A Dolfin's reflective Challenge To you...

By: Spyguy

Page 1, Reflections & internal strife is a challenge from the love of the Dolfin to the perspective of the lovely Mermaid...I ask you? Are you a cute little Mermaid? Do you swim in his sea? The Mermaid is the Celestial creature of the whole of the Earth-Ocean... She IS his mermaid... Isn\'t she? What\'s your thought... Are you?

To a soul-searching mermaid;


... Can you see yourself as the sensual mermaid? Can you feel yourself swim back to the rock... Last time you were here, the sea's waves, & also your own waves of pleasure, those that radiated from your quivering mermaid body, took you to another place, another time... As for a brief and fleeting moment you became a human girl with legs wide open, LEGS, between which you pulsated... With joy, & with orgasmic bliss to the ministrations of your lover... When you close your eyes, can't you, yes, even now, remember the feelings of the gentle nuzzling at the warm-molten center of your inner core?

Don't you half sense the gentle but insistent smoothness / roughness, of the feverish tongue upon your engorged, swollen, & pleasurably throbbing clit, that little fleshy nubbin being ever-more fiercely, yet, oh-so-gently, suckled to an all inclusive, earth-shattering climax? A mind-blowing climax, one that seemingly began at your toes... Swiftly racing up your nervously tingling body, past your heaving, beautifully rounded breasts, with their erectly pointing nipples... Then flowing, & racing up to erupt at the pleasure center in your head... A mind-blowing cliff... A glacier... Slippery, exhilarating, a precipice that brings loss of consciousness lasting for who-knows-how-long? Replaced by soothing waves of ecstasy... As, inexorably, the next orgasm's gradual, yet firm beginnings, completely replace those subsiding tinglings of the last.

Then, ...through the fog of this exquisite, ultimate, pleasure-peak... A sizzling pang, sharp, yet slight; torturous joy / pain, as first one, then the other of your inflamed & rock-hard nipples are brazenly bitten... To be replaced as quickly, with an exquisite, all-encompassing, total bliss as a spongy, amazingly soft-hard, something knocks at the core of your oh-so-sensitive hidden G-spot... Instantly, pleasantly, maddeningly, explosively... Earthquake... A voluminous, volcanic eruption, emanating from within you, spewing all your super-heated pleasure-juice in wave after pulsating, tsunamic wave all over the ocean.... How many times did your body spasm, undulate, quiver and quake...???

You have no idea...

You only know that it's passing has left you washed in tears of joy... Shaking like a leaf, and surprisingly weak.

Back at your rock, in your newly returned tail.

(Yes, you seemed to have once again had that outer-bodily experience of having had widely spread legs, & now, almost a splitting, torn sensation at the base of your body... A feeling of those temporary legs having gripped the smoothly shaped back of a lover & the squeezing of him tight to your central core). Now, who-knows-how-much later, you awaken from a "Sweat-drenched nap", lying on a very smooth, secluded rock... Softly the gently lapping waves of cleansing salty water, caress you, swirling around your naked, relaxed, nearly exhausted body... Is that a slight variance in the coloration of the sea immediately around your vagina? What has happened? It seems like a dream...

Like a small cloud of freshly dispensed emission, it hovers there nearby, amongst the sweetly... Is it blessing the sea?? Is that a slight uncontrollable tremble you feel in your fully satiated, contented body? How can that be? Is this really real, or fantasy?

Is that passion you feel in the air? Ecstasy? Joy?

Are you sensing a loving, a caring, a PRESENCE...

This, a protected cove, hidden in the midst of a gigantic ocean...

Become your own little private playground of the mind?

Or was it all in your mind?

Are you there?

Do you sense it?


Have we shared an intimate moment or two together? How would you prove it to yourself? Or to the dolphin? What's your contribution to the ocean? Would the opening up of your mind onto the ethereal page be a way of returning a "Thank you" to the dolphins' sensuality in the quiet sea? Am I there? Do you have the ability to put into words those feelings of your heart?

What do you say?

If you, in your own loving words can share with me...

Maybe you can join me in this, a private cove.

A place where we can share moments...

I will respond either in a private or a public way, as you prefer.

 I'll read you, "Fan you", "Like you"...

And shower you with the best of my Ocean-spray comments on your works.

 To all of our Glory... I love your feelings, they inspire, uplift, & encourage.

They promote an environment of growth, joy & passion.

Are YOU willing to take on the challenge... It comes with an intense reward...



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