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Midnight Shinjiku

Miscellaneous By: AHHAX

Elena curious about the good and the bad in the world decides to explore Shinjikus Night Life, and ending up in the Red Light districts, she is abdusted after being druged. What will the handsome abducted do with her tonight?

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It was a beautiful night in Shinjiku, the city that never slept had the atmosphere that could have made anyone drunk from its atmosphere alone. It seemed that just walking into the street of Shinjuku left the outside world so far that anyone could become a completely different person. The numerous clubs, cafes, bars and pachinko endlessly enticed their customers by overfilling all senses with their sounds, lights and the smell of delicious food cooking. This is the place where anything could happen, the place where the rich could have some fun and where the poor could work for cash. The Red Light District was the biggest rave around.
Elena was never much for the big cities, but her curiosity got the better of her. This was her 3d time visiting Japan and she was extremely curios about Shinjiku's night life. She dressed up for the occasion wearing what she would usually never wear, high heals, low cut shirt and a skirt that was short for her standards, but certainly not short enough for Shinjiku. Memorized by all the bright and shiny lights she found herself exited, but she was here on a mission, she was looking for a flair bar that she heard was in the area. Flair has fascinated her for years, the exiting flame throwing and the juggling of glass bottles while still correctly mixing a drink was captivating to her. When she lived in Nagoya she once stumbled upon a flair bar in Sakai and was since then attracted to this kind of entertainment like a moth to a flame, even though these places tend to burn ones budget. She was working full time at a Tokyo's firm, as a trainee but her salary was equal to other employees with the same experience, and her living expenses all taken care of by her company in US, she felt that this expense would not harm her. Walkking around she noticed there were a few foreigners here and there. Spotting a classy looking bar she walked in hopping to get some information on the flair bars around. It was a small bar and there were not too many people there yet. There was a table of salary men in their late thirties drinking at a side table, and a young couple sitting at the bar counter in the middle. Elena nodded smiling at the two bartenders who welcomed her with the typical Irashyaimasen . She took a sit at the corner of the bar counter. The two bartenders were very good looking and one in his late twenties while the other probably in his thirties. The younger bartender offered Elena a hot wet towel whish she took with pleasure. She was asked what she wanted to drink and she ordered a Cassius Soda. Looking at the menu she knew this was not a bar that did friar, but she had high hopes of that this kind of a place might give her a clue to a place that she was looking for. She noticed the two bartenders talking she had a feeling that she was being discussed, but didn't care to think much of it. The younger bartender handing her drink smiling.
"So how long have you been in Japan" the bartender asked
"I came just a few months ago, but this isn't my first time in Japan" she answered politely
"Your Japanese is very good"
"Thank you" she said smiling and taking a sip of her Cassius Soda
"Where are you from?"
"I came from US but I am originally from Russia" she said smiling
"You know I have a few good friends from Russia, so do you drink vodka?" he asked
Elena nodded
"Then let me treat you to a shot, I have a bottle of imported from Russia bottle of vodka, I think its called Me-dye-deu or something similar"
"She smiled, sure shy not"
They took a shot together, and continued chatting, Elena enjoyed drinking with people who could drink and after finding out that he could drink on the job she ordered a few more rounds of shots of vodka followed by tequila, the bartenders name she found out was Moto and he treated her to a shot of Spiritus which was 69% proof alcohol. She noticed that the elder bartender disappeared for a while and Moto had to leave her a few times to serve the newly coming in customers. She was getting pretty drunk and looking at her watch it was only 10:15.
"Moto, I was actually looking for a flair bar in this area do you know of any?" she asked
"Hmm.., I know there is Flair done at TGI Fridays in Roppongi, and there might be a few other bars around that area" he said. The older bartender appearing out of knowhere said "You know one of our regular customers who comes here often goes to the Roppongi bars and clubs after he is done here, he should be coming here shortly, I am sure he could take you to the kind of bar you are looking for"
"Really?" she said exited
"But you had a lot to drink, if you wish when you come next time I could look up the flair bars around and give the information today. Today you said you lived in Saitama so you don't want to drink too much." He said very concerned
"No I am fine" she said jolly "I am not drunk at all yet"
"If that's so then let me treat you to a shot" the older bar tender offer, and Elena nodded, but noticed a grave look on Moto's face.
Taking another shot, the another, she noticed her head spinning. She saw a man walk in and it seemed all the people in the bar bowed to him as he walked in.
Walking up to the bartender he asked something and the bartender pointed toward Elena.
"Maybe we should let this one go" Moto asked pleadingly the elder bartender, but he was ignored.
"This is the friend I told you about he wasn't to have a drink with you before he gives you a ride to Roppongi" said the bartender to Elena
She nodded, and she knew that she was passing her limit or maybe way past it, but she couldn't refuse and drunk the shot. Her head was spinning and it took her all the willpower she had to walk straight to the car. In the car she felt extremely sleepy but the thought that she still hasn't paid sobered her up just for enough time to hand 10,000 yen bill to the man who was driving "Here is the money for the drinks" and with that her consciousness slipped away from her.
