Would you...? Questions of the ranging mind

By: essay fitzgerald

Page 1, Would you...?

Would you think about it, if you could have unprotected sex for money?

Would you want to become a prostitute?

Would you care if the whole school was calling you a bitch, and a slut, and a tramp? 

Could you get away from the tyranny... if it was high school? 

Now if you could be in a popular clique, would you smoke to do it? 

Sell marijuana?... At 13?

I wouldn't.

And if you could get back with your ex, but your best friend has him, would he and you be up to do it? 

Would you want to loose that friend over a boy? 

My ex would... but I wouldn't.

If you're a dude, would you lie to a girl, say you love her - like her, but break up with her two days before you'd ever see each other again, and go out with someone you've only known for a few months?

And you've know the other girl for... 3 f'in years.

It's not fair. And it ain't right.

Would you comit a suicide... over this dude? 

What if you were getting beat up everday because of him?

I would not.

I would comit...

A homiside.

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