Hiding in the Dark--Character Pics!

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Character pics woo hoo!

I have decided to start a new story along with writing "Lust and Desire". This is inspired by the movie "Red Dawn" BUT this isNOTa fan fiction! It is sort of like the movie, but a WHOLE lot different! This is probably the BIGGEST character pics I ever done since there is A LOT of characters in this story!


Laura Peyton and boyfriend Jase Michaels is on their way to her house to tell him about their relationship. On the way, they see something strange, they see Army tanks entering their small Wyoming town. Whem Laura leaves the store, she hears screams from her high school. The couple runs over and sees these men killing all of her classmates, but a couple escape. When they rach the Peyton Ranch, her father is killed by the Romanian Army. They rescue her older brother Ethan from the army and run. They get the keys of her dad's muscle car and gather the few classmates that survived the attack and run to an abandoned warehouse to survive. As their survivial instincts kick in, Laura and Jase finds themself falling harder in love with each other. As their love grows stronger, their need to save the town grows as well and they got help from the classmates and a few townspeople. Can the people of her town get rid of the Romanians? Will Laura and Jase's love stay strong?

Laura Peyton (Age 17)

Jase Michaels (Laura's boyfriend, Age 26)

Ethan Peyton (Laura's Brother, Age 28)

Regina Robinson (Age 17)

Max Causby (Age 18)

Vanessa Ricardo (Age 16)

Patrick Causby (Max's younger brother, Age 15)

Josephine Ryder (Age 15)

James Ryder (Josie's Father and Supply Man)

Sam Wilson (Ex-Bomb Tech, Bomb Man) <----Yes, there will be explosions, OH YEAH!

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