wrapped around her slender neck and lacey fingerless red gloves adorned her hands.

She smiled, a breathtakingly beautiful smile that made her green eyes light up. Her wild blonde bouncy hair came to her shoulder blades and blew in the breeze. Wasn't she freezing?

"You must be Virginia Brooks, my names Cornelia. But you can call me Nelly."

Jealousy coursed through me at her thin frame. I'm what my best friend calls deliciously curvy. I just think it's a fat size twelve that's desperately trying to become a ten. (10 US and a 36 UK, I think) Keep in mind that is Australian sizing so in American that would be fShe stepped aside as I stepped through into the foyer. I smiled, I like her she was very friendly and her eyes were sincere. "It's just Virginia, but my Mother calls me Ginella." I said.

She smiled as she shut the door. "It's a pleasure to meet you, here let me take your coat."

The foyer was small, with a plush red carpet on the black and white tiles and golden paint on the walls. Above our heads was a crystal chandelier illuminating the room in golden light. Music was now audiable from the door straight ahead, the vibrations running through my feet. Mr Volcan's gentlemen's club, well at this point it certainly wasn't disappointing.

"This way, he's expecting you." She beamed and opened the door.

I almost gasped. Inside were lots of people, all shifters. However the majority of the women were wearing even skimpier clothing than Nelly and wore collars like her. Even a few of the men wore collars. The men were all dressed similar, some were wearing crisp suits whilst others wore just a pair of either dress pants or hot pants, some even wore suspenders with no shirts.

As I looked around, the girls with collars were either sitting at a man's feet, their I don't know, Masters, hand ran through their hair possesively, in his lap whilst his hands wandered or knelt in bet-ween their knees...oh my gosh.

The walls were decorated in a golden wallpaper pattern with dark oak trim matching the floors. The lounges scattered around were antique leather sofas, fit for a gentlemens club. Antique lamps adorned wooden antique tables. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceilings as well as thick red drapes that sectioned off the room any time they were closed. A wooden bar ran along on side. A tall muscular olive skinned man with dark hair and blue eyes eyed us. He was one of the ones wearing dress pants with suspenders but no shirt.

Nelly turned to me and said, "Wait here I'll fetch him for you." She said gripping both my hands, telling me I'd be fine.

I hoisted my square leather bag and fingered the ring again. I felt so out of place, like an orange amongst the apples at the supermarket.

"Miss Brooks?" I looked up and saw a very tall man, I mean tall, probably 6'5. I was dwarfed by him. His chest was bar and he wore simple dress pants. His jaw was chiselled and his eyes a breathtaking ocean blue, like hawaiian waters. His blonde hair reached down to his shoulder blades and brushed over his broad shoulders.

Snapping back to a business state of mind I extended my hand, "Mr Volcan."

He smiled and my heart almost stopped. What was coming over me?

Taking my tiny hand in his he bent and kissed my knuckles. Tingles shot through my veins like electrical pulses in a street lamp. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, his brows furrowing in confusion. The pendant suddenly felt hot against my breast. The item my father gave to me to obscure my scent so I wouldn't be so easily detected. Female wolves, especially packless she-wolves like myself are vulnerable. So, I became human, it's being almost a year since I've shifted and I do my best to resist becoming the animal half of myself.

He looked into my eyes as he opened them and straightened, suspicion all over his face. I just hope guilt wasn't all ove mine. "What are you?" He demanded. Great a dominant male.

I smiled sweetly, "An accountant and part time artist."

He frowned and his hand moved to wrap easily around my small wrist. "Tell me." He growled.

His Alpha influence washed over me, making me want to cower and tell him. I forced it down and smiled, weaker than before and my voice came out softly, "I've already told you Mr Volcan, I'm an accountant."

Growling he groaned in frustration. He's obvisouly not used to people, especially women, denying him.

A dark haired, tall thin woman with dark eyes and fair skin eyed me, jealousy all over her face.

I tried to my pull my hand away and he snarled softly tightening his grip. He smiled devillishy, "Your mine Little One, that much I know."

Alarm bells went off, "I beg your pardon?" My eyes widened.

He chuckled darkly and drew me too him. "Mate." He growled, playfully in a husky voice.

