Girlfriend's best friend.

By: Grimga

Page 1, This is just a thought for a fantasy I was watching hentai and decided to make a small story based on a fantasy.


Hayato and Hiromi were a couple mostly happy but Hiromi has a anger issue and gets angry very quickly. Hiromi has a best friend named Mizuki. Hayato and Mizuki did not get along too well; Mizuki would always try to tell Hiromi who she should date and what she should do. When Hayato hears about this it angers him to see but at the same time when Hayato and Mizuki get close they have some type of attraction to each other.

It was a nice day, Hiromi and Hayato were waiting for Mizuki at the train station. "Where is she, she is always running late" Hiromi said. Mizuki was walking fast down the street. "There she is" Hayato said. "Sorry I'm late" Mizuki said in a panic. Hayato and Mizuki glared each other like they usually do. "Why do both of you always do this when you see each other. Grow up." Hiromi said. Hayato and Mizuki stopped glaring. "fine" they said at the same time. They all walked into the train station together. Hiromi and Mizuki conversed cheerfully while Hayato stayed quiet. The train slowly pulled into the station. The girls got on to the train first. The train was practically empty. The girls sat down quietly, Hayato stayed standing up.

Mizuki secretly kept her eyes glancing at Hayato. Hiromi grabbed onto Hayato's hand and smiled at him. "I want to do alot of shopping today you are buying me stuff right?" Hiromi asked. Hayato sighed. "Of course I will." Hiromi started to smile more because she loved to shop. She is very materialistic. The train stopped and Mizuki got up. "It's our stop" Mizuki said. Hiromi got up and all three of them rushed off the train. They walked into Hiromi's favorite clothing store and walked into the girls section. "I hate this section" Hayato said. Mizuki laughed. Mizuki picked up a thong and Bra. "Look at these guys, these look nice." Mizuki said waving them in Hiromi's face. Mizuki placed the bra down. Hayato looked at the tag pointing up. It said 36C. He glanced and walked away from the bra. The girls were walking a bit ahead of him and he caught up. Hiromi was looking at some clothing. "I'm going to try this stuff on" Hiromi said. There was a small lounge chair to the side. Hayato sat down Mizuki followed. Mizuki sat close to Hayato. Hayato pulled out his phone and played on one of his apps. Mizuki slowly rubbed her leg against Hayato's. Hayato didn't pay her any mind. Hiromi came out a few mins later holding the clothes on a hanger.

"Ok this is what I want." Hiromi said. Hayato got up. "Mizuki you getting anything" Hiromi asked. Mizuki shook her head. They all walked towards the Cashier. "$90.50" The casier said. Hayato pulled out his wallet and his debit card. The cashier took his debit card and slid it. "All set" The cashier said. The cashier threw the receipt in the bag with the clothes. Hayato grabbed the bag. The three of them walked out the store. "Oh soft serve ice cream" Mizuki said in excitement. They went to the soft serve stand. They all got Vanilla. Mizuki stared at Hayato and licked the ice cream seductively. She twirled her tongue up and down then she circled the top with her tongue. Hayato blushed and turned his head. Hiromi ate her ice cream normally. Mizuki kept her eyes on Hayato. "You eat the ice cream so weird" Hiromi said. Mizuki laughed.

They continued to walk. Hayato accidently stepped on the back of Hiromi's shoe. "Sorry" Hayato said. Hiromi got upset. "What the fuck is wrong with you, so stupid and useless." Hiromi said in anger. Hayato grew quiet. Mizuki calmed Hiromi down. Hayato tried to grab Hiromi's hand, and she moved her hand. Hayato sighed and continued to walk behind them. Mizuki quickly glanced back at Hayato. Hiromi wanted to leave so they all walked back to the train station. Hiromi would not even look at Hayato over a small accident.

It was Hiromi's stop. "Don't walk me home or follow me" Hiromi said. Hiromi quickly got off the train. Hayed. Hayato nodded his head. Mizuki and Hayato had to wait for 3 stops. They got off and walked to Mizuki's house. Mizuki pulled out her key and opened the door. They both took off their shoes. "Hello" Mizuki said out loud. There was no response. "Guess no one is home" Mizuki said. They both walked upstairs to Mizuki's room. There was 2 boxes. "Those are too heavy for me please move them to the side. My dad moved them in the wrong area" Mizuki said. Hayato grabbed the boxes and picked them up with no problem. Mizuki ran downstairs Hayato sat on Mizuki's bed and pulled out his phone. Mizuki came up with a small cup of pineapples and handed them to Hayato. Hayato put his phone on the bed started to eat them. "Sorry that Hiromi yells at you all the time I guess she has a anger issue." Mizuki said. Hayato shrugged swallowing his food. "I'm used to it I suppose Hayato said. Hayato ate his last pineapple and put the cup on the small table next to Mizuki's bed. Hayato let out a yawn.

