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She Was My Salvation

Miscellaneous By: sweetchristi

The story of need...despite its origin...

Submitted:Apr 7, 2011    Reads: 647    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I am steaming mad as I leave the restaurant, where not minutes before I had been sitting waiting for my boyfriend, but that was before the phone call, dashing all my hopes of a nice quiet romantic dinner. He called to tell me he had been detained by business and would have to get a rain check for dinner.

Muttering to myself, I swing my car into traffic, vowing to give up men forever, and making a mental list of all the reasons I didn't need one.

Unfortunately, one reason I do need one, was first and foremost on my mind. I had been anticipating my evening with my boyfriend. His gentle smile, his easy teasing banter and the way he could melt me with just a look; and that was all before he got me naked and made my body and mind scream for release while I whimpered and moaned in agonizing pleasure. He had a way of taking me right to the gate of pure hell before he whisked me away to heaven.

Shrugging off those thoughts, and bringing myself back to the moment at hand, I decided that I would stop off at the local bar and have a drink or two before returning to my house. It wasn't likely that my boyfriend would call before morning trying to placate me and weasel himself into an invite for Saturday brunch.

The little bar by my house had just the right amount of ambiance, very warm and inviting and I didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable as I made my way to the bar and took a seat. After I ordered my drink, I took inventory of the people in the bar, several younger guys at a table in the back, oblivious to anyone else; they were enjoying what sounded to be a rousing game of Texas hold'em poker. Four couples all engaged in conversation occupied the tables. The end of the bar held an older gentleman accompanied by a woman who could have easily been his daughter but from the look on her face as he spoke to her I doubt it was. And directly to my right was a young lady who I would guess to be in her mid thirties. My eyes were drawn to her flawless features, rich mahogany brown hair, and sun kissed skin, all very well balanced on a petite frame.

Leaning back in my stool, I reached for my drink and sat quietly sipping it. All the time observing the young woman's hands next to me. I could tell she was angry, the cocktail napkins spoke volumes as she twisted and shredded each one with due diligence…wringing the life out of someone she envisioned to be that cocktail napkin. When my curiosity could take no more, I placed my hand over hers. She glanced down and then looked up at me. I was startled to see the greenest eyes, flaked with gold, framed by a face that God had taken personal interest in sculpting. "Sorry" she said staring at my hand still covering hers. Giggling to cover my speechless moment, I withdrew my hand and sat back in my chair. "Remind me never to make you angry" I teased. She looked down at the napkins and then to my face, and began to laugh, the sound of her laughter had an almost mesmerizing effect on me and I felt compelled to make her laugh again. Nodding at her napkins I said "got an extra one of those? I need to pretend it's my boyfriend." Her laughter was genuine as she slid a napkin towards me, after that our conversation flowed freely and it wasn't long before we were chatting like old friends, apparently both of us were experiencing an 'I hate men" moment and a common bond was formed.

Seems her boyfriend had decided he wanted to date other people and had suggested that she immediately move from their apartment. With no place to go, she had moved back to her mom and dad's. But the old saying "you can never go home" was proving to be true and she spent more and more time away from the house to avoid the constant "why aren't you married and settled down" questions. Tonight had been the straw that had broken the camel's back, and she had lost her temper and fought with her parents. She was none too anxious to go home.

I kept telling myself that is was just the nurturing instinct that made me extend an invitation to a total stranger to stay the night at my place, but I had to admit I was attracted to this sweet little thing with golden green eyes.

She readily accepted my invitation and as we paid our bar tabs, she laid a hand on my shoulder and leaned over and placed a small kiss on my cheek, thanking me for being such a nice person. She allowed her hand to slip sensually down my back and hold there for a moment before letting it drop.

We had both had too much to drink to be driving, so we stood huddled close together to break the chilling wind as we waited for the taxi that the bartender had called for us. Her face just inches from mine, I stared at her full pouty lips, wondering what she would think if I just traced them with my tongue, so deep in thought that I didn't realize she had been looking at my lips in exactly the same way.