My blood ran cold. Mate. No, and too an Alpha I was going to loose all my freedom, when he claimed and by the look in his eyes that would most likely be very, very soon I'd become his. Completely. I'd have to move in with, most likely quite my job...what would happen to my dogs Bruce and Boris, my two German shepherds which I've raised since they were pups.

I tried to step back again but he pulled me too him. "You belong to me." He growled a smile on his face.

Shivers ran down my spine. The feminist in me came out before I could stop her, "I belong to no one."

His face darkened at be back-chatted too, something else he's probably not used to. He pulled me into his arms and he threw me over his shoulder. I shrieked and my breath left my lungs as my chest collided with his shoulder. "We'll have to amend that then."

He walked us through the room. People casually cast their glances our way but otherwise ignored it.

I banged my fists on his back, "Release me at once Mr Volcan!"

He chuckled, "Even whilst in a state of panic you're able to keep your manners about you, I would have thought you'd be swearing at me by now."

A growl escaped my throat and my hand flew to my mouth. He chuckled again and his hand mysteriously slipped under my dress. I yelped and tried to smack it away. But he caught my wrist and growled warningly at me, "I will touch what belongs to me."

Fear and nerves flooded my system. This wasn't meant to be happening! I'm only twenty I'm supposed to have my whole twenties ahead of me to party and just be young! Not settled down with the Alpha of some pack that obvisoulsy really enjoys unusal fetishs.

"We're are we going?" I asked hotly.

His hand under my dressed moved down and I felt myself getting more aroused. I inwardly groaned at my own bodies betrayl. Perfect now he's getting the wrong idea.

He just laughed darkly as his finger began stroking and I bit my lip to supress a moan Iknewwas rumbling my chest. As we walked I saw Nelly behind the bar, the barman from before gripping her waist tightly and whispering into her ear while grinding his hips into her. Her eyes fought to stay open and she groaned.

I blushed and averted my eyes. As we passed the lounges I blushed even more, being up closer to all the happenings of what was going on. It appeared everyone was getting more...aroused. If that's even possible.

We turned and he dropped me onto a comfortable leather couch. Before straddeling me and smirking down at my frazzled state. He bent down, his hands resting either side of my head. I cowared back into the couch as he leant down grinning his eyes full of ego.

"Are you afraid of me?" He whispered huskily.

"No." My voice wobbled and he chuckled.

"I think you are." He replied as his right hand running up my thigh.

My hand snapped onto his hand and I growled. "I am not!"

He growled in response and nipped my neck. I jumped and glared up at him. He moved his eyes back to mine and he frowned, "You will not frown at me, or you will be punished."

I shivered, was he serious with this whole punishment thing. "What is this place, really?" I asked.

I was prepped that it was a gentlemen's club but I'm thinking that this is something a little bit more than a gentlemens club.

He smirked, "Have you ever heard of BDSM?" He asked.

My eyes widened, "What?" My tone was flat.

He grinned, "Bondage, Discipline,Dominance, Submission,Sadism and Masochism."

My blood ran cold, bondage, discipline, dominance, submisson, sadism and masochism. Oh, my, god.

"Excuse me I need to go...Now!"

I went to stand but his hands forcibly clamped down on my shoulders a loud growl escaped his clenched teeth which were now bared at me. I shrunk back and he grinned. I gulped and I did something I had never done before, "Please." I begged, my voice a mere whispered.

"Are you begging?" He leant in his lips brushing mine sending tingles through my body. "You know I like begging."

To get his point across he pressed his crotch into my lower stomach and I gasped. He took the opportunity to kiss me and stick his tongue straight in. I tried to fight him but he dominated me very quickly and he groaned with satisfaction. His hands stroked up and down my waist and I could feel my elbows bending and allowing him closer.

He withdrew, licking his lips. That had to be the best kiss I've ever being given, and not just because being his mate meant it was like kissing pure electricity sending jolts straight through you and sending all your emotions straight to your lower region. But because Iactually likedbeing dominated. In that small way only though

Grinning he leant back down and I trembled as his hands ran over my breasts. Thank goodness I'm still clothed.

"That was like kissing a live wire." He said.

"Make a habit of kissing live wires do we?" I retorted.

