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First Chance At love

Miscellaneous By: Miss Taylor Mae

I thought it'd be fun writing an erotica, especially since I've never taken place in sexual intercourse before. So tell me what you think, for someone with no personal experience, just common knowledge and Google. Please point out any grammar mistakes, I would like to know so I can go back through and correct them.

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I went to her house and knocked on the door feeling so uncomfortable in the lacey thong I wore just in case she actually might do something with me. She answered quickly in a white lace dress, skimpy and short. I lost my breath but quickly regained the ability to talk and asked if I may come in. There was no hesitation in her response, she let me in and took me to the dining room to study at the table.
The room was spacious and designed in a Victorian style along with the rest of the interior and exterior of the home. I began unzipping my backpack, still standing. I felt her directly behind me, allowing only a few inches between us. She put her right hand on the side of my leg and slowly pulled her finger upward to the bottom edge of my skirt. I felt a tingling all throughout my body. No one had ever touched me that way before. She leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered into my ear, "My room is upstairs. Do you want to see it?" There was no way I could resist. I nodded as she seductively tugged my wrist and pulled me along to her bedroom, all decorated with pink and white.
She tore the clean linen off her bed and walked up to me and took my hands and placed them on her perfectly shaped breasts. She gave a soft smile and placed her hands over my own and began moving them in sync around her breasts. She gently closed our hands on her chest. She let go, though I left my hands there only for a few seconds before I pulled them away thinking I wasn't supposed to leave my hands there for so long.
She giggled and began to remove my shirt. I felt awkward at first, for I had no confidence in my body, but allowed her to continue nonetheless. After my shirt was off she traced my bra straps from front to back with her forefinger pulling herself in as she neared the band she moved her fingers inward meeting the clasp, and without a seconds thought undid it. Before I knew it, I was halfway naked in the girl of my dream's room. She backed up slightly and gave me a naughty grin before reaching out to grab my naked chest and held on. She quickly let go and then quickly returned to squeezing and releasing my bare bosoms repeatedly. As she did so I began to slip of her dress to reveal the sexy underneath. She was wearing no under garments.
I backed her up to her bed and tossed her on as I followed to lie on top of her. She wrapped her arms behind my neck and pressed her lips hard against mine. She opened her mouth and I followed suit. She grabbed onto my bottom lip with her teeth and pulled softly. Now on her bed, she ripped of my skirt, laid me on my back and grabbed the top of my thong with her teeth and pulled it off, sliding her hands along my legs. After my body was fully unclothed the brought her mouth up to my hip bone. She gave a gentle, sweet kiss and without raising her mouth from my skin, continued down. When she came to my lower lips, she opened her mouth then closed her lips around the labia. I let out a moan, letting her know to continue. She repeated the act several time before her tongue touched my skin. She pursued, licking my pussy so hard and so good causing me to cum.
She knew she had done well so she took her mouth away and pressed her middle finger on my clitoris and started moving in circles. She started out slowly but picked up the pace quite quickly, stimulating the area. I felt so good inside my body was tingling all over, my toes began to curl and my whole body experienced its first orgasm. I let out sounds I never knew I could make, signifying the gleeful feeling I had.
I pulled her hand away and pulled her in close kissing her again, I switched sides with her. She was laying down now and I went straight to her vaginal region without any seductive preface to what I was to do next. I took my forefinger straight to the inside and began moving it in and out quickly. She looked at me with a grin of pure joy, this meaning to go on. I slid my middle finger in repeating the movement and moved on quickly to my third in fourth. As I continued on with my fingering, hearing her moans of pleasure in the background, I brought my thumb to her clit and rubbed at the same time as fingering. She squealed with delight, as her body began releasing cum, letting me know I'd done a swell job.
I took my hand out, all wet from her and she grabbed it up and sucked off all the fluids up to my fingertips. She then tossed my hand to my side, grabbed the sides of my head, forcing it to her lower beauty to finish the job. I opened my mouth and without a moment to waste began to eat her up. It didn't take long for her to have an orgasm and when she did she yelled with such zest in her voice that I knew she had never felt better in her life. With that I stood up and reapplied my clothing. I looked over at her still lying on the bed looking at me with eyes filled thanks. I said a rushed good bye, ran to the dining room, got my back pack and left.


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