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Her Dark Prince Arrives

Miscellaneous By: laurasstories

My love arrives at my doorstep...

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I'm hanging out at my computer when someone knocks on my door. "Who could that be?", I wonder. I get up right away before someone else could get to the door, opening it, I squeal in happiness.

There he stands my man. God, he's so gorgeous. I quickly grab my smokes, lighter, and cell before I fling open the screen door, stepping out while trying to keep my dog inside and quiet, not caring who I just left online or what I'm doing, shutting the doors behind me, and pushing him back to the edge of the porch until he can't go anymore. Once he's where I want him, I pinch myself, but knowing this is so real.

"What are you doing here?"

"I told you I had vacation time coming and mentioned Indiana."


"Cause, you're here, silly."

"Yes, I am, but why?"

"I love you and want you."

"You do?"

"Yes, that was a stupid question."

"Nah, i'm just being a shit."

"I'm glad you're here, baby!"


"Lovely, ditto."

I pin him between myself and the pole to the porch, standing on tip toes and kissing him before moving away from him, grabbing his hand, and pulling him down the steps with me.

"Where we going?"

"You'll see."

It's cold, it smells like snow, but it won't snow for a bit yet. At least, it isn't SUPPOSED to, doesn't mean it WON'T. This is Indiana after all.

After we're down all the steps I turn right, intertwining my fingers through his, happy so happy. Once we get to the end of the street, I go straight then turn left. We walk, side by side to our destination, which only I know. We get there, turning right, I 'lead' him down the road, passed the first, second pavillion, down the hill, turning right, we go into the third, very empty pavillion. at the very end where it's dark.

I turn around and start backing up into a picnic table, pulling him with me, I hit the table, letting him go, so I can get on the table, after I get on, I grab him and pull him to me. We're the only people in the park, it's chilly, but I don't care I'm with him, he's all that matters.

I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him toward me, I kiss him slowly, passionately. With him in between my legs, kissing me, he has his left hand pressing up against my puss, rubbing it, I moan into his mouth before having to pull away once he starts rubbing me faster and harder.

"Oh good god, that feels gooooooooood!"

Mind you, I'm wearing a dress in Autumn, in the park, in the middle of the day, with his hand pressing against my panty clad puss. There's a spot already forming, god what this man does to me! I lay down onto the table, scooting over the edge which means his hand is now pinned between my puss and his own body. So, what I do is start moving against his hand, hard.

With his free hand he's touching me OVER my clothing. I'm still moving against his hand, but by now he has moved my panties over and is now thrusting his finger in and out of me. I'm moaning so loud and grinding into his finger and hand.

"Oh my god!"

I reach my right hand down and unzip him. He's hard, I know he's hard. This cannot keep him soft.

"You're going to fuck me now, right?"

My fingers are working his cock free. I stroke him, yep he's hard. That cock is going in me NOW whether he wants to fuck or not. I pull his finger out of me and his hand away, quickly taking my panties off, grabbing his cock again I guide him inside me. God, I'm so wet!

I pull myself down, almost over the edge, of the table, shoving his cock even deeper inside of me. Full, so fucking full! He's pounding the fuck out of me, I'm squirming, moaning, groaning, grunting, and growling.

I wrap my legs around his body, pushing him even deeper. He doesn't slow down, in fact, he goes harder, harder, harder, faster, faster, faster.
I am on the verge of screaming, but I am keeping THAT under control.

"Oh my god!"

"DAMN, you're so tight!"


"Oh yes!"



"Oh god, feels good!"



He is pounding the fuck out of my pussy. Wrecking me, ruining me for other people. I'm his, all his. ONLY his!


My legs are still wrapped around him, I'm digging my nails into the table before moving them to his body, under his shirt, to his skin where I promptly dig my nails, scratching hard. He is drilling me even harder causing me to scream once, twice, three times. His hands on my hips, pushing me even more against him, my clit rubbing against him, causing eruptions within me finally I can't control it anymore and drench his cock which drips down him onto the bench.

"God, I love it when you fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk me!"

He doesn't stop, and I don't want him to. He continues pounding the fuck out of my pussy which he is splitting in two. I am so his, his whore, his girl, his life, his love, his everything. He is pounding me furiously now, I'm cumming, cumming, and cumming some more pretty soon I'm just on a continous, and I'm doing kegels which is causing him to make noises.

