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20 things to do in bed to make her want you back in her bed.

Miscellaneous By: d l westra

Tags: Love, Lust, Sex

This is 20 things a guy needs to do to a woman in bed to get her back in bed again.

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20 Things to do in bed to make her want you back in her bed.

Written by D. L. Westra



1. Start at her head kissing and licking , sucking {ears, neck, mouth, cheeks, lips} touching her softly at this time is very important.

2. Move very slowly to her shoulders and chest. Kissing licking sucking and feeling with your hands and mouth.

By now she should be feeling hot to the touch.

3. Very slowly move to the belly and kiss, touch , suck and nibble your way down her belly. (but do not touch her private place.)

4. Now move slowly down her thighs with your mouth. Slowly touch the out side of her pussy lips but just the out side.

5. Go down one leg slowly kissing, licking, and touching very softly as you go and come back up the other leg the same way.

6. With your month kissing, nibbling, and sucking all over the outside of the pussy.

7. Start moving slowly with your tongue inside her slow and sensual. (take your time and go slow!!!)

8. While you are still licking and sucking slowly move one hand up to her pussy and softly caress the inside of her lips.

9. Suck and tickle the clit with tongue and month. (if you are doing this right she should be pushing her hip up to meet your tongue.)

10. Slowly move fingers inside {in and out motion} rubbing the g-spot. (if doing it right she will be moving her hips up to meet your rhythm.)

11. Now bring her to her first orgasm by moving your fingers in and out motion and flicking your tongue in a fast movement. (make sure to wiggle the tips of your fingers on her cervixes.)

12. As she is coming down from the first orgasm pull your fingers out of her and trail your hands up her body to her chest and lightly touch her breast.

13. Then slowly move your month up her belly kissing, nibbling your way up to her breast that you are fondling, and nibble on them.

14. Rub your hands up and down the side of her body as you are kissing, licking, nibbling on her breast. (remember to be soft and gentled and tell her how sweet she taste and how soft she feel to touch.)

15. You should be asking her, "did you enjoy that", while kissing and nibbling your way up to her neck and ear lobes whispering, "would you like more?" (at this time she will let you know if she want more of what you just did or of what she want done next)

16. Listen to what she is saying that she wants and in what position she would like to be fuck in.

17. Move into the position of her choice.

18. Insert the head of your penis grab the shaft of yourself and shack it in an up and down motion as fast as you can and make sure to hit her g-spot. (this will make her cum wildly if you are doing it right.)

19. Fuck her not to rough and not to soft.

20. If she go to sit up and does not ask, "give me a min to get up", or "I can't get my leg under me at this time?", you need to start all over again!!!!!!


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