Into The Darkness--Character Pictures

By: NikkiLibby

Page 1, Character Pictures!

Okay, please don't get mad at me...I am in a middle of a brain block for The Diary of Sydney. I will continue it whenever I can think about what to write LOL it may be a while. Well, I kinda came up with another story LOL


Jamie Day has lived a very rough life for the past two years. Her once loving and caring husband, Brian, is now abusing her and keeping her hostage in her own home. She wants to leave with their nine month old daugher, Sandy, but there is no way out. One day in the grocery store, Jamie meets Daniel, a man that wants to help her and her daughter escape. Can Jamie trust him enough to even let him help? Can Dan save Jamie and Sandy?

Jamie Day

Brian Day (Jamie's abusive husband)

Daniel Grindstaff (The man that will save Jamie)

Devlin Banks (Jamie's friend also saves her and Sandy)

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