He chuckled darkly, "Watch yourself Little One I'm being reliant towards you right now, but once you've being informed of my rules you'll be punished for attempting to tease me."

He looked down, "Now. How about a drink?"

Anthing to distract him right now, I nodded and he stood extending a hand to me. I cautiously took it and he lead me out of the little booth, drawing me close to his body. He wrapped one of his arms around my shoulders and held onto my hand with the other. He walked us over to the bar.

A few seonds later the tall olive skinned man slowly stood with a grin on his lips whilst he licked them. He extended a hand and a much smaller one with manicured nails gripped it. He hauled the owner to her feet and my eyebrows lifted. Nelly.

She was breathing heavily, flushed and her corset looked loser than before. She smiled at me and then gestured with her head towards Mr Volcan.

I rolled my eyes as the man asked. "What will it be Alpha Volcan?"

He smiled soflty, "Two gin and tonics.

I almost gagged. Gin. I looked up at him and cleared my throat. The barman looked at me with surprise. "Can I change that to a rum and cola instead?"

He raised an eyebrow at me before smiling. "Alright, a rum and cola. Light or dark?" He asked me.

Smiling I eyed a nice caribbean rum on the shelves I told the barman.

As Nelly and the barmen got to work on the drinks. Volcan looked down at me eyebrows raised, "I wouldn't have pegged you as a rum drinker."

Shrugging I smiled softly, "I wouldn't have pegged you as a gin drinker."

He growled playfully before leaning into my ear, "That's another warning Little V." He gave me yet another nickname and all in the space of forty-five minutes.

He Nipped my ear lobe making me jump slightly before he lowered his head and licked down the side of my neck. Usually something like that would have disgusted me, but coming from him it just sent my knees trembling.

A throat cleared and he growled before turning to the barman smiling, "Thank you Master Cohen."

The barman eyed me then turned back to Volcan, "Is she your mate?"

My mouth dropped to a flat line and Nelly gasped before grinning and jumping up and down, her hands clasped together as Volcan smiled triumphantly and nodded once.

She squealed, "Finally a friend!"

My eyes widened a bit in surprise. "Control your pet Master Cohen."

Cohen smiled and nodded, "I aologize Alpha, Mouse." His voice turned commanding and even had me wanting to cower in fear.

Nelly stopped jumping immediately and bowed her head in submission to him. He stepped closer and stared down at her blonde hair. He swept his hands through her hair revealing her shoulders. My eyes widened to see teeth marks in the side of her neck. s

I looked back at Cohen as his fingers tightened and forced her to look up at him. As she did, there was nothing but love, submission and lust in in her green eyes. He gazed down at her, "Turn."

She turned around her breathing shallow. "Hands."

Her hands came behind her back and he strapped leather handcuffs around her wrists. He smacked her rear hard and she cried out, "March. You know where to go."

She began walking towards the end of the bar and disappeared through a door Cohen opened behind the bar. She stepped through and Cohen slapped her rear again hard as a way of saying hurry up. She yelped and hurriedly entered. Immediately people walked behind the bar to man it as the door shut.

I looked up at Volcan to see him gazing down at me. I picked up my rum and sipped it, hmm probably just a little light for me but that's regulations.

"How is it?" He asked.

I shrugged, "A bit light but I guess that's regulations."

Chuckling he turned me around and headed back towards the booth again. Great. It's not that I'm not attracted to him. It's just...I've never being this intimate with a man before. Even that kiss was a bit far for me. I've had two boyfriends but neither of them seemed...right. Especially that Benjamin, he was very touchy feely and trying to get me on diets and weight loss programs.

He sat down on the couch and I stood their awkwardly. He smiled nicely at me and opened his arms, inviting me.

I stepped around the coffee table and sat down beside him with some distance. My arms crossed over my chest.

He growled and picked me, a hand around my shoulders, another under my legs. He brought me onto his lap and glared at me. "Time for some rules I think."

I tried to pry out of his grip but he refused to let me go. "You're staying here." It was a statement that left no room for arguement.

I sighed and relaxed in his grip. He smiled softly happy that he was able to dominate me.

"First. You will refer to me as Master, Mr Volcan, Sir, Alpha or V, unless I give you permission to do other wise."

