Erotica Tales 1

By: The Erotica Doctor

Page 1, A Womam is tortured by a \"Mistress\" who happens to be a sex-addicted Sadist.

I slowly opened my eyes. Just darkness. I felt a cold breeze, and realized I was naked. My arms were bent around my back and held together with handcuffs. Two bracelet-like things gripped my ankles tightly, forcing me to kneel. "Huh? What? Where am I and how did I get here!?" I screamed. I heard a small laugh, and it grew louder. "My dear, you are in my dungeon. We're going to have some fun with that delicious body of yours!" Another laugh. The voice was obviously feminine, but had a tone of seriousness. "Who are you!? Why are you doing this to me!?" "Because, little Katie, you need to learn how to have some fun in your life." "I...I don't know what you're talking about, but I can getyou money, lots of it! I have a b-" "Silence!" I gulped. "Wait, how do you know my name?" I asked, nervously. I felt a tugging at the back of my head, and the blindfold covering my eyes was taken off. I was in some kind of warehouse, yet it was frightning. Strange tools lined cabinet shelves in the middle of the warehouse. There was a large, metal table that had arm and leg restraints. Like out of a Frankenstein movie. Strange furniture accompanied some room to my left. A Woman walked in front of me. She was wearing a black pvc catsuit and gloves. She had long, high heeled boots on each foot. Her red lipstick matched her eyeliner and eyeshadow. She had long, sexy black hair that ended in tiny curls. I'm not a lesbian, but whoever she was, she was hot. "Who...who are you?" I said. "I am Mistress Luuna, and from now on you will come me Mother. Do you understand?" "Why would I call you-" WHACK! A stinging pain flared across my back. Mistress Luuna held a whip in her right hand. "Now, what is my name?" "Look, lady, I-" WHACK! WHACK! "Who am I? WHO AM I?" she yelled. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Mo...Moth...Mother." I said, gasping for breath. My entire back felt like it had been set on fire. She undid the chains but held a firm grip on my hands. She led me over to the table, and proceeded to strap me in. The legs restraints held my legs apart, showing my vagina. "What are you doing, Mother!?" I said hysterically. She went over to one of the cabinets and pulled out something tan. She came back to the table, and looked me into the eyes. Suddenly, a terrible mix of pleasure and pain erupted through my bowels. My vagina burned, and I looked down. Mother was sticking a large, tan dildo up my vagina! "Auuugghhh!" I screamed in agony. She rammed the device farther up my vagina, then stopped when only an inch remained outside of my body. She leaned over to my face, and kissed me passionately on the lips. Her red lipstick smeared on my face. She receeded. My mimd telled me to stop, but my body screamed "MORE!" "You must feel pretty horny right about now." Said Mother. I nodded slighty. "Probably because of the extremely powerful hormonal stimulant I gave you while you were asleep. You may not think so now, but in a couple minutes, I'll be the only thing you want, the only thing you need." I tried to fight it, but this woman was so damn gorgeous! I licked my lips. She smiled, and walked over to my vagina. She did something to the dildo, and I heard a crank. It started to vibrate, and I started to relax. It felt so good. Mother walked over to me and looked at my size-DD breasts. She poked them a couple times, then squeezed them hard. I giggled like a little girl. It was kind of embarrassing, but also felt nice for some reason. Milk started to drip slowly out of my breasts. Mother raised her eyebrow, then unstrapped me from my restraints. I grabbed her close, holding her crotch close to mine. I kissed her, without thinking. Our tongues locked, and we embraced each other's ass. She pushed away, then grabbed ahold of me and thrust me into a chair and strapped something around my neck. It was a strange chair- it had a small table above my stomach that forced my breasts to sit on the table, my hands and arms trapped behind the chest restraint keeping me in the chair. Mother walked over to me, and grabbed my breasts. I giggled once more. She squeezed hard, and milk poured out. Mother caught it in a pink baby bottle. She squeezed some more, and finally filled up the bottle. She stuck the teat into my mouth, and I began to suck. "Does baby like that? I think she does!" Said mother. I was drinking my own breast milk! Once I had finished, Mother let me out and threw me on the floor. I started to get up, but Mother stopped me. Then, the most surprising turn of all happened. Mother took off her Catsuit, revealing her penis. She lunged at me, and stuck her large penis up my anus. My vagina and butthole were filled,and I felt cum fill up my butt. I orgasmed, only to realize that there was a bowl underneath me. Mother grabbed it and splashed cum all over my face. I licked it off my lips and swallowed what was in my mouth. We kissed once more,spreading the cum into Mother's mouth, and I realized that I needed this woman to fuck me forever! The End.

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