Those noises of his are turning me on even more, I am REALLY dripping cum now, his pants are soaked, and so is the bench. My dress is pretty much soaked too, but most of it is up under me. The smell of my cum gets stronger with each of his thrusts, which are becoming even harder and faster than before, he is so close, continuing my kegels and lifting my hips up, there's no way he can hold back anymore and he sprays his cum as deep in me as he possibly can.

We're both panting by the time it's over with. I slowly push him away, laying there for a moment before reaching for my panties, very, very slowly getting off the table, I put them on, using the table to hold myself up.

"Welcome home, baby.", I say with a smile that he adores.

"Thank you."

His cock is still out, and hard. I roll my eyes, but have a wicked smile nonetheless. He's a fucking monster and I LOVEEEEEEEE it!

"You better put him away. This isn't really the place to have animalistic sex, but at least it took the edge off. Soon, we can."

I watch as his cock slowly becomes limp, disappointed we can't continue, but it's daylight and we're in public though hidden, there's a chance to get caught and that is a turn on itself. His cum, slowly oozing out, is being soaked up by my panties. I'm standing there, watching him, getting so lascivious watching him, and feeling his cum leak out of my well fucked pussy.

I turn away from him as my phone starts ringing. I reach into my pocket to see who it is, it's my mom. I answer it.

"Hey, Mom!"

"Whatcha doin, Lulabelle?"

"Nothing, hanging out at the park with someone. Why?"



"Who is Julio?"

I'm looking straight into his eyes as I say this, "My man."

"Your man?"

"Yes, Mom, my man."

She's starting to get angry by this point, but I am trying hard not to break down right in front of him. He is standing right in front of me, watching me as I fight this feeling. I smile weakly at him as I'm listening to my mother bitch at me in her quiet, angry way. I sink to the bench, right into the puddle of cum I had left ten minutes earlier.

"When were you going to tell us about him?"

"When the time was right."

"Don't you think now is?"

"No, not when you're angry."

"I am not angry."

"Yes, you are. We know when you're angry, remember?"

"I don't want to talk about this right now. I'll talk to you later."

"Okay. Bye."


She hangs up, I'm really surprised she didn't hang up on me in the middle of that whole bitching episode. She's been known to do that. Besides, what business is it of hers who I'm with? Oh well, life goes on.

I realize now that I had closed my eyes. Trying to close myself off, so he wouldn't see what I was feeling or thinking, but it didn't work. I open them and see him still standing there, watching, and knowing exactly what's going on. It's my fight, but he has now just become a part of it, because he showed up and I just admitted to having someone else.

Let me explain why it's about to get very ugly between me and my family;

I'm seperated, have been for over a year. My estranged husband and I recently told everybody we were getting a divorce. We still live together, because it's common, a lot cheaper nowadays, and we have lived a lie for a year, making sure everybody thought we were happy despite them really knowing better and what happened last summer.

There's still mutual respect between my future ex and I. We're best friends, just should never have gotten married. Should've realized that when the day after we got married my engagement/wedding ring set broke, but it was too late. Our situation is complicated, very complicated.

Last year, it all went to hell when I thought I had found someone who was much more suited for me than my husband. My parents found out because someone snooped onto this someone's page and found something I had written in his comments. My mother and I got into a fight which ended with her telling me that marriage is sacred and calling me a whore. Needless to say, we didn't speak for a few days, but then the guy and I broke up and we started talking again.

This time it's different, still going to be ugly, but it's so different. He has a girlfriend, who wants him to tell my family about her. Thinking she is the dirty little secret. Which she is, until I find a more suitable time to verbalize this, but guess that time has come sooner than what I thought.

Trying to be phlegmatic about it is very hard since all I want to do is cry, right here in front of him. Trying to be his girl, being strong, and fighting a fight that I probably won't win, but I have him, so it doesn't matter, does it? Standing back up, I grab his hand, and start walking back home. Up the hill, down the road of the park, up to the street, turning left, down the street a block, turning right, down the street with which my house is on, once upon getting to my house, up the first set of steps, walking the sidewalk, and up the second set of steps which leads to my porch.
My dog is barking loud, excited that I am finally home as I am opening my doors, and walking in with him behind me. Waiting for my dog to start growling, which she doesn't. She knows, and that makes me happy.
"She might lick you to death, but I don't think she'll do anything else. Just be careful."

I close the door after he gets into the kitchen, walking past him, I go into the living room and sit on the couch. He follows me into the living room and sits right next to me. So close I feel his body heat. And, I LOVE it!
"I love you so much, baby!"
"I love you, too."
" You look tired."
"I am tired, but I am not sleepy tired. I don't think. Wouldn't be surprising if you were the only one who could do such a thing to me."


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