I nodded, "But you call me V."

He smiled, "No, I call you Little V, because that is what you are, you now my little Virginia."

I rolled my eyes and he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him, "Another rule, you will not disrespect me in any way and you will obey my every command and not just because I'm your Alpha."

I kept my sigh to myself as I nodded. He growled, "Yes Master Volcan."

"Yes Mr Volcan."

He seemed satisfied, "You will wear what I want you to wear, unless I give further instruction you will sleep with me, eat with me, even bath with me unless I say otherwise. You will accompany me everywhere I go even if it means just being in the room while I conduct meetings or private events. Understand?"

"Yes, Master Volcan, so basically it's just do everything you say and never stray from your side."

He nodded once then hummed as his eyes travelled down. "Master Cohen."

Seconds later Master Cohen and a flushed Nelly entered the booth. They both bowed their heads, Nelly getting on her knees. "Yes Alpha?" Master Cohen asked.

"Nelly, please assist Virginia in dressing."

Nelly replied, "Yes Master Volcan."

She stood and skipped forward and grabbed my hands. "Come on, you have a fabulous rack."

I blushed as she drew me to my feet and guided me from the room. Looking back briefly at Master Volcan lounging on the lounge, his eyes never leaving my retreating form.

Nelly's lead me to the other end of the room and opened a door I didn't see before. We stepped into a stairwell and I followed her up. Our heels clicked on the wooden floors. "Um are you alright?" I asked finally.

She looked at me surprise on her face. "Of course why?" She asked.

Shrugging I wasn't very sure how to approach this, "He didn't hurt you did he, master Cohen?" I asked.

She stopped and turned to me before laughing out loud. "Of course not, he's my mate he'd never hurt me."

My jaw dropped, "But, but hepunishedyou."

She laughed again and we continued walking up the stairs, "Of course he punished me, I completely ignored the Alpha and then proceeded to disrupt them."

I gaped, "Freedom of speech." I mumbled.

She laughed again, "I know, I know, I do it anyway. I can't help it."

I narrowed my eyes, "What does he do?"

She looked at me with raised eyebrows, "You really are innocent."

I crossed my arms over my chest and bit my lip. She continued as we stepped onto the landing, I found myself in a hallway with several doors. We continued down the hall and opened it revealing a small sitting room. "Well just then I recieved a spanking then I sucked him off, but them Master Volcan called so my punishment will continue later."

My eyes bulged, what did she just say?

We crossed the living room and we re-entered a much larger hall with only two doors. "This room is Master Cohen's, I pretty much live in here." She opened the door and we stepped inside.

"Who's room is across from this one?" I asked.

She glanced behind us, "Master Volcan's."

Curiosity piqued within me and the desire to go and snoop around his room swelled in my chest. She chuckled, "I know what you're thinking, and no we're not going to go snooping around his room."

She shut the door and led me to one of the doors on the right. Inside was a large spacious closet. "Alrighty let's see." She began shuffling through her clothes.

A wave of self-consciousness hit me, "I'm not going to fit your clothes." I said.

She glanced down at me and smiled, "That's alright, I've dropped a lot of weight recently because of an operation, I'm usually your size."

"Oh. If you don't mind me asking, what for?"

She smiled, "Vocal nodes, I couldn't eat anything solid for weeks. Or talk for that matter, I think the Masters enjoyed that a little too much."

I smiled while she chuckled.

She pulled a short black dress out, but it was mostly a thin mesh with black floral things on it hiding nipples and other private areas. "No." Was my immediate reaction.

She grinned at me, "Yes."

Shaking my head I said it again, "No."


Taking a step back I crossed my arms over my chest. "Come on Gin."

I looked from the dress to her, "I'll look horrid."

Her eyebrows rose and realization struck her. "Ahh, self-esteem issues."

Biting my lip I averted my eyes. At this point I was torn between wanting to be here and attracting the attention of Volcan and running through through my front door and locking it.

"Does Master Volcan know?" She asked.

I shrugged, "I don't think so, I've only known the man for an hour."

She smiled, "You'll warm up to him...very quickly. Being mates and all."

I sat down on the plush chair. "I'm afraid I don't know a lot about mates or shifters."

She took the seat beside mine and asked, "How come, aren't you from a pack?"