Mizuki hopped onto Hayato's lap, and looked him in the eyes. "Whao what are you doing" Hayato asked. Mizuki put her finger on Hayato's lips. "hush" Mizuki said. Hayato became quiet and Mizuki pushed down Hayato and put her lips onto his. She closed her eyes. Hayato's eyes were open of shock. Mizuki then forced her tongue into Hayato's mouth. They both started to twirl their tongues together and kiss deeply. Hayato grabbed onto Mizuki's waist. They started to kiss faster and faster. Mizuki then kissed onto Hayato's neck. Hayato started to shiver a bit. She continued to kiss him all around. "I see the way she treats you. if you were with me I'd treat you like a king. I always wanted her to break up with you so I could have you to myself." Mizuki whispered in Hayato's ear. Mizuki started to kiss Hayato's lips again and she slid her hand into his pants. She started to stroke his penis. "Someone is hard." Mizuki said. She stroke faster and faster then went down. She unzipped Hayato's pants. She started to lick the tip and went down. She thrusted her mouth on his cock over and over again. Hayato's cock was pulsing. Hayato was giving quiet moans. Mizuki pulled Hayato's pants off more. Hayato grabbed Mizuki and tossed her on the bed and pulled off her pants. He licked slowly around her Vagina. Mizuki gave loud moans. "Hayato lay down, I want us to sixty-nine" Mizuki said. Hayato quickly pulled off his shirt and Mizuki did the same and taking off her bra. She layed on top of him and thrusted his cock with her mouth. She continued to eat her Vagina. She both moaned in pleasure. After a while Mizuki got off and layed on the bed. "fuck me now" Mizuki said. Hayato layed over Mizuki and slowly thrusted himself inside. He kept going until he was fully inside. Mizuki grabbed on to Hayato's back. He started to thrust faster and faster. "Hayato baby fuck me" Mizuki said moaning loudly. Hayato started to go harder. Mizuki and Hayato started to kiss more.

Hayato pulled out "bend over" he said. Mizuki bent over. He grabbed onto her waist and thrusted her Vagina from behind. He pounded and pounded and Mizuki got louder and louder. "Oh my god you're so good. Hiromi is so stupid for always pushing you away, I wish you could fuck me everyday." Mizuki screamed. Hayato's phone started to ring. Mizuki grabbed it because it was next to her. Hiromi was calling Hayato. Mizuki shut off Hayato's phone. "No interuptions while i'm fucking you." Mizuki said. Hayato was turned on by this and went harder. Mizuki moved away from Hayato. He layed on the bed and Mizuki started to slowly ride him. Hayato groped onto Mizuki's ass. They continued this for a long time.

Mizuki got off and bent over again. "Fuck my ass please I want your cum inside me anywhere." Mizumi said in ecstasy. Hayato slowly slip his cock into her ass. "Oh my its so tight" Hayato said. "Hiromi never let's you fuck her ass does she." Mizuki said. Hayato shook his head. Mizuki moved her ass more and more onto Hayato's cock. He started to thrust her ass faster and harder. Mizuki was screaming in ecstasy. "Oh my God don't stop." Mizuki said. They continued and Mizuki started to squirt. "This is so embarrassing" Mizuki screamed. Mizuki was shaking of orgasm. Hayato gripped on tighter and went as fast as he could. He felt himself about to cum and pulled out. He pulled Mizuki's hair and kneeled her down. She opened her mouth and Hayato Ejaculated in it. Mizuki swallowed all of his cum. "I guess the pineapples really did make it sweet." Mizuki said.

Mizuki was still on her knees "I won't tell Hiromi if you don't" Mizuki said. Hayato grinned and pulled Mizuki's hair. "You belong to me, when I want to fuck you, you let me." Hayato said. Mizuki smiled and said "Yes Master." Hayato kissed Mizuki and held her face softly.

From there on out Everytime Hiromi got mad, Hayato would go to Mizuki and fuck her over and over.



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