I want him to rape me part 2

By: IceBreaker

Page 1, part 2 of another fantasy i have

 Author's Note: In part 1...i wrote about how I wanted a specific actor to rape me. Or fuck me. whichever. A person with username: Plaintwisted explained to me how the name of it didn't make sense and I realized he was right. But I like the name unfortunately so here is part 2....this is a different fantasy I have. 

Rape me..........


I want to be in a bedroom alone while you slowly walk in. I ask you to leave but you don't. I want you push me onto the bed and you to shut the lights off. You hold me down onto the bed and I feel you rising up the big white t shirt I have on. Your hands feel on my body. Making me moan. But you're my boyfriend's brother so I shouldn't want it. But it's too late because I feel my panties disappear. "Don't do this." I say but I don't really mean it. And deep down inside, you and me both know that I want it. I hear you take off your pants and your boxers and then your shirt. Your body is on top of mine. Your lips kiss mine while while your hands squeeze my breast. Yes I fucking want you. I want you so bad. But this is wrong. I start pushing you to get off of me but you keep me on the bed and I like it. Your hot cock enters me and I began to cry. I cry because it feels so fucking good. "You like that?" You ask me and I tell you 'yes'. You go in really deep. You're all the way inside of me. When you push in and out of me, It hurts because of how big your cock is. I whimper in pain and you cover my mouth with your hand. I adjust to your size and start to moan. Your movement become faster and harder. The bed hits the wall with a big bang over and over again. I place my hands on your ass. I want this to stop but.........I don't. You slam your dick in and out of me really hard making me scream. I feel myself about to cum. It feels so hot down there. I want you to cum in me. I want to feel you cum. Cum as hard as you want. You hold my wrist above my head and you do one hard thrust and I'm there. I screamed out and closed my eyes. I can feel your breath on my neck. Then I feel your lips brush my cheek. "Don't tell my brother." You whisper in my ear. I feel your body disappear off of mine. I can hear you pulling your clothes on and I hear your footsteps disappear out of the room. Why did it feel so good? Why did I want it? And why did I like it?


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