A Comment Challenge

By: MahVash

Page 1, I challenge you, my dear reader, to join in this conversation...

Hello Dear Reader!

I am smitten!  I have fallen in love with writing again!  I find myself at work watching the clock, tapping the desk until it's a decent enough hour to run home.  Even  then, my breaks and my lunch are filled with either thoughts of what I will write when I get home or reading your stories and each other's comments. 

Being wrapped up so safe and warm in your imagination can be great, but sometimes you just have to wonder....does anyone else see the world this way or is it just me?

So after many nights of consideration I have decided to accept the truth, to step forward head held high and proclaim, "I am a comment whore!"

So why not join me? 

This challenge is in honor of Anya's lost virginity.  So I ask you...what do you remember most about your first time?

My first time was with a guy who taught me the most valuable lesson about sex and men.  I did not realize it at the time and God do I wish I had, but he was either an aspiring Dom or soon to become one.  I remember the first time he bit me, I pratically came for him right then, which suprised him.  I remember him saying that girls always pushed away when I was one of a few who pulled him closer.  The next day my entire chest was full of purple throbbing bruises that he had taken pleasure in randomly thumping with the back of his hand as we sat in the Student Union of our college. 

Anyway, I digress... so a few weeks later I told myself if he does one more thing that brings on an almost climax, I am going to roll over and be done with it, and I swear it was not ten minutes later that he unknowingly complied with my wish.  So I finally gave it up!  It was not magic and I did not climax, it was not horrible either but certainly not earth shattering.  He held me for a few moments, and all seemed right with the world, until he rolled over kissed the top of my head and said...

and I SWEAR I can't make this up.

"Do you know what eternity is?"

"uuuhhh, a perfume?"

"Ha, sweet but no," He sat me up, held my chin so I was looking right at him, "Eternity is the time between when I cum and you go, and it started about twenty minutes ago."

It may seem cruel and heartless but he had promished me before that night that he would teach me what I needed to know about him, about men, about myself.  And he was right, much to the delight of my future lovers, I pretty much followed that rule.

So, I know I wrote more than a comment block allows, but just wanted to warm you up.

So...what do you remember?

PS - Funny get's you bonus points!

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