Smiling softly I answered, "No."

She stood up very quickly, like I thought she would. "Rogue." She whispered.

I stood and held my hands up in defence, "It's not like that. I'm a nomad, my family is."

She backed away slowly. "Nelly, please understand. I'm not going to harm you. In fact I didn't even know what I was until I was twelve."

Some of the fear left her eyes and she stopped her retreat, "How come, why are you nomads?"

I sighed, "Because my mother and father wanted to own his own law firm and my mother wanted to be a doctor. Not just a pack doctor an actual doctor, a surgeon actually."

She sat back down hanging on my every word. "So years before me or my sibling were born they left their pack and set themselves up in the city. Shifting rarely helping people, I look up to them and respect them."

Nelly nodded slowly, "That would make sense, so they didn't tell you?" She asked.

I shrugged and stood, "Not till I was twelve and I shifted for the first time."

"Puberty, will get you every time." She joked.

I grinned, "Yeah, so how long have you and Cohen being together?" I asked.

She beamed, "Four wonderful years. I was seventeen and was dancing in a club my then friends and I had sneaked into. Well it happened to be one of the clubs that Master Volcan owns and they happened to be there that night. Master Cohen almost took me straight away although he practically marked me straight away, we'd barely made it too one of the back rooms before he took me and marked me. I quickly became his sub and the rest is history."

"Wow. How long have Master Volcan and Master Cohen being doing the whole...bdsm thing?" I blushed at the last part.

She shrugged, "Since they were teenagers . Their males, high rank and part wolf. Dominance is practically in their genetic make-up."

"Oh." My voice was high and for some reason a sense of jealousy filled my chest. "Don't worry Volcan won't be able tothinkabout another woman now he's found you. He'll want you and only you."

I looked into her eyes, "Really?"


She stood slapping her bare knees, "Right, let's get you dressed."

I groaned and took the dress off the hanger. I waited for her to leave the room before dressing. Glancing at myself in the mirror I groaned. The dress was one shouldered and mesh apart from black velvet floral shapes the drifted across the fabric convientantly covering the appropiate areas.

I stepped back out and she raised her eyebrow, "Stockings Ginny."

Groaning again I shrugged of my shoes and stockings. As I stood and placed my stockings with the rest of my clothes I turned back to her. I was about to slip my shoes back on when she tsked. "No ah, you'll wear these."

She handed me a pair of black stiletto pumps. I held onto her shoulder as I put them on and stood feeling tall. She grinned, "Perfect, Master Volcan won't be able to help himself."

I rolled my eyes and followed back downstairs. As we entered the main room again I instinctively crossed my arms over my chest and hunched my shoulders.

I paused before stepping into view. Nelly turned to me concern in her eyes before smiling reassuringly and I shook my head. "I can't do this." I mumbled.

She sighed before stepping into view. "Master Volcan, Ginny is a little...actually she's very shy."

My face burned red and I glared at her. She winked at me then disappeared inside, probably going over to Cohen.

I took a step back, seeing my chance and began walking back towards the door we'd come through. I didn't even hear him I was in such a focused rush. His arms wrapped around my middle and took my feet off the ground. I yelped in surprise and he whispered in my ear, "Were you trying to run away from me?" He asked.

Gulping quickly I replied, "In a way."

He hummed his disappointment and guilt flooded me, why did I feel guilty?. He didn't set me down on my feet but looped my legs up so he carrying my like a bride and we re-entered the little lounge area. Cohen stood along with Nelly and they retreated as Volcan sat me down on the lounge and stepped back. "Stand up I want to see you."

My cheeks were blazing red as I slowly stood, my shoulders hunched, my arms crossing across my chest and my eyes to the floor. He growled softly before stepping forwards and gently uncrossing my arms and lifting my chin and forcing me to look at him. "Self-esteem issues." He stated simply.

I blused again and averted my eyes. "Look at me Little one." His voice was soft.

Dispite my embarressment I looked into his eyes and saw nothing but compassion. "You are beyond beautiful you know and believe me, if I'd being the one selecting your outfit, which from now I will be, it would not have being so conservative."

My cheeks blazed, if that's anymore possible and he smirked, "Now give me your hands."


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