Romance and Guns--Character Pics

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Character Pictures of my new novel I will write along with Hungry for Love

Oh Yeah! I kept getting this idea thanks to IceBreaker with her Mystery and Crime novel she's writing, but I have to make my own erotica twist!



Heather Summers has been working as the top FBI agent in the Dallas FBI office. When a drug dealer is on the loose, the FBI needs help, so they hire on Dallas PD. Cameron Allison is known for catching criminals, and getting the women. When Heather and Cameron has to work together as the leaders, can they keep their hands off each other and catch the dealer?


Heather Summers


Cameron Allison


Brittany Williams (Heather's partner)


Xavier Williams (Heather's Husband/Cameron's Partner)


Hope this story works out good!


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