Cowboys Can Love Longer--News Bulletin *RE-DO*

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, For some reason, Booksie hated my first post! Read this one!

Okay, I have to break some bad news for y'all. I am cancelling Cowboys Can Love Longer. I have some fans gained and lovely readers and I love y'all for that. When I wrote my first two erotica novels (Sex and Romance and Make Me a Woman) I was anxious and WANTING to write them, with this think it was the time setting that threw me off. I have wrote westerns before and I liked them, but this is a first for me to write in this time period of the 1800's. I am writing a new story that is more of my forte and I will actually wanting to write it, if my internet doesn't get cut off before I can finish it! It has not been cut off yet, but its pending! 

I think booksie is glitched...It doesn't want me go pass two enter presses cause it keeps bringing this paragraph back up. If I lose fans over this, I am sorry! I love all of you and hope you understand that writers try out things and doesn't like them in the end. 




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