She woke up in an dark cold noisy room, her hand were chained with a chain handling from the ceiling her legs were spread apart and chained to the metal hooks on the floor, she was naked. Still drunk she was trying to comprehend the noise around her, there were voices, it seemed that beyond the dim light that was shining on her there were at least 5 people having a discussion.
"I apologize deeply but we had to replace the usual with this product, but I am sure you will be satisfied, and you are free to drink until you are satisfied" a stern voice stated
"I better be satisfied, I am very disappointed that you could not fulfill my only request completely" a horse voice echoed through the room.
"Would you like to get her ready or would you prefer me to do.." but before he could finish the sentence another voice interrupted
"You do it, if you can" an arrogant voice sounded
"Yes your majesty"
Elena was drunk and not sure what was going on, but she knew that her life was defiantly in danger. A man appeared out of the darkness in a tux holding something in his hand.
"You bustard, I don't know what you think you are doing but you better let me go" she said using as much slang and swear words that she knew in Japanese. She tried to escape but all it did was send the sound of the shaking chains through the room. He leaned in and pulling her body closer to his started caressing her naked breast.
"Stop it get away" she screamed
Leaning in and brushing his cheek against hers he whispered into her ear with an enchanting voice "behave and if you survive you could be rich" she quieted down for a moment and as his hand traveled down her body and as he was slobbering all over her ear she with quick jerk bit his ear as hard as she could. She man jumped 3 feet away from her bleeding heavily from his ear. Se spit out a small piece of it, while there was blood all over her mouth she stare into the darkness where her torturers were enjoying the show. Her defiant stair was the same as of a wild animal cornered with no way to escape. But it was anything but hopelessness that could be found in her eyes, her eyes were burning with anger. The bitten man slapped her against her face and took out a whip from a bag that laid on the floor. He raised the whip, but a hand from the darkness reached and pulled his hand down.
"Her blood is reserved for our guessed, and is not to be spilled just to save your pride" a young beautiful man walked out from the darkness.
"My guests I will personally prepare this one for you, and I know that you will be extremely pleased with her. With so much strength and passion burning in her eyes I believe she will more than satisfy you, and is actually a far rare catch than what you originally requested"
"You are right, but you do not have to dirty your hands, please let someone else do it" a hoarse voice sounded from the dark followed by another 2 voices agreeing.
"I am sure that not many could bring out the full flavor of this one, so please just enjoy the show"
He walked up to her staring down her blazing gaze relaxing his face expression she noticed a red haze in his eyes that seemed to have paralyzed her body. He walked up to her and his hands started weaving around her body barely touching her sending shivers down her spine. His right hand swiftly went down between her legs and his fingers slid up and down her slit.
She was getting wetter by the second, she hated herself for it, and she hated this man with all her heart. And as her hopelessness started taking over her thoughts she rebelled and with all her might she forced body to abbey her and spit in his face, giving him a hatred look. She heard the voices of the men in the darkness; they all were shocked she heard "How could she". The man whipped his face, and squeezing her breast so hard that she could help but scream in pain he whispered "If you like it rough I can have it arranged" he said letting go of her breast. Elena knew that this man would be more than happy to tear her to pieces, his cold eyes told her he was not to be messed with. "Promise to not let my die and I will do as you say tonight" she whispered into his ear. He felt that the guests were getting restless and nodded, letting go of his trance on her completely. He sucked on her breast and his other hand using all his fingers rubbed her wet pussy. Her voice betrayed her and she let out a pitiful short moan. He inserted one finger sliding it in and out as she panted. He slid in 2 fingers and with more force and more rigorously slid them in an out, while slightly nibbling on her breast. She was still drunk and the alcohol let her be more sensitive and responsive to his actions. She felt a little sting and noticed that a small drop of blood formed near the tip of her nipple and the first licking it the squeezing her breast sucked on her nipple. She was reaching her climax and he knew it waving for the men in the darkness to come out. Three men in their 50s walked out and surrounded her, she thought of rebelling but the fingers that were inside her started hitting her g-Spot even more violently while his other hand now molested her clit. She felt more hands on her and as the moment she was coming she felt two pair of fang piercing her neck, and another set of fangs pierced her wrists. She felt her life being drained from her, and as she felt she was loosing her consciousness she looked up at the man who did this to her as he stud there watching.
Nero watched as what was last of her blood was being sucked away, and looking down at his fingers he noticed blood. He was told she was just another prostitute off of the Shinjiku street, but she was a virgin. He quickly ordered another regular girl to be brought in.
"My guests I am afraid I would like to ask you to keep her alive, it seems that her blood is of extreme rarity and we will need to use her again" he said
The 3 men extracted their fangs, the looks in their faces were of full obedience and complete satisfaction.
"Make sure we get to taste her again next time we visit" the head of the 3 men said, taking the girl that was brought in. She smiled and offered to lead them to her quarters.
