Good Morning, My Love

By: Sophie Thomasson

Page 1, An older woman wakes her lover skillfully with fellatio.


It was early morning.  A quiet darkness surrounded them.  Kay was not sure what woke her.  She went to the bathroom and came back to find Jack had kicked all the covers off onto the floor.  Jack lay motionless on his back, breathing deeply.  In the dark, Kay could see his cock standing erect.  Slowly, silently, she slipped off her t-shirt and panties.  She stood in the moonlight.  The mirror showed she was unchanged from years ago when they had first met, the same svelte form, longish hair falling about her face.  The curve of her breasts melting into her body.  Kay slid her fingers down, parting her labia and feeling the moisture there, warm wetness wanting his touch.  Longing for him.
She gazed once again at the tent that was his pants.  Then, crawling like a fleshy cat, Kay move across the bed.  Her lips grazed Jack's chest.  He shuddered at her touch.  Her kisses trailed down, down, down toward his navel.  Jack moan a little happily, and his hand caressed the back of her head, lovingly stroking the soft mass, he knew so well.  Her hand opened his pants, freeing the sturdy prisoner that waited inside.  She kissed soft and wet just above the mass of pubic hair.  Jack moaned, feeling her familiar caress.  Playfully, she tugged at his hair with her lips.  Her hand grasped his cock, and her tongue licked firmly along the underbelly, travelling up his shaft, then lingering at the sweet spot to give his most sensitive place loving kisses and licks.
Jack grasped her hair firmly, signaling that he wanted more.  Kay repositioned herself so that she was now straddling his left leg and looking up at his body in the darkness.  She begin licking up the length of his cock with more enthusiasm.  Jack gasped with pleasure.  His muscles tightened, and his hips rose up slightly.  Spit dripped down his cock, making it wet, so that her hand could move up and down.  She sucked his head in and out of her mouth, across her tongue, over and over.  Kay brought his cock all the way to the back of her throat and made little choking noises, as the muscles there tightly surrounded his member, massaging it.
Jack's hands wandered to her breasts, rolling her hard nipples gently between his thumb and forefinger one at a time.  The sound of his voice and heavy breathing showed how close he was to climaxing.  With his cock head held tightly between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, Kay begin sliding it in and out slowly.  Then lingering slightly, she began to slurp all around his head, tongue swirling and then making slurping vibrations, then gliding his member in and out again between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.  She did this several times in sequence, tongue swirling, slurping, gliding.  The rhythm became faster and the strokes shorter.  Pressure always firm.  Lots of spit.
Jack moaned loudly, saying in a breathy voice, "Oh Kay.  I'm gonna cum."  His hips began moving rhythmically up and down.  Kay slowed a little and held his cock looser in her mouth, teasing him for a short time.
Her hand fondled his balls and rubbed his perineum, as she sucked more lightly.  Jack's body shook in anticipation.  His breathing was erratic.  More moaning.
Kay begin the same sequence again, slowly.  Swirling.  Slurping.  Gliding.  His hand grasped her hair again, pulling her head gently up and down, trying to quicken the pace.  She smiled to herself, thinking yes, I will oblige him.  Kay wanted to feel the power of making her man cum hard.  She wanted to hear his voice cry out in pleasure.  She tightened her lips and held his member more firmly with her tongue.  More spit dripped down his cock.  Her hand moved faster up and down his shaft, bumping just below his head with each up-stroke.  Now, only the in and out motion with her tongue rubbing firmly across Jack's sweet spot.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.  His hips pumped in rhythm.  Jack's whole body tensed.  He cried out loudly.  Passionately.  Screaming her name.  Calling out to announce his climax.  Warm juice shot from his organ, collecting in the front of her mouth.  She let it rub along the bottom of his cock, as she loosened her grip and slowed her rhythm.
In.  Out.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.  Swallow.  Gently caress.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.  Slowing to a stop.  Jack's body quaked with aftershock.  She slid his most tender part out of her mouth and kissed it lovingly several times.  At some point, she had swallowed, but Kay could not remember doing it.  Swallowing was so automatic for her.  Jack's strong hands pulled her slender body up, holding under her arms.  She crawled again, catlike, up his torso and lay on top of the silvery hair there.  They kissed.
Whispers of "I love you" passed between the two.  Kay and Jack looked at each other in the darkness.  Touching cheeks and noses.  More kissing.  His hand reached down touching her wetness below.  Without a word, Jack turned her on her back to return the favor.

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