Climbing into the cab, we sat close together, still trying to shake the chill from the cold winter wind. I hadn't been wearing any gloves and my fingers were bright red. Reaching over she took my hands in hers and began rubbing them to warm them. Laying her head over on my shoulder, the moan that escaped her lips could not have shaken me any deeper and I felt the familiar rush of heat, as she pressed tighter against me.

Not a word was spoken when we arrived at my house. After paying the driver, I rushed to unlock the door and get inside. She stood in the hallway, inspecting the surroundings as I shook off my coat and hung it up. Slowly she began to shrug out of her coat and hang it next to mine.

I don't know how it happened, but suddenly she was in my arms and I was doing to her lips all of the things I had been daydreaming of doing. When her warm tongue met mine, they intertwined in a rush of passion and my hands could not get enough of her, unbuttoning her blouse, I slid it from her shoulder, she wasn't wearing a bra, and her breast were full and pert with small dusky nipples that hardened instantly as I captured them with my fingers. Her moans increased as I rolled them between my fingers slightly tugging on them, before sliding my mouth down to flick my tongue over each of them. I nibbled and licked and sucked each nipple as my hands undid her skirt and it fell into a puddle around her ankles, hooking my thumbs in the sides of her panties, I drew them down around her thighs, sliding my hands down her back and over her nicely round ass, cupping it and squeezing it, using just the tip of my tongue, I slowly start down her stomach in soft sensual twirling motions. She then gently pulled me up. As my eyes tried to focus through the passion filling me, she dropped to her knees in front of me. Lifting my dress with a wicked little smile on her face, I smiled back.

Her first taste of me flooded my senses, she couldn't seem to get enough, using her hands on my ass she drew me into her, lapping at my sweet wet pussy, taking my swollen clit between her teeth and flicking her tongue over and over it, I stood before her quivering, my head thrown back, an unheard scream silent on my lips. I am paralyzed with passion as I began flooding her mouth. I cover her face in my sticky sweet juices, as her tongue slides deeper and deeper inside me, feeling me convulse against her tongue.

The sound of a male voice startled us both, and I quickly turn to see my boyfriend standing in the door way, obviously aroused. No one moves or makes a sound for what seems like an eternity, but is actually seconds.

"Ladies, the bed is much more comfortable" he states. Giggling with obvious relief, I stand and take her by the hand following him into the bedroom.

He motions for me to come to the bed, reaching up, he pulls me over to him, "Let me taste you sweetheart" as he kisses me passionately.

Grinning wickedly he breaks our kiss and motions her to the bed, I step back , he takes her hand in his and guides it to his cock, that is standing ridged awaiting some attention, his hand covers hers as she strokes his cock and he reaches over and slides two fingers in my sopping wet slit. I watch as our new friend, kneels down and slides her pouty beautiful lips around the head of his cock, a gasp escapes his lips as she plunges her mouth to the base of his cock, gagging as she struggles to let him ram further into her throat, over and over, up and down on his cock. His hips pounding up to meet her every time.

I see him grab her by the back of the head and lift her off his saliva covered cock, the head swollen and purple and oozing pre-cum. He urges me to straddle him, as he takes his cock in his hand and guides it into my awaiting heat.

Hating being cast away the woman kisses me. Her tongue and mine dancing together as my boyfriend fucks me hard and fast. We both take each other's tits into our hands and play as he watched. I then slide off of him and move upward. I straddle his face as she straddles his cock. We rode him together. Me on his face…she on his cock. She took my tits in her hands as she rode him. Both of us moving as one. He had his hands on her hips…guiding her movements.

I was screaming "please please", when I heard him say those words to release me. "Cover my mouth in your cum my sweet lil slut" I rent the air with a piercing scream as my juices squirted from my convulsing pussy. The warm juices ran rivers down his chin. Our sexy little playmate climaxing as my boyfriend shot his wad into her hot pussy. We had all cum at once and were exhausted from the play.

I crawled up and lay beside him, his arm around me as she rolled to the other side of him. As we all fell into a satisfied slumber, my last thought was "this is just Friday night, how would the rest of the weekend unfold?"


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