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Long Distance Erotica - Chapter 1

Miscellaneous By: nicokren

A fictitious tale told by myself and my boyfriend about our long distance relationship and our passion for each other. He writes in the bold font and I write in the normal font.

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Chapter 1

It has been two months since we have last seen each other. Our bodies are craving the other. We desire each other with a burning passion from the separation. We've had some sexual conversations about the last time we were connected, two sexual people brought together by intense attraction and a burning passion for each other. Don't you remember how I made you feel the last time? Your passionate moans as you reached your extreme pleasure and me, screaming with my own pleasure close to your ear. I strongly crave the next time I can feel your body up close against me as you sweat and grind your hips to my pleasing.

The last time we were intimate was magical. It wasn't just a dirty fucking (which I also enjoy), but we made passionate, fiery love. Never have I felt so connected to someone before. It all started with a few kisses. Oh, how I love your sweet kisses and luscious lips. When we kiss I feel an intense fire burning within me. The burning starts in my gut and it quickly ignites inside me and lowers itself until I feel the passion tingling every inch of my pussy. It always starts like that. Then I thrust myself closer to your body. I can feel you pull me closer as you feel the intensity increase between us. Our lips touching is what ignites it all.

I cannot resist being even an inch away from you. As we kiss I can feel your boner grow, constricted within your pants. That is when you start to grind against me and I return the favor. Your body feels amazing next to mine. Your hand runs along every curve that my body creates. I can feel you caress my back until you are slightly touching my plump ass. I press myself closer to you. I love to feel your hard dick pressed against me as I grind my hips. Then your hand makes its way around the front. You rub my pussy through my pants ever so gently with your hands. Your hand feels warm against me. I reach down to feel your long hard cock. My hand slips into your pants and I grab a hold of your dick, squeezing it ever so gently. I play with the head for a bit and then take your pants off as you take mine off.

You kiss me on the lips and tell me to relax. Slowly kissing down my body and caressing my chest until your lips are tracing my inner thighs. The tingles shoot straight up my spine and I want nothing more than for you to lick my clit. Then I feel you press your tongue against me and the tingles become surges of pleasure. Your tongue caresses my pussy and you bring your hand around to gently slip one finger inside me. My body tightens with pleasure and I grind against your mouth a bit. You increasingly put pressure with your finger and then add a second one. I reach back and grab the pillow as my hips thrust upward and rub against your mouth. I'm beginning to lose control as you continue to please me. Moaning with pleasure I reach down to caress your face and pull you up to me.

As you pull me up I notice one of your hands drifting down. I still have my boxers on but you soon make sure that they are tossed to the floor where the rest of our clothes lay piled carelessly after having been thrown off so quickly. I lean in close while on top of you and kiss you hard on the lips and you force your way down to my neck and kiss me softly, sending shutters down my back. I then do the same, kissing low and working up towards your ear then gently blow into it making you cringe with a smile on your face. I reach down to guide myself into you. You're so wet that there is no resistance; I slide straight into you with ease.

Inch by inch, I dive deeper into your pussy until I'm as far in as possible. I reach my hand down to cup your tight ass and lift your leg up to rest against my shoulder. As I do, I push in again even harder and see you pulse with pleasure, opening your mouth slightly and tensing up. I do it again and again, each time bringing our faces closer together until I'm thrusting fast and faster and we kiss. I slow down when we do, embracing the moment and feeling our naked bodies against one another and then continue on.

I stop to quickly go down on you again. instantly putting in two fingers to press up against your G-spot as I also lick your clit all up and down. I stop licking to bring my face up with yours but finger even harder until your entire body shakes and I can feel your pussy tighten around my hand. I keep going and then feel you cum. With each movement of my fingers you squirt a small stream, soaking the bed around your waist, I don't stop.

Your moans get louder and louder as you climax and I begin to slow down. I pull my fingers from your dripping lips, running them up over your clit. You shudder and giggle slightly from the extreme sensitivity of it. I lay next to you and pull your leg up and around my waist but you pull back and kiss me, first on the lips then moving to my neck and down my body until you are just over my cock. You take it in your hand and stroke several times before licking from the base all the way up until you wrap your lips around my tip. I can feel myself pulsing with pleasure and wonder if you can feel it too as you push down deeper going halfway. I can feel your tongue as you go up and down taking most of me into your throat and letting your spit roll down to your hand that still grasps the bottom of my dick. You move your hand a bit and start lightly playing with my balls as you go faster and faster. The sheer pleasure is too much and I pull you up to kiss you. You grab my cock and guide it up and into you.

I instantly take over, grabbing your ass as I thrust up into you faster and faster. You lean down against my body and breathe in my ear, occasionally letting out an "OH" or "Fuck Me!" each time causing me to thrust harder. It gets to the point where I can't hold back any more and manage to let off an "I'm gonna cum!" and you quickly go down and suck my dick until every last drop is gone. Each time your lips move over my tip I tense up and let out a short breath from the sensation rushing over me.

You stop and crawl up next to me, wrapping your arms around me and laying your head on my chest. I lean down and kiss you, still slightly out of breath and let my head fall back to the pillow.

This is how we typically make love. Our attraction for each other is intense. The feeling of your long dick inside me simply drives me crazy. Every time you enter me it is amazing and causes me to gasp in pleasure. I can only fantasize about you considering the separation. I picture our amazing lovemaking and the way we pleasure each other in every way as I make my way to come see you.


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