Nero ordered the assistant out of the room, after undoing her chains, he asked him to get her belongings and leave them in his room. He grabbed his long coat and covering Elenas body with it he picked her up and carried her to his room.. he laid her on his bed confirming she was still breathing. Uncovering her for a moment he licked off the remaining blood around her wrist, then neck and as he was complitating on going down and continuing a loud knock sounded on his door. His assistant brought her belongings. He took out her wallet and looking through it he found her business card. She was working at a trading company in Tokyo, and not a small firm. He sighed, if she was a prostitute she could be paid off, but looking through her wallet it did not seem like she was in real need of money.
He grabbed his phone and dialed.
"Hey, was it your bar that provided us with a girl tonight?"
"Yes, Ser, was there some problems?" the barmen asked a little scared
"She wasn't a prostitute, you idiot!" Nero yelled
"That's correct, but she has no family in Japan and quite pure, we were sure you would be please with such a rare catch" the bartender said
"What else u know about her?"
"Actually I didn't talk to her much, my assistant Moto did, would you like to speak to him?"
"No, never mind" Nero hung up frustrated.
Looking at the naked woman laying on his bed he thought how fragile she looked sleeping, in comparison with the tigress that she is while awake. He thought why this human was able to brake his paralysis and why it was so hard to keep control of the trance he put on her. After an hour of taking into consideration the situation n he decided that he needed to get rid of her as soon as possible. He ordered some new clothes for her and putting 300,000 yen in her wallet with a note threatening to kill her if she was to go to the police into her wallet. Near ordered a driver to take her to a Hotel in Tokyo and make arrangements with the hotel for her stay and leave her in her room.
Elena woke up in the late afternoon in a soft bed looking around she was in luxurious room. The phone was ringing she picked up. "What would you like for lunch" a voice on the phone asked politely.
"Where am I ?"
There was a short pause on the phone "You are at the Tokyo Royal hotel, you have not eaten since last night"
"No thank you I am fine, when is the check out time"
"The arrangements were made with no specific check out time, so please enjoy your stay"
"Who made the arrangements?"
After a pause "I am sorry but I am not allowed to disclose that information"
"I see" and with that she hung up. Sitting up she started remembering the previous night. Her whole body shook as she remembered but the puncture wounds on her neck and wrists proved it was reality and not just a passing nightmare. She decided to take shower but no matter how much she watched her body she couldn't help but feel dirty. After a while of thinking about what happened she decided that there was no actual sex, so it was not her first time, there was no kissing, so all it was, was sexual harassment to the extreme and she was just a meal, those creatures weren't human so it was like being beaten by a large mosquito after being sexually harassed by it. This made her feel a lot better, but she still couldn't forget nor forgive that man, but she was happy to be alive. She divided to get mad instead of being sad, looking at the watch it was around 5:30 pm. She picked up the phone and ordered as much food as she could, after confirming that it would be billed to the people who did this to her, she decided to make it part of her revenge ordering Champaign, stake and other expensive dishes. She felt lightheaded since she woke up but after filling her stomach to the max she felt much better and decided to head out and at least find out who was behind this. Looking in her wallet she was surprised to find the threatening note and the large amount of cash, but this just fueled her curiosity, and she headed for the Shinjiku to buy some clothes and visit that bar that "introduced her to their friend".
She bought clothes that suited her best, simple and innocent. She bought a long flowing white squirt and a navy blue shirt and a white scarf to cover the wounds on her neck. The high heals were replaced with comfortable sneakers.
It was around 8pm when she arrived at the bar, there was even less people than previously. She was greeted with shocked looks from the same two bartenders as the previous night. She smiled and took the same seat as the night before. The other bartender and Moto exchanged a look and the bartender gestured for Moro to go to her. Moto walked up to Elena, looking down avoiding looking into her eyes and as he was about to ask her why she was there she said "Cassius Soda please" looking up at her he just saw a smile, but it was different from the natural easy going smiles that he saw the night before.
He felt guilty. "I am sorry" he said
"Are you out of Cassius?" she asked
"No, yesterday, I know you didn't come here for a drink.." he paused
"You are right, but I really want to start with a drink, so please can you get it for me?"
He nodded and quickly started making her a drink. He served it to her on her side of the counter and sat beside her looking down.
"Are you also one of them?" Elena asked taking a sip of her drink.
He nodded. "So do you also force yourself on people?" she asked in a whisper
"No ,of course not" he yelled almost jumping up "I have a few women who think its just a fetish also the higher ups provide us with women who let us feed on them for money"
"I see" she said, it was getting a little hot and she took of her scarf revealing the gross bite marks on her neck.
"What do you want from me" he asked pleading
"I want to make a deal" she said smiling "And so it will not be one sided I will let you feed on me once, but only in my normal state"
"So what is it you want me to do?"
"Two things, first promise me to never again trick people who come here like it was done to me, and the second thing is more difficult so I want you to do it after you feed on me, I want you to find out the person who was in charge yesterday and deliver a letter to him, I don't need to know any names I just want a message sent"
Moto looked puzzled, but the truth was that he wanted to taste this woman's blood the moment she walked into the bar last night.
"The first part is not a problem, but the letter I need time to see what I can do"
She nodded. "Now lets forget about it for a while and have a few drinks" she said jolly wanting to forget